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  Alastair Crooke opens with  The Masque of Pandora    Thanks Eleni.
​  ​“This time, élites cannot shirk responsibility for the consequences of their fatal errors … Put simply, the emperor has no clothes: The Establishment simply has no message for voters in the face of hardship. The only vision for the future it can conjure up is Net Zero – a dystopian agenda that takes the sacrificial politics of austerity and financialisation of the world economy to new heights. But it is a perfectly logical programme for an élite that has become unhinged from the real world”.​.. ​  
 ..Yes, the Beast’s Siren Call is for sacrificial politics to be levered down upon the people, whilst the horsemen of War and Pandemic all scream out that an apocalyptic hour approaches. We may call it a collective syndrome – similar to the Witch Craze of the 14th–17th Centuries – but today, the phenomenon WB Yeats termed the ‘rough beast’ with its’ gaze as ‘blank and pitiless as the sun’, is better known simply as Ideology.
​  ​The word ‘ideology’ is often used as a synonym for political ideas, a corruption of language that conceals its fundamentally anti-political, latent totalitarian character. Ideology is incapable of treating human beings as distinct participants in a shared, non-political social life. Today’s woke ideology sees human association rather, as groups to be acted upon. It is explicitly anti-National, anti-Sovereign, anti-Traditional Religion, anti-Traditional Culture, anti-National Infrastructure, and anti-Family.​..
..Here is the point: Our disorientation and sense of disappearing sanity owes not a little to the psychic stress of embracing an ideology that purports to be exactly what it is not. Or, in other words, it proclaims liberty and the individual, when concealed within is absolute statism...
..When the western financial authorities say they ‘welcome’ a recession to destroy demand – and so to reduce inflation – implicit in this statement is an élite conviction that protest can and will be successfully squashed.
All the signs are that a ruthless, violent, and administrative suppression of popular disquiet is being contemplated.​..
..But if we look back at this pattern, repeating itself, time and time again, we get a clear sense of both the event and of the repeating experience of void. For, it is the insecurity and fearfulness associated with ‘void’ which causes torpor to fade, and people to erupt into rebellious disorder. And why also the attempt by the élite inner circle ‘to manage away’ such awakenings, so easily ends in tragedy (and bloodshed)....
..What happens when people awake to the deceit of Totalitarian-Lite posing as liberty and individualism (let alone democracy!). The question then becomes: To what other ‘image-idea’ will the people collectively migrate?
​  ​The geo-political implication is that Italy may migrate to one; Germany to another; and France to yet another, and others may just ‘give up’ on the whole mess of European politics (and nihilism will rise). Does this matter? Might it possibly be revitalising?
​  ​It does let us address directly the ‘Beast of ideology’, who through ‘his’ own ineptitude, has inadvertently stripped Pandora of her masque, thus opening her box.

​  ​NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Tuesday that a military victory for Russia in Ukraine would spell defeat for the entire Western alliance. However, despite providing “unprecedented support” to Kiev, Stoltenberg still claims that the US-led bloc is not a party to the conflict...
..Asked whether weakening its own forces to strengthen Ukraine’s is a wise policy, Stoltenberg described the conflict in Ukraine as existential to the alliance.
“If [Russian President Vladimir] Putin wins, that is not only a big defeat for the Ukrainians, but it will be the defeat, and dangerous, for all of us,” he said.​   ​

​  NATO needs an excuse to escalate. This is worrisome. They might do a nuclear false-flag attack to steal some "credibility"
  Despite reports of strikes on civilians, there were 14 reported casualties to the many russian missile strikes. Russians targeted command and control centers, military storage of fuel and ammunition, and some electrical providers, expected to limit electric rail transport of military supplies, as well as impairing Ukraine's ability to wage war.​ Were foreign soldiers killed? Are excuses for foreign military deaths needed?
​  ​On Friday, the Ukrainian Special Forces orchestrated a terrorist suicide bombing on the Kerch Bridge, which connects Russia to Crimea. The move came after the former commanding general of the US Army in Europe, General Ben Hodges, urged Ukraine to “drop” the bridge, and current US officials publicly gave a green light to attack it.
​  ​Days after the attack, the aim of the Kerch Bridge bombing comes into sharper view. Its purpose was to provoke a military response by Russia against civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, which could then be used to justify a massive increase in US-NATO involvement in the conflict.
​  ​For months, US officials had been expressing concern that Russia had not been “provoked” into expanding the war into western Ukraine, which had been largely spared in recent months.
​  ​Last month, former US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor complained to The Hill that, despite the fact that the White House had provided “larger, more capable, longer-distance, heavier weapons to the Ukrainians,” the “Russians have not reacted.”

​  ​With Tuesday’s attack, Russian authorities had, in fact, allowed themselves to be “provoked,” setting the stage for an even more massive escalation of US-NATO involvement in the war.
​  ​The attack on the Kerch Bridge was timed to take place just days before the NATO defense ministers’ meeting on October 12 and 13, which is expected to expand the level of direct NATO involvement in the conflict.
​  ​A senior Biden administration official interviewed by the Washington Post called the escalation of the war a “turning point.”

​  ​NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg may have inadvertently admitted that the Western military alliance is at war with Moscow, at least in the eyes of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev...
..Medvedev called the comment “an open confirmation of NATO’s participation in the war against our country – an unwise, but pure-hearted remark. The honest Norwegian fellow has finally admitted it.”

​  ​Russia’s TASS News Service released photos on Tuesday of a NATO Seafox mine disposal unmanned underwater drone was found during a scheduled visual inspection of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in November 2015.
Russia accused NATO of attempting to blow up the pipeline in 2015.

​Removed any evidence from the crime-scene, Ma'am?
Sweden Refuses to Share Results of Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion Investigation With Russia
​  Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said that the outcome of the inquiry into what severely damaged the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in late September would not be revealed to Moscow.
  “In Sweden, our preliminary investigations are confidential, and that, of course, also applies in this case,” Andersson told reporters.
The investigation found that the blasts were an act of sabotage, although the culprit has not been named.
The Swedish leader said that Russia was free to conduct its own investigation into the incident, adding that Sweden had removed cordons from the area.

​  ​A potential venue for talks between Biden and Putin could be the sidelines of the upcoming summit of G20 leaders that will be held in mid-November in Indonesia. But according to Lavrov, Russia has not received any serious proposals from the US to negotiate.
​  ​The US was quick to dismiss Lavrov’s comments, accusing him of “posturing” and calling for Russia to stop launching strikes across Ukraine. “We see this as posturing. We do not see this as a constructive, legitimate offer to engage in the dialogue and diplomacy that is absolutely necessary to see an end to this brutal war of aggression,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said.
​  ​Despite the US dismissal of potential talks, Turkey appears eager to broker negotiations between the two sides. The Kremlin said that Putin will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday, and it’s “possible” that the two leaders will discuss a Turkish proposal to host talks between the West and Russia.

​  ​Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov slammed on Tuesday US statements that Russia left unanswered Washington's proposals on negotiations on Ukraine as lies, noting that Moscow received no serious proposals.
​  ​"This is a lie [that Russia refuses to negotiate]. We did not receive any serious proposals to enter into contact. There were some not very serious calls, to which we also did not respond negatively, but offered to formulate specific proposals, with which some people want to contact us through indirect contacts. And in this case, we did not receive more specific explanations from anyone,"

​  ​Internal divisions are deepening within the EU as countries attempt to lower the price of natural gas while also ensuring they secure enough of it.
​  ​Germany’s decision to announce a 200-billion-euro aid package to ease its domestic crisis while opposing a price cap has angered some members.
​  ​EU leaders are meeting again towards the end of the month, and they will aim to find a gas price policy that can please all its members and, most importantly, the sellers.

​  A natural gas pipeline to Europe can now be built and the gas fields can be tapped.
​  ​The agreement was brokered by the United States, which has been working to resolve the maritime border dispute between the two countries for several years. The disputed maritime area covers 860 square kilometers. It includes the Karish oil and gas field as well as a region known as the Qanaa prospect.​..
..After the announcement of the draft agreement, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that if the president endorsed the deal “then for us… things are settled”.
​  ​Nasrallah’s statement eased tensions in Israel and Lebanon, as many in the two countries were worried that a conflict could erupt if Hezbollah decide to ignore the agreement and attempt to disturb Israeli operations at Karish..​.
​..Officials in Lebanon have already clarified that this maritime agreement is in no way a step toward normalization of relations between the two countries, which are technically at war.

​  ​Putin reveals Russia’s goals in global energy market
​  ​Russia’s actions regarding energy resources are aimed at ensuring market stability, and not creating obstacles for anyone, President Vladimir Putin insisted on Tuesday while meeting with his UAE counterpart, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in St. Petersburg.
​  ​The leader of the UAE is on an official visit to Russia to discuss cooperation between the two countries, as well as regional and international issues
​  ​“We are actively working within the framework of OPEC+. I know your position, our actions, our decisions are not directed against anyone … They are aimed at stability in the world energy markets, so that both consumers of energy resources and those involved in their production, as well as suppliers feel calm, stable and confident. So that the supply and demand will be balanced,” Putin said.

​  It's a better deal than it sounds like, for all parties, and it preserves value.​
​  ​Russia to nationalize assets of Japanese carmaker – trade ministry
​  ​Nissan will receive a symbolic payment of €1 for the transfer
​  “We have managed to reach a formant where the enterprise remains operational. Key competencies, the production cycle and jobs are preserved,” Russia’s Trade Minister Denis Manturov said in a statement on Tuesday.
​  ​Nissan has some 2,000 employees in Russia and after the transfer is completed NAMI will be able to attract other companies as production partners to create joint ventures.
​  ​According to the minister, Russian carmaker AVTOVAZ will carry out maintenance services for Nissan vehicles, as well as supply spare parts. The deal will give Nissan the right to buy back the business within six years, the trade ministry said.​..
​..Meanwhile, Nissan reported on Tuesday an estimated loss of $686.2 million from leaving the Russian market.
​  ​In 2009 the manufacturer started producing SUV models such as the X-Trail and the Qashqai at its plant in St. Petersburg. The Japanese carmaker suspended production there in March due to supply-chain disruptions, following the conflict in Ukraine.

​The Koreans want to end the war which was foisted upon them in 1950. Every little step is blocked 
Roadblocks in the Inter-Korean Railway Projects: The Armistice and the UN Command between Two Koreas

​  ​What We Are Seeing In The UK Is Decades-Long Hyper-Financialisation Being Unwound On Fast-Forward At Gunpoint
..At an IIF event in Washington, DC, BOE Governor Bailey admitted what is plainly visible: the Bank’s interventions in the Gilts market show its monetary policy objective and its financial stability mandate are pulling in opposite directions. That is bad enough, and more so when the government’s fiscal policy and monetary policy are also pulling in opposite directions.  
​  ​Bailey then stated to pension and LDI (Liability-Driven Investment) funds: “You’ve got three days left now,” to exit problematic positions. “You’ve got to get this done. The essence of financial stability is that it is temporary. It’s not prolonged.” In other words, restructure the entire industry by Friday by selling whatever is needed, then the BOE quits the “QE R US” game!

​  US "allies":  ​India, UAE Explore Trading in National Currencies to Reduce Dependence on US Dollar

​  ​Indian FM Says Global South Feeling ‘Frustrated’ With West For Neglecting High Fuel & Food Prices
​  ​During a discussion at Sydney-based think tank the Lowy Institute on Tuesday, Jaishankar warned that a “new set of problems” could be created between the developing nations and advanced economies if the questions of energy and food security exacerbated by the Ukraine crisis weren’t addressed.​..
..Jaishankar said that he met foreign ministers from around 100 countries on the sidelines of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York last month and most of his counterparts wanted to bring a “speedy end” to the ongoing crisis in eastern Europe.
​ “For them, some kind of speedy remedy to the challenges they face in terms of energy and food security… Those are really, really pressing challenges,” the top Indian diplomat remarked.

​  ​The United States needs to re-evaluate its relationship with Saudi Arabia after the kingdom backed the OPEC+ group's decision to reduce oil production, White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby told CNN on Tuesday.​  (​US n​ot driving this car now.)

​  Not even discussing fatal side-effects here, just catching COVID:
Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Turns Negative Within Months: Study
Against BA.2, BA.4, and BA.5, the effectiveness went negative after 150 days.
Against BA.1.12.1, the effectiveness turned negative after 91 days.
Negative effectiveness means a vaccinated person is more likely to contract COVID-19, the disease the virus causes, than an unvaccinated person.

​Rejecting False Narratives​

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