Friday, October 21, 2022

Our very lives

Confronting Death,

  My inbox just asked me, "What scares you more, COVID-19 or nuclear war?" My mind quickly responded that it's not either-or, but it's both.
We can be afraid of both the chimeric Boston COVID with the 80% kill rate that attacks the brain AND a nuclear false-flag attack to blame Russia (then goes horribly-wrong despite all the best planning).

  Our owners-and-masters are searching hard for the right fear-narrative or narratives to optimally control all of us as we proceed into the further breakage of the global-economic life-support system, which allows so very many of us to live today.
  We should be paying attention to the very real mortal threats. They don't mind killing a few billion of us for a good cause. However, the only route out of this in any elite plans for any of us, is as a slave, preferably a completely controlled slave with electronic brain implants and fully electronic money so that we make all the best choices, or no choices at all.
  We should also do what humans have always done, which is to grow some food and save what harvest we can for winter, most literally, and also allegorically.
Vegetable gardens, "victory gardens"( Liberty Garden ) have always helped people survive privation in times of war and economic depression. None of us can truly be "self-sufficient". We are not lone-wolves, but social, communal, cooperative creatures, which is our big advantage, what got us so far on this planet. 
  Human societies have collapsed or died-back many times in history. This is controversial, and picking fault in this theme is a psychological defense mechanism against mental anguish, "cognitive dissonance". The Black Death, Bubonic Plague, spread by fleas on rats, in human cities and agricultural communities, was one of those die-backs. The concentration of humans, and the abundance of rats and fleas, opened an environmental niche for the bacterium, Yersinia Pestis, to spread along trade routes from China to Europe in the 1300s. It was promptly used as a weapon of war, catapulting infected corpses into the besieged city of Kaffa, by an army which was dying of it. Populations were concentrated and weakened by poor nutrition and hygiene. Die off were fractions of each city or town and came in wave after wave.
  The Maya collapsed from bad weather hitting their optimized agriculture for an extended period of time. There was a lot of raiding of nearby villages and sacrificing of prisoners to the angry sun god. It went on for a really long time. I have come to think that hungry people go along with killing other hungry people if they are given an excuse that most people can agree with. 
  It worked again for Hitler, and it almost just worked against "the unvaccinated", but not quite. Not yet.
  I also think that the Mayan priests who were cutting out those beating hearts were running the scam to keep themselves in control of the degrading situation, to wait out the return of better harvests, and to take credit for them. They could well have believed the scam. It would make it even easier to run.
  Our owners these days have so much more knowledge of history, science, technology, and expert consultants to help them manage billions of people, and their perceptions of "reality". Smart-phones, personalized AI-shaping of data-streams and Google-ads help. The main thing that the owners need is to stay in possession of property and "long term interests", which means arrangements which keep paying them unearned tributary income.
  The owners, elites, nobles-and-royalty of old, serve the societal role of killing a lot of people and making it seem perfectly normal and unavoidable. Hitler and the Mayan priests both did it, and their unified societies rallied around them.  The characteristics which define the elites are the drive to power and a sort of smiling ruthlessness when it comes to the practicalities of throat cutting and back stabbing without remorse. 
  In good times, these qualities are little-needed in our world, and are discouraged by affluent societies, but in bad times, times of poor crops and declining resources, there is some intuitive wave which runs through a nation, calling their hearts to follow a leader who will give them the rich lands and harvests of those decadent neighbors, who stole it from their grandparents, anyway. 
  Not everybody is subject to that call of the Pied-Piper. I've never liked the exhilaration of thousands of sports fans in a stadium. (Creepy to me. Lemme outta here!) You might or might not be prone to getting that lynch-mob feeling, yourself. What we taught our children in Dachau and Tuol Sleng is that you have to be on the lookout for the creation of sub-humans, because that is the first and essential step. Fight it if you can, or get away before it marks you as a target.
  I fought the "unvaccinated-sub-human" meme from even before it was identifiable as a trend this time. I got fired, but I'm not dead. Enough of us accepted firing in enough places to halt its advance. It may be withering. It is sure withering in Texas and Florida. A holding-action was helpful this time, since vaccine-deaths and "negative efficacy" did not get swept under the rug. More and more people are more and more aware. Omicron took the mortal threat out of COVID, also, which magnified the relative threat of the gene-therapy vaccine products, put those harms in a spotlight. 
  It looks like "Nuclear-War" is the control-narrative which is waiting next in line. Those of us who have never personally known war, never survived through war, still have an abstract concept that we should all avoid nuclear war. It stands perfectly to reason for all people, everywhere.
  The universality of apprehension regarding nuclear war is a desirable quality in a control narrative. It works everywhere, for everybody. The culling-elites will have secured their bunkers and underground holdouts, but they also know that only helps with immediate survival, not the next 30 years of living in a wasteland, nor of the risks of betrayal by other elite survivors.
  The uncertainty with the threat of nuclear war is the uncertainty of not truly knowing how rational the opponent is, nor exactly how desperate, nor exactly how well secured the perceived interests of the opponent are, against the threat. Does the opponent really have a whole modern world under the Denver airport?
  All of that analysis is superficial and unprincipled. It does not take into account the deep and sustaining convictions of a rare group of leaders, including Charles deGaulle, John Kennedy, and probably Nikita Khrushchev when he was sober. Khrushchev was pretty sober during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  I'm a surface-dweller. I have no way around that, nor would I choose to have a bunker in the Rocky Mountains. Our homestead in Yoakum is either in a green or a red zone for nuclear fallout, depending on the winds that day. It's the best we can do. I sure hope the 5 military bases in San Antonio don't get nuked, but that just means that I hope there is no nuclear war.
  We can't expect our sociopathic owners to change. They are what they are. They are not going to develop compassion and humanistic insight, though they may often see the value in pretending to. The one thing they excel at is the normalization of killing a lot of people, and getting large groups of people on-board with that. Timing seems to be everything. 
  The owners seem to have jumped-the-gun with COVID, which might have just leaked out a little too soon, but was an opportunity which they could not ignore. 
Are we now "immunized" against the next round of creation of sub-human scapegoats? Who might they be? 
Could be anybody, right? I never expected to be in one of those target-groups, but here I am.

  Jessica Rose Ph.D. looks at the clear and explicit evidence of the laboratory creation of SARS-CoV-2, which was already explained in early 2020 by Luc Montagnier MD, who got a Nobel Prize for describing the AIDS virus. It is still as clear and convincing. The "fingerprints" of lab manipulation are unmistakable.
  Dr. Rose goes on to discuss some of the parts-swapping that viruses can do. There are some functional HIV parts in the spike-protein of the original Wuhan virus, for instance. the new, chimeric Boston lab COVID has the Omicron spike protein and the rest of it is Wuhan-COVID. It kills 80% of humanized lab mice, often by attacking their brains, a new viral super-power. She goes into a lot of detail about parts swapping between AIDS and COVID in human hosts, like AIDS-patients with COVID. She notes that there was a big and ongoing push for AIDS testing concurrent with the COVID pandemic and ongoing. Is it to track another viral super-power? The mRNA COVID c=vaccine products profoundly suppress interleukin-based immunity to viruses, which increases COVID infection rates for 2 weeks after injection as a known baseline. There is a lot more to explore about immune suppression. She explores some.

  Nafeez Ahmed, Britain's Stark Choice Ahead, Transformation or Collapse   (Again, why not both? Ahmed thinks wind and solar are able to replace fossil fuels with some adjustments. I think not, but we individuals still need to make personal adjustments while we can. People in rural Wales grow vegetables, I hear.)
​  F​ive years ago, I warned in a study that Europe faces an increasing risk of state failure due to the escalation of interlinked environmental, energy and economic crises – and I found an intriguing pattern: states begin to fail within 15 years of losing their main sources of energy and economic revenue.
​  ​Escalating crisis drives social polarisation, undermining national cohesion and resulting in outbreaks of civil unrest. Without a change of course, these outbreaks coalesce to undermine the functioning of key state institutions. At worst, they can lead to total government collapse and a state of permanent warfare.
​  ​Gripped by multiple crises, Britain now appears to be following a familiar pattern of environmental, energy and economic-driven state failure.

​  Pepe Escobar presents a further analysis of what China is offering the neo-colonized "developing world", which is self-determination (Woodrow wilson's big hit) and the ability to nationally re-invest, rather than being strip-mined by globalist neoliberal finance. It's a good deal.they will dive-in when the sharks appear to have left the beach.  ​(As we know from history. deals change over time.)   ‘Peaceful modernization’: China’s offering to the Global South

  Saudi Arabia and Argentina want to join the BRICS, which will be addressed at the 2023 BRICS summit, hosted by South Africa, some time next summer.
Saudi oil has been a foundation of the American petrodollar since Nixon/Kissinger, and somewhat so since FDR. Argentina keeps defaulting on debt, and could make a fresh start, but mechanisms to avoid another default would need to be in place.

  Turkey is also key to European gas pipelines from the waters off Israel and Lebanon, to the giant Iranian Pars gas field, which have been delayed by wars.
​  ​Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that he had agreed with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to form a natural gas hub in Turkey...
​  ​“Türkiye will be a hub for natural gas as well. In our last meeting, we agreed with Putin on this issue. We will create a hub here with Turkish gas coming from Russia,” Erdogan said.
​  ​The U.S. State Department fired back.
​  ​“We have worked closely with our allies and partners to impose severe and unprecedented costs on Russia, including through sanctions, export controls, visa restrictions. We have urged Turkey and all of our allies and partners that no one should have become a safe haven for illicit Russian assets or transactions, and we will continue to make that case,” Vedant Patel, State Department’s principal deputy spokesperson said.

​Eat cake now​. Virtuous austerity soonish.
Video: Biden Energy Advisor Admits That The Regime Wants To Limit Oil Production “To Accelerate The Transition”
While asking oil companies to increase production now and tapping more reserves to bring gas prices down before mid term elections

​Reflections on the perceived paucity of intelligent life in the universe. I think that other intelligent life could be different from us. Whaddaya think?
​  ‘Stargazing Live’ presenter Brian Cox believes the search for celestial life will ultimately prove futile. Cox believes that any alien civilization is destined to wipe itself out shortly after it evolves.
​  ​“One solution to the Fermi paradox is that it is not possible to run a world that has the power to destroy itself and that needs global collaborative solutions to prevent that,” Cox said.
​  ​The physicist explained that advances in science and technology would rapidly outstrip the development of institutions capable of keeping them under control, leading to the civilizations self-destruction: “It may be that the growth of science and engineering inevitably outstrips the development of political expertise, leading to disaster. We could be approaching that position.”

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