Sunday, January 8, 2023

Tessa Interviews John


  Tessa Lena and I had a good talk a couple of months ago, about my experience of practicing medicine during COVID, treating people early as outpatients, the politics of that, including the politics of dehumanizing "the unvaccinated", which did not reach the critical buy-in to put people into concentration camps, which was prepared, and openly advocated, for instance in New York, Canada and Australia.
  Tessa has edited this into an interview. I'm somewhat embarrassed about how kindly she describes me, but here it is:

Go Down Gardening is the blog post from October 2021, telling the tale of my firing from the clinic, for refusing COVID "vaccination", while planting winter vegetables for my coworkers.

OTC COVID Rxs For Omicron, from late December 2021 is also mentioned in our interview, and contains a lot of useful information about self treatment of coronavirus illness with over the counter medicines and supplements, including specifics of treating large cats or other large mammals for COVID with ivermectin horse paste, should somebody find themselves in such a position by chance.

Yes, the vintage Sears Aloha shirt I am wearing is the same one I wore when I tld Tulsi Gabbard about getting chloroquine for America, to treat COVID, March 2, 2020, when she came to Austin, campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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