Sunday, February 5, 2023

We're There Again

 History Students,

  Meryl Nass MD has been promoting her friend's movie about COVID pandemic policies repeating the policies of Nazi Germany in WW-2, except on a global platform this time. Never Again is Now Global, Vera Sharav, (holocaust survivor) This is a strong point to make, that the dehumanization of a group of people, in order to take away their rights and then property, leads to taking away their lives a little bit later. All genocides have done this, including the genocide of native Americans, which Hitler greatly admired. Th "Unvaccinated" were the hated group this time. It did not quite work this time, because many of us immediately stood in that line and declared that this was morally wrong.  I "stood naked with the Jews" as I said of my own decision at work in fall of 2021. Anyone who does that will be criticised, and it was particularly sharp from those who felt that they had exclusive ownership to that episode of history. I hope that they understand better now.

  This is a 5 part series, to watch in installments, or all at once.   Never Again is Now Global, Vera Sharav

Histrionic (pictured pretending an ice laden tree is falling on him)

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