Sunday, May 29, 2016

Changing Horses, 5/29/16


Let me present a hypothesis, which has been percolating. My hypothesis is that a contingent of our elite puppet-masters has decided that they can work with somebody besides Hillary Clinton, who seems to be tarnished enough with enough Americans, that she won't actually be able to deliver them to the will of the masters when things go very sour in the economy. When the big Bernie Madoff "POOF" happens to all the retirement plans in the second part of the 2008 collapse.

Sheldon Adelson made (financial) peace with Trump, and Paul Ryan, who represents so many of the powerful backers of the Republican Party, has made it clear that the settlement to make his backers happy with Trump is well underway, but not fully finalized. Trump the deal maker can make deals with the elites, and a growing contingent of suckers-who-never-got-an-even-break like what he says, and accept his outsider persona. I don't think he's an outsider. He's just not a Bush. Can Trump deliver Americans to the puppet-masters in bad times, when their dreams are shattered and their existence is threatened? I think he's too divisive, myself. It looks like the scene gets to play out where he runs for President.
I personally think that the elections are decided by the elites, not the voters, and that the oligarchy uses the political process to determine who can best deliver the American electorate to their will. Barack Obama talked enough peace to get a Nobel Prize, and how has he been able to do for peace? About the same as GW Bush, who is a born member of the elites. Black Americans got a black president, which cost nothing in the big picture, and they got more screwed than they have by any white president since WW-2, didn't they?
I think the smart puppeteers like George Soros, know that any US President can do their bidding, but the one they need in hard times is the one who can deliver Americans to their grand scheme without breaking the system.
I think that the media blackout of Sanders has been unsuccessful. This stupid old salmon is still swimming up that damned waterfall. The polls keep saying Sanders would trounce Trump, but Trump and Clinton are now a toss-up. 
Clinton, the perfectly-willing elite tool, does not look like she can deliver-the-goods. What's a choosy oligarch to do?
There is a pattern to control of American public opinion, which we have all seen in this tattered new millennium, and that is the foreshadowing before the death-blow. Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria (and now Saudi Arabia for that matter).
I am suddenly seeing a torrent of stories painting (both of) the Clintons and everybody connected with them, in a negative light, darkly. The Clinton-is-inevitable pieces are joyless, too, grating on the nerves, like the deal is done without you, Americans... It looks like there is a lot of real ugly stuff in the investigations, all of them, and it can't be kept under wraps until next year. The stink is already coming out. Hillary Clinton would be an impaired candidate, and a more impaired ruler than Bill was at his weakest, and those were economically good times. 
I think, and time will tell, that the smarter elites will actually let Bernie Sanders run against Donald Trump, and let him negotiate the new social contract with Americans, since the New Deal, negotiated by Roosevelt, is so hollowed out that it will openly collapse imminently.

"Feds Fight to Prevent Clinton Deposition in Email Case"

"Fantasy Island"? Yeah, for Jeremy Epstein and his frequent visitor, Bill Clinton.
Where else could a poor ninth grade dropout girl from New York get to have sex with guys of this caliber? ("..but you can never leave...")

Donald Trump has the solution for California's drought, though. That's pretty hard to beat.

"The point that I'm going to make to the superdelegates, many of whom, again, came on board long before I was in the race, came on board Clinton's campaign, is, your job to make sure that Donald Trump is defeated and defeated badly," Sanders said, noting that he would be the strongest Democratic candidate to defeat Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, in the general election.

How Russia is working to prevent June 22, 1941 from happening again. 
Russia prepares for WW-3. How?

Headless Horseman

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