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What Time It Is

 Cognizant of Time,

   A good interview with Maria Bartiromo. Kennedy gets to talk, and is treated politely; invited back...
"We Need A Real Investigation" Of Biden Bribery & Burisma; RFK Jr Says Mainstream Media Criticizing Him More Than Trump
​  He went on to comment on a Harvard-Harris poll on July 21, saying that he has the highest favorability rating than any other presidential hopeful in 2024.
“So, somehow, the American people are hearing what I’m saying. I don’t know whether it’s through the podcasts or through social media,” Mr. Kennedy said.

Hunter Biden put then-VP dad Joe on the phone with business associates at least 2 dozen times, ex-partner Devon Archer to testify

​  RFK Jr. Maintains Highest Favorability Rating Among Presidential Candidates In New Poll
​  Days after a House hearing on censorship that saw Democrats attempt to prevent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from testifying, a new Harvard-Harris poll showed that he has a higher favorability rating than any other presidential candidate.
​  Mr. Kennedy has a net favorable rating of 47 percent and a net unfavorable mark of 26 percent according to the survey, which was released on July 23 and conducted from July 19 to July 20 among 2,068 registered voters (pdf).​  ​ 
[The poll was taken before​/during the censorship hearing. How's he doing now?]
​  Poll respondents said that former President Donald Trump has a favorability rating of 45 percent compared to a 49 percent unfavorability number. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has a 40 percent favorable rating and 37 percent unfavorable, and President Joe Biden has 39 percent favorable and 53 percent unfavorable rating, also lagging behind Mr. Kennedy.

​  Alastair CrookeCounter-Revolution - 'Do you know what time it is?'
​  To be blunt, both the U.S. and Europe have stalked brazenly into traps of their own making. Caught in the lies and deceit woven around a claimed inheritance of superior cultural DNA, (vouchsafing, it is said, almost certain victory), the West is awakening to a fast-approaching disaster to which there are no easy solutions.​..
..The coming devastation is not just centred around the failed Ukraine offensive and NATO's weak showing...
​..In the U.S., the run-up to momentous elections is underway. The Democrats are in a fix: The party has long since turned its back on its old blue-collar constituency, engaging instead with an urban 'creative class' in an exalted, world-shaping 'social engineering' project of moral redress, in alliance with Silicon Valley and the Permanent Nomenklatura. But that experiment has run off into the weeds, becoming ever more extreme and absurd. Push-back is building...
..Either way - Biden staying or going - there is no ready solution to the Party's conundrum of a non-performing, non-platform...
​..Heavy 'lawfare' artillery is intended to break the Trump defences and drive him off the field, whilst an attrition of disclosures of Biden family malfeasance are intended wear down and implode the Biden bubble. The Democratic Establishment is spooked too by the flanking manoeuvre of the R. F. Kennedy candidature, which is snowballing rapidly...
​..Put simply, the Democratic wokish ideology of historical redress is separating the U.S. into two nations living in one land.​..
..Ukraine has served as the solvent to the old order and has become the Albatross hanging around the neck of the Biden Admin: How to spin the looming Ukraine debacle as somehow 'mission achieved'. Can that be done? Because the escape route of a ceasefire and a frozen line of contact is unacceptable to Moscow. In short, 'Biden's war' cannot continue as it is, but nor can it do 'other' without facing humiliation. The myth of American power, NATO competence and the reputation of U.S. weaponry hangs in the balance.
 ​ The economic narrative ('everything is fine') is poised, for somewhat unconnected reasons, to turn sour too. Debt - finally - is becoming the sword suspended above the economy's neck.​..
..Faced with many questions - and no solutions - the mood amongst sectors of the electorate is driving a radical and increasingly iconoclastic mood. A counter-revolutionary spirit, perhaps. It is too early to say whether it will sweep a majority, but it may - for the radicalism is coming from the two wings: GOP grassroots and the Kennedy 'camp'...​ [I personally see the "Spirit of '76" revisiting our land.​ Not "counter-revolution", but the same thing again.]
​..One strain of GOP voters separates conservative leaders into two camps: those who "know what time it is" and those who don't. That is the catchphrase on the Right that has become increasingly important to a significant wing of the Party who see a country weakened and corrupted by ideology; who hold that there is almost nothing left to 'conserve'. Overturning the existing post-American order, and re-establishing America's ancient principles in practice, is advocated as a sort of counter-revolution - and the only road forward.
  That aphorism for 'knowing what time of day it is' refers to an emerging sense of urgency and appetite for sweeping action, not dragging and dull academic debates among more populist-minded conservatives. "The premise is that the struggle against wokish cultural power is existential, and that extreme tactics that would shock an older generation of conservatives need to be the norm".
  In fact, if a leader is not shocking in his conduct and proposals, he or she probably "doesn't know what time it is"...
​.."When you realize this, what looks at first like a hodgepodge of different ideas seems more unified. Covid health policy, disgust about Jan. 6, the Pentagon budget, immigration, support for Ukraine, promoting racial diversity, trans rights — these are all issues that enjoy a measure of élite bipartisan consensus. But for the Tucker Carlson wing - Republicans who embrace these things simply - don't know what time it is", Politico explains.
​  What is salient in this formulation is that just as unreserved support for Covid regulatory practices was a 'marker' of 'correct-think' in pandemic time, so support for Ukraine is defined as 'a marker' of correct liberal-think (and being in the Team) in the post-pandemic era.​..
..However, as American fireworks illuminate the political sky, resonance in Europe is almost certain. Europeans share the distrust for their élites and the Brussels technocracy in the same fashion as the Carlson-Kennedy constituencies.
The Euro-élites disdain the people. Ordinary Europeans know that their rulers regard them with contempt - and know that their élites know it too...
..Fireworks are coming for Europe - but slowly. It has already begun (governments are falling); but the U.S. is the vanguard for radical change as the West loses its grip on the meta-narrative of its 'vision' being uniquely the paradigm through which the world's 'vision' must be shaped too. A shift that changes everything.​   
["Lies and deceit" are not standing up well to realities like heavy artillery any more.]

​  Jason Aldean's "Try That In A Small Town" Becomes No. 2 Hit​   [That'll larn ​'em better!]
​  Country Music Television (CMT) pulled his video from the air without explanation, after it had already aired for three days.
​  The controversy caused a backlash among music fans, who then rushed to hear Mr. Aldean’s song, as streams and downloads of his hit exploded last week.
​  Audio and video streams from Mr. Aldean’s song have since risen from 987,000 to 11.7 million, a 999 percent increase, a week after the music video was released, Luminate told FOX Business.
​  Before Mr. Aldean released the music video, the song had sold only 1,000 downloads, but it has since sold 228,000, according to Luminate.

​  Pepe Escobar packs in a lot of news. Don't look for the new Gold-BRICS currency this year. BRICS problems, BRI solutions
​  As the BRICS approach the most important summit in their history on August 22-24 in Johannesburg, South Africa, some fundamentals need to be observed.  
​  The top three BRICS cooperation platforms are politics and security, finance and the economy, and culture. So the notion that a new BRICS gold-backed reserve currency will be announced at the South Africa summit is spurious.
​  What is in progress, as confirmed by BRICS sherpas, is the R5: a new common payment system. The sherpas are only in the preliminary stages of discussing a new reserve currency which could be gold or commodities-based. The discussions within the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), led by Sergey Glazyev, by comparison, are way more advanced.

​  The order of priorities is to get R5 rolling. All current BRICS currencies start with an “R”: renminbi (yuan), ruble, real, rupee, and rand. R5 will allow current members to increase mutual trade by bypassing the US dollar and reducing their US dollar reserves.​..
..Chinese trade with BRI nations increased 9.8 percent in the first half of 2023 - compared to the same period last year. That contrasts sharply with the 4.7 percent overall contraction of trade between China and the collective west: Down with the EU by 4.9 percent, and down with the US by 14.5 percent. 
​  Chinese trade with Russia, meanwhile, alongside exports to South Africa and Singapore, raised exponentially by 78​ percent. As an example, late last week, a Chinese cargo set sail from St. Petersburg loaded with fertilizers, chemicals, and paper products. It will cross the Arctic and arrive in Shanghai in early August...
..The Arctic Silk Road, from now on, will be increasingly strategic. The Chinese can keep it open at least from July to October every year. And as a bonus, a warming Arctic allows better access to oil/gas resources​...
​.. On the Russian front, all eyes are on the 7,200 km-long, multimodal International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) – which alarms the collective west as a de facto replacement of the Suez Canal. The INSTC cuts shipping costs by about 50 percent and saves up to 20 days of travel compared to the Suez route. INSTC trade – via ship, rail, and roads linking Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, India, and Central Asia - should triple over the next seven years...
.​.The Trans-Afghan ​Railway will emerge as a follow-up to something very important that happened last week, when Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan signed a joint protocol to connect the Uzbek and Pakistani networks via Mazar-i-Sharif and Logar in Afghanistan.
  Welcome to the UAP railway – which could be hailed not only as a BRI but also as a Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) project - where Tashkent and Islamabad are full members, and Kabul is an observer....
..The Uzbeks estimate that the 760 km-long railway will reduce travel time by five days and costs by at least 40 percent. The project could be finished by 2027.
  The subsequent 573 km-long Trans-Afghan Railway has already got its road map: it’s bound to connect the intersection of Central and South Asia to ports on the Arabian Sea.​..
..Every investor from Jeddah to Hong Kong knows that Beijing is aiming to turn the Greater Bay Area into a prime global tech center, centered in Shenzhen, with Hong Kong playing the role of privileged global finance hub and Macau as the cultural hub.
​  The Greater Bay Area, not by accident, is a key BRI plank. As a whole, the nine cities in Guangdong, plus Hong Kong and Macau (more than 80 million people, 10 percent of Chinese GDP), will be configured as an astonishing first-class economic powerhouse by 2035, largely overtaking Tokyo Bay, the New York Metro Area, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

​  With Saudi Arabia aiming to become a full member of both BRI and SCO, Beijing and Riyadh will turbo-charge their tech cooperation on top of energy and infrastructure.
​  All eyes on South Africa next month are on how BRICS will work to solve its internal issues while organizing the expansion to BRICS+. Who will get to join the club? Saudi Arabia? UAE? Iran? Kazakhstan? Algeria?

​  More than 40 countries have shown an interest in joining BRICS, Anil Sooklal, South Africa’s ambassador-at-large responsible for ties with the economic alliance and Asian countries, has said.
​  The diplomat told reporters in Johannesburg on Thursday that 22 countries have formally applied to join the group, while “an equal number” of states “have been informally asking about becoming BRICS​ members".

​A very well explained and documented essay from Bernard at Moon of Alabama:  Who Can Give Security Guarantees To Ukraine?

  Gilbert Doctorow, The Coming Russian Polish War
​  From Russian talk shows of the past several days, it is easy to understand the Kremlin’s reading of the present proxy war in and around Ukraine: Washington sees that the Ukrainian counter-offensive is a complete failure that has cost tens of thousands of lives among the Ukrainian armed forces and has seen the destruction of a large part of the Western equipment delivered to Ukraine over the past months. Instead of suing for peace, Washington seeks to open a ‘second front,’ using Poland for this purpose.​  
​  One possible Russian response to any move against Belarus has also been discussed on air: to seize the Suwalki corridor that connects Kaliningrad to Belarus across Polish territory.. Taking control of that corridor would have the effect of isolating the Baltic States from Poland and thereby put their security at peril.
​ The inescapable conclusion from the latest news is that Washington’s incendiary policies and continuing escalation of the conflict cannot secure Russia’s defeat. On the contrary, they may well lead to the total collapse of the NATO alliance once its military value is disproven in a way that cannot be talked away or papered over by the most creative propagandists in DC.

​  Gilbert Doctorow, Russian military experts on the current state of the war
..As I have indicated in past essays, the more serious Russian news programs such as Sixty Minutes and Evening with Vladimir Solovyov also give the microphone to military experts from among Duma committee chairmen and others who actually bear responsibility and accountability for the war effort and are not just talking heads...
​..I have in mind the spectacular Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian port infrastructure in Odessa, in Nikolaev and yesterday in a river port of the Danube estuary just across from the Romanian border.  These attacks are described by official Russian military sources as “revenge attacks” for the damage inflicted on one of the roadways of the Crimean bridge by Ukrainian surface drones that exploded under bridge supports.
​  Of course, that is just Public Relations talk to satisfy the Russian public and overwhelm local outrage at the failure to defend what is, finally, vulnerable infrastructure. No, the reason for the Russian destruction of the Ukrainian port facilities day after day lies elsewhere. The missile strikes were not so much intended to inflict pain on the Ukrainians as to avert what could be naval battles on the Black Sea and a quantum jump in risks of total war...
..Let us remember that when Vladimir Putin announced that the grain deal with Turkey and the United Nations would expire on 18 July, the RF Ministry of Defense announced that any vessels headed towards Ukrainian ports ostensibly to receive export grain would henceforth be considered as carriers of arms to Ukraine and were fair game for destruction by Russian forces.
​  Immediately after this Ukrainian President Zelensky went on air with his proposal to Turkey that the grain exports by sea continue without Russian participation. The safety of the vessels would be assured by Turkish and other NATO naval convoys.  In the context of Erdogan’s latest turn to the U.S. and away from Russia, it appeared that Ankara was prepared to strike a deal with Zelensky.  If that were done, then the chances of naval battles between Russian and NATO vessels in the Black Sea would have soared.
​  And so the Russians decided to destroy the Ukrainian port facilities active in the grain trade and so to preempt the dangers in view.  Erdogan was compelled to draw back from any agreement with Zelensky on resumption of the grain corridor mission.​..
..It is interesting to note that notwithstanding vicious American propaganda against the Russian pull-out from the grain deal, the leaders of Africa have not gone for the bait.  Today all 47 African leaders are assembling in Russia for highest level strategic talks and deal-making with their Russian counterparts. The Russians are offering free of cost grain to the poorest countries and contracts for grain supply to the others at normal commercial terms. The certainty of supply is assured by what the Russians say will be their biggest grain harvest ever during this season.

  Pandemics R-Us , Lots of information, if you want to look. This is officially "the Decade of Vaccines". It's biowarfare on us, because we are still ok with it.
​  Pandemic 2025: US Creates Permanent New Pandemic Agency for Decade of Vaccines.”Catastrophic Contagion” Simulation
Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy
The US has created a permanent new pandemic agency called the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy in anticipation of future pandemics and the Decade of Vaccines. President Joe Biden has appointed a retired Air Force general to take charge of spearheading the project.

​  Meryl Nass MD with focused perspective: 
​  USG announces new Pandemic Preparedness and Response office: is it a health program or a military program?
Does PPR plan to use the military's OTA authority AGAIN to bypass the FDA and vaccinate us with untested junk that turned out to be poison, like it did for COVID?

​Sasha Latypova details yet another detrimental side effect of the injectable bioweapons.
Persistent Damage to the Gut Microbiome After Covid-19 mRNA Injection

​  A Midwestern Doctor,   What Can The Smallpox Vaccine Disaster Teach Us About Spike Protein Injuries?
​  Reviewing the critical but largely forgotten lessons from early pioneers in medicine
​  As our species has technologically advanced, we seem to have replaced a high rate of often deadly infectious disease for an ever-growing epidemic of chronic neurological and autoimmune conditions alongside a continual increase in all forms of cancer.  As best as I can tell, this trend began 150-200 years ago at the same time the variolation and then smallpox vaccination were introduced (the widespread use of mercury in medicine may have also played a key role too).
​  In addition to many written accounts supporting this theory, I’ve spoken with numerous doctors who observed a gradual but continual worsening of health in the population over the course of their careers. In many cases, those doctors told me they asked their mentors if they too had observed the same thing, and indeed, they had (and in a few cases found their mentors had heard same thing when they asked their own mentors).
​  Ultimately, I’ve been able to trace this trend back to approximately 150 years ago, and observed that while the increase is typically gradual, it periodically has large spikes. One classic example occurred when Fauci brokered a 1986 deal to give vaccine manufacturers immunity from vaccine injuries, and thus incentivized a large number of unsafe vaccines being added to the childhood immunization schedule.

​  Lawmakers Pass Key Part Of Netanyahu's Sweeping Judicial Overhaul As Protesters Seek To Blockade Knesset
​  Following almost 30 weeks of some of the largest protests Israel has seen in its history, Israeli lawmakers on Monday passed a key part of the Netanyahu government's ultra-controversial overhaul plan which will see the independent judiciary severely weakened.
​  It is being widely called the biggest and most far-reaching shake-up to the Israeli system, and the judiciary in particular, since 1948. The 'Reasonableness bill' passed with 64 votes in favor and 0 against, given that opposition members of the Knesset boycotted the final vote in protest, as raging demonstrators took over streets, in many cases blocking roadways and city centers across the country. Protesters tried to blockade the Knesset building itself.
​  The Reasonableness bill gets its name from the legislation in effect stripping the Israeli Supreme Court's ability to declare government decisions unreasonable, which critics say so severely erodes checks and balances that it will lead to a Netanyahu coalition "dictatorship".

​Respecting Time (pictured with freshly planted apple tree)

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