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  This survey the Russkies cite was a month ago. Why didn't I see it in the American news?
​  ​Tucker Carlson Hopes Trump & RFK Jr. Win 2024 Nomination​s​​ 
 ​ White House incumbent Joe Biden​:​ At 80, he is the oldest sitting president in US history, and can hardly boast of an approval rating barely above 40%.
​  ​His rival for nomination is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew to assassinated former US President John F. Kennedy. Incidentally, according to a YouGov survey, RFK Jr. boasts the highest favorability rating of all the current 2024 presidential candidates - 49 percent of respondents saw him favorably in June.

​  ​Biden Admin Lying to Americans 'About Everything to Do With Ukraine' - RFK Jr
​  ​The federal government under the Joe Biden administration has been blatantly lying to the Americans “about everything to do with Ukraine”, said Robert F Kennedy Jr, in an interview for Judge Andrew Napolitano on his Judging Freedom podcast.
“This was a sell job that they gave us on Ukraine,” insisted the 2024 Democratic candidate for US President..​.
​..​"[The US] wanted the war, for the reasons that Biden has said... The real reason for the war in Ukraine is regime change in Russia," Kennedy emphasized.

​  John Helmer on why "not-losing" in Ukraine is existential for NATO, and therefore, for the western empire. Thanks Christine.
​  ​The stake in the war against Russia is the preservation of the US occupation of Germany and the empire in Europe and the UK, together with the credibility of US weapons which must be sold worldwide at prices to match their reputations in combat. Losing the war on the Ukrainian battlefield and in the sanctions war against Russia means a worldwide defeat for the US, its military power, its commercial and financial dominance, along with its command-and-control  systems, subsidiaries, and retainers.
​  The substitute for an anti-war movement in Washington is faction-fighting over what means, what terms can be devised to get the US out of the Ukraine before the Ukrainian army capitulates, Vladimir Zelensky flees for his life and fortune, and with them the collapse of the US alliance called NATO.
​  ​The apprehension of the allies in Europe was revealed a few days ago when Jacques Attali  answered a telephone call he thought was from former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, but which came instead from the Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus.  Attali,  French presidential adviser, US retainer,  and ex-head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,  said he knew French President Emmanuel Macron well and that Macron was afraid the US would abandon the Ukrainians to save itself. There was the same fear among the Germans and British, Attali added. “The weak point is what happens in Washington.”
  "​[This is] a nightmare scenario. That would be the US saying, well, enough is enough. We are not going to help Ukraine more. You have to go to negotiations, to the negotiating table. And that’s it. … Neither France, Germany or the UK can do that. But the US could arm-twist your [Poroshenko’s] government and your country​​ [Ukraine] to say we want a ceasefire whatever it costs and stop [the war]. The most important thing is to avoid that.”  
​  ​"There is no other way than a total win and to get rid of Putin…We have to take all risks for that. No compromise is possible, no compromise.”
​  ​This is the European allies’ last stand, their backs to the wall at the Dnieper River. It is the rationale for desperate measures on the battlefield, and at the NATO summit on July 11.

​  ​Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has said that his US counterpart Joe Biden could end the Ukrainian conflict in five minutes by giving up Ukrainian territory but Kiev disagrees.
​  ​"If we are talking about ending the war at the cost of Ukraine, in other words, to make us give up our territories, well, I think, in this way, Biden could have brought it to an end even in five minutes. But we would not agree," he said in an interview with ABC News.

​  Colonel Cassad posted this explanation from a West Point forum, about the new Ukrainian battlefield tactics, trading Ukrainian lives to exhaust Russian artillery shells and creep forward on the ground.
Comment from the forum of veterans of the West Point Academy on the tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Classics of corpse flooding.
​  ​Since Ukrainians show amazing insensitivity to human losses, I consider today’s change in the tactics of the Ukrainian command as a justified approach in the search for the “key” to Russian defense. Classic attacks under our combat regulations involve the preliminary suppression and destruction of enemy defensive positions by artillery and aircraft, as well as the simultaneous destruction of its combat controls to the depth of the defense zone and the prevention of the approaches of its reserves. Since Ukrainians have almost no aviation and they are significantly inferior to the Russians in the amount of artillery, classic attacks lead to nothing but a massive loss of expensive military equipment on the way to Russian positions, disorganization and demoralization of attackers with subsequent retreat. Almost three weeks of such attacks could not break through the Russian support band, in addition, as I was told by the G-3 from USAR EUR-AF in Stuttgart, they lost up to a quarter of our Bradleys, and they are now forced to urgently send two companies of Bradleys and a large quantity of other equipment to replenish and restore the combat readiness of two brigades of the Ukrainian strike unit.
​  ​In these conditions, our guys, together with Ukrainian commanders, developed tactics of “mosquito” promotion: continuous attacks of Russian positions by small tactical groups of Ukrainian infantry. The Russians, who are much more sensitive to losses in manpower, try to prevent close (“contact”) battles and retreat when Ukrainians reach their trenches, allowing artillery to destroy the enemy. This usually succeeds: Ukrainians die or retreat. But this tactic has a positive effect. Several such attacks almost completely destroy the Russian position, most often with their own fire, after which the Russians are forced to retreat to a new line, where this tactic is repeated. That’s how in two weeks the Russians were pushed back three miles from Makarov’s strategically important position. And this tactic is constantly improving. Our side believe that, at the continuing pace of such progress, in two weeks Ukrainians will be able to overcome the Russian support band and start storming their main line of defense, while maintaining the offensive potential of their strongest brigades. Perhaps that’s what General Milley meant yesterday about the ten weeks of the Ukrainian offensive.
​  ​This tactical technique has another important effect. Russians are forced to spend more artillery shells to repel such “mosquito” attacks, the stocks of which they replenish more slowly than they spend. And in two weeks of such battles, they may well approach the depletion of their stocks. Of course, this leads to great losses of Ukrainians but, as I said at the beginning, they are not sensitive to the death of their soldiers. In addition, advances however small are a better justification for their death than unsuccessful attacks. And here, we must admit that the Russians today are much closer to the armies of Western countries than the Ukrainians are in this respect: the Russians take care of their soldiers

​  Turkey's Erdogan releases Azov commanders from Mariupol prisoner swap, against the signed agreement to keep them until the end of hostilities. The swap was originally done to extract "high value" western commanders from the underground fortifications, as was reported at the time, which was a good deal all around. This is a little good PR ahead of the Vilnius NATO summit, where a negotiated peaceful-stalemate must be discussed.
  Erdogan is under NATO pressure, and this is good PR for Zelensky. (These guys are not really Zelensky's friends, but get paid to tolerate him.)
  Turkish irregular forces in Syria have apparently been getting pounded for 3 weeks by Russia. That is bound to hurt. Turkey has not been getting-out as agreed with Russia and Syria. Is Erdogan retaliating against Russia?
  Adding to the general confusion is the fact that Prigozhin and PMC Wagner are all still in Russia/Novorussia, not taking up residence in Belarus, not at all.
  Simplicius has the story. What will be declared at the NATO summit in Vilnius tomorrow and Wednesday?​ "Joe Biden's" excuse for sending 30 year old cluster-bomblet artillery shells to Ukraine is that "they/we" are "running out of ammunition". One might say US/NATO are "losing the war of attrition against Russia". 
​  ​So, he could have done away with the entire deceptive preamble and just said: “We’re low on regular 155mm and all we have left to give them are the clusters.”
​  ​You see, the types of cluster munitions they’re getting are the ones fired from 155mm artillery units, so this is U.S.’s desperate attempt to tide them over and give them at least something to fire from their dwindling artillery stocks.​.​

Germany Rejects Cluster Bombs For Ukraine As Clip Surfaces Of Biden Admin Previously Calling Them A 'War Crime'

​  ​Biden Defends transfer of internationally-banned cluster bombs in press interviews as "difficult decision".
​  ​Biden had also told CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Friday that the transfer is necessary because Kyiv is "running out of ammunition" after 500 days of war, a grim milestone reached Saturday.
"It was a very difficult decision on my part. And by the way, I discussed this with our allies, I discussed this with our friends up on the Hill," he explained. He then added: "The Ukrainians are running out of ammunition."...
..A prominent geopolitical observer has noted the following, however...
​  ​"For those saying this means the US military are depleted of our stockpiles, this is not true. We have been giving Ukraine all our old shit and stockpiles from the late 80’s and 90’s."
​  ​The war analyst continued: "Now we are giving them old cluster munitions, with high dud-rates. We have been giving them the shit we don’t want. They’ve been fighting Russia without air support and with old and faulty equipment. No wonder they are losing."

​  ​Putin Held 3-Hour Meeting With Wagner Chief Days After Revolt
​  ​TASS presents the details based on the description of presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov as follows:
"The president did hold such a meeting," Peskov began. "He invited 35 people - all the squad commanders and the leadership of the [private military] company, including Prigozhin," he said. "The meeting took place in the Kremlin on June 29 and lasted for nearly three hours."
"We are unaware of the details (of the meeting - TASS), but the one thing we can say is that the president gave his assessment of the [private military] company’s actions on the frontline during the special military operation and the June 24 events," Peskov noted.
​  ​"Putin listened to explanations from [Wagner] commanders and offered them further options for employment and further use in combat," the presidential spokesman continued.

​   James Kunstler, “Joe Biden,” the personification of a failed state.
   As a criminal enterprise, for instance, the Biden family influence-peddling operation among foreign powers reflects exactly the racketeering character of corporate America today — which is to say, making money dishonestly, and often for doing nothing. In America’s biggest industry, finance, this is absolutely the case. You may have forgotten what finance is, and what it’s supposed to do: namely, to lend money for activities intended to produce things of value, useful things that people need and want, sometimes even public works that benefit everyone in society.
   American Finance now is in the business of receiving free money (loans at minimal interest) from government-chartered central banks (issuing “credit” from nowhere), that banks, hedge funds, private equity outfits, and sundry freebooters can roll into instruments such as interest-yielding bonds (loans back to government) and derivatives (algorithmic bets derived, abstracted from, and tuned to market movements) magically multiplying money that finally produces nothing of value — though it may translate into yacht purchases, alimony payments, luxury suites at ballparks, private Caribbean islands, and traffic in humans for use as sex toys.

Pepe Escobar, Finance, power, integration: The SCO welcomes a new 'Global Globe'
​  ​Arguably, the star of the show in New Delhi was Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who has led his country since 1994.
​  ​Old Man Luka, unbeatable in the headline-stealing department, especially after his mediator role in the Prighozin saga, may have coined the definitive slogan of multipolarity.  Forget the western-termed "golden billion" which in fact barely reaches 100 million; embrace now the “Global Globe” – with a firm focus on the Global South.
​  ​As the clincher, Lukashenko proposed total integration of the SCO and BRICS – which in their upcoming summit in South Africa will be heading the BRICS+ way.
​..The next step for the “Global Globe” – what the collective west dismissively qualifies as “the rest” – is to work on the complex coordination of several development banks and then the process to issue bonds linked to a new trading currency.
​  ​The main ideas and the basic template already exist. The new bonds will be a real safe haven compared to the US dollar and US Treasuries, and will imply accelerated de-dollarization.​..​

​..​The heart of the matter is of course the drive towards a fair multipolar world order – the polar opposite of the Hegemon-imposed “rules-based international order.” And the three key nodes are mutual security; trade in local currencies, and eventually, de-dollarization.​.
...In parallel to Modi praising the key role of Iran in the development of the International North South Transportation Corridor (INSTC), Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi firmly supported SCO trade in national currencies to decisively break the US dollar’s hegemony.
​  ​Chinese President Xi Jinping, for his part, was adamant: China is all in favor to sideline the US dollar, stand firm against all forms of color revolutions, and fight against unilateral economic sanctions.
​  ​Russian President Vladimir Putin once again stressed how “external forces have put Russia’s security at threat by unleashing hybrid war against Russia and Russians in Ukraine."​ ...
​..India’s External Affairs Minister Jaishankar has confirmed there will be no new BRICS currency – for now. The emphasis is on increasing trade in national currencies.
​  ​When it comes to BRICS heavyweight Russia, the emphasis for now is to drive commodity prices higher for the benefit of the Russian ruble.
​  ​Diplomatic sources confirm that the unspoken agreement among BRICS sherpas – who this week are preparing the guidelines for BRICS+ to be discussed at the South Africa summit next month – is to hasten the fiat dollar’s meltdown: The Financing of US trade and budget deficits would become impossible at current interest rates.

​  ​The question is how to hasten it imperceptibly.
​  ​Putin’s trademark strategy is to always let the collective west embark on all sorts of strategic mistakes without direct Russian intervention. So what happens next in the battlefield in Donbass – NATO’s larger than life humiliation - will be a crucial factor in the de-dollarization front.
  The Chinese, for their part, worry about a collapsed dollar rebound on China’s manufacturing base.
​​The road map ahead suggests a new trade settlement currency first designed at the EAEU, supervised by the Eurasia Economic Commission’s head of macroeconomics Sergey Glazyev. That would lead to a wider BRICS and SCO deployment. But first the EAEU needs to get China on board. That was one of the key issues recently discussed by Glazyev, in person, in Beijing.
​  ​So the Holy Grail is a new supranational trade currency for BRICS, SCO, and EAEU. And it’s essential that its reserve status does not allow overriding power to one nation, as it happens with the US dollar.
​  ​The only practical means of tying the new trade currency to a basket of multiple commodities – not to mention a basket of national interests - would be through gold.​..
​..German industry/business circles already seem to have seen the writing on the wall, as well as some of their French counterparts, which notably include France's President Emmanuel Macron. The trend is towards an EU schism – and even more Eurasian power.
​  ​A BRICS-SCO trade bloc will make western sanctions absolutely meaningless.​..
​.As it stands, there’s huge potential for a gold-backed ruble. If and when it hits the road, that will be a revival of the gold-backing in the USSR between 1944 and 1961.
​  ​Glazyev has crucially observed that Russia’s trade surplus with SCO members has allowed Russian companies to pay off external debts and replace them with borrowing in rubles.​..
​...The time is fast approaching for Russia to create the perfect storm to deliver a massive blow to the US dollar. This is what’s being discussed behind the scenes at the SCO, EAEU, and some BRICS sessions, and this is what’s driving the Atlanticist elites livid.
​  ​The “imperceptible” way for Russia to make it happen is to let markets drive up the prices of nearly all Russian commodity exports. Neutrals all across the “Global Globe” will interpret it as a natural “market response” to the collective west’s cognitive dissonant geopolitical imperatives. Soaring energy and commodity prices will end up provoking a steep decline in the purchasing power of the US dollar.​..
​..All of the above should be interpreted as the sketch of a possible, realistic path to real multipolarity. It has nothing to do with the yuan as reserve currency, reproducing the existing rent-extracting racket to the profit of a minuscule plutocracy – complete with a massive military apparatus specialized in bullying the “Global Globe.”

​Tom Luongo:  July began with a series of bangs that cannot be ignored. I’m not talking about the noise coming from both Russia and Ukraine over the ‘counter-offensive’ or who wants to blow up the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant.
  I’m talking about the downstream effects that conflict has brought about. The old world is breaking down along sectarian lines as we watch Russia continue to fight the West to a standstill along the banks of the Dnieper river...
..From capital markets to geopolitics I’ve been targeting next week’s big NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania as a potential turning point. All of the conflicts out there today clogging up the headlines, from naval encounters in the Persian Gulf to Janet Yellen stoking conflict with China with her mere presence, reduce to a single conclusion.
  Every major power faction in the West is fearing loss of power....

​..​My good friend Alex “All Roads Lead to London” Krainer published a thoughtful piece on France and, predictably, he came to the tentative conclusion that the current explosion of violence in France bears all the hallmarks of a British-led color revolution.
​  ​And it’s hard to disagree with him.​..
​..​As far as his being the voice of reason in Europe it’s all theatre all the time with Macron.He’s a master virtue signaler.
​  ​What he really wants is what I’ve been saying Davos has wanted from the beginning of the Biden administration: a half-crazed US/UK going to total war against Russia in Ukraine to weaken both sides while he positions France and Germany to be the new defense contractors for Europe.
​  ​This would set the stage domestically for Europe to then push for the end of NATO, further subsume national sovereignty into the EU regulatory Borg and eventually roll all of this up into a UN-led global government.​..
​..This is rankling the old British Neoconservatives and their partners-in-crime at the US State Dept., National Security Council, K-Street think tanks and the CIA​...
..It may all come down to the next couple of weeks in France as this revolt against Macron may just be the biggest blackmail gambit we’ve seen in a long time.
​  ​But nothing less than the fate of a 300 year project for world government hangs in the balance. Everyone of these horrific factions wants to rule the world but none of them have the means by themselves to pull it off. So, watching them maneuver each other into the line of fire would be hilarious if the stakes weren’t so freaking high for the rest of us.

​  ​During a podcast appearance with Lex Fridman, Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. outlined how during the pandemic the media engaged in an “organised conspiracy” by acting as “propaganda organs for the government agencies,” and acting to censor “anybody who dissented.”​...
 ..Kennedy again spoke at length of the “insurmountable and mountainous and overwhelming” evidence that the CIA was involved in the murder of his uncle and his father, prompting Fridman to ask “What is the mechanism by which the CIA influences the narrative?”
  “Through the press,” Kennedy responded, adding “Directly through key members"...
..“I actually think the entire field of journalism has really shamed itself in recent years. It has become, the principal newspapers in this country, and the television stations, and the legacy media, have abandoned their tradition… they believed that the function of journalists was to maintain this posture of fierce skepticism toward any aggregation of power, including government authority… their job was to speak truth to power and be guardians of the first amendment right to free expression.”
  “But if you look at what happened during the pandemic, it was the inverse of that kind of journalism,” RFK Jr. further urged, adding “the major press organs in this country… were broadcasting propaganda, they became propaganda organs for the government agencies. They were actually censoring the speech of anybody who dissented, of the powerless.”
  “In fact, it was an organized conspiracy. The name of it was the Trusted News Initiative,” Kennedy noted, adding “Some of the major press organizations in our country signed onto it. They agreed not to print stories or facts that departed from government orthodoxy.”

Peru declares health emergency due to spike in Guillain-Barre syndrome cases

​  You don't want to die of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, which is like being burned all over.​
​  ​A sudden increase in Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS)—a rare and potentially fatal skin disorder—may be triggered by COVID-19, increased vaccination rates, or a lowered threshold caused by vaccines or previous infection, according to a large case series recently published in Burns.

​  ​The seven-fold rise in incidence of Stevens-Johnson syndrome & toxic epidermal necrolysis: Associations with COVID-19 and the vaccine
​  ​Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) / toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) is a rare, potentially life threatening mucocutaneous hypersensitivity reaction resulting in desquamation of the skin and mucosa. These patients are managed on burns units due to the widespread desquamation. We report the largest case series of participants developing SJS/TEN in the setting of recent COVID infection or vaccination. We found a seven-fold increase in SJS/TEN since the COVID pandemic. This increase correlates with an increase in COVID infections and vaccination rates.​..
..​As a state-wide burns unit and referral centre for SJS/TEN, our institution manages two to four cases per year, prior to COVID. In the first six months of 2022 however, we managed fourteen cases. Five of these cases had COVID in the preceding month. Three of the fourteen had a COVID vaccine in the preceding month. All fourteen cases received a COVID vaccine.

​  ​A San Francisco group that stands for "car-free spaces, transit equity, and the end of car dominance" is behind a wave of "coning" driverless cars owned by Waymo and Cruise.​..
..According to ABC7 in San Francisco, the rebellious group has called for a "Week of Cone" ahead of this Thursday's meeting, where the California Public Utilities Commission will vote to allow Cruise and Waymo to expand operations across the metro area.
​  ​One member of the group told the local media outlet:
"Expanded and basically unfettered access to city streets is basically a bad idea.​"​
"Residents never got a chance to have a say in this, never really consented to be used a human guinea pigs."

​Disrupting Robots (pictured with human family members and fig tree in Austin garden) 

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