Monday, May 2, 2016

Future Options

Comparing Scenarios,

You are more likely to die in mass extinction than a car accident.

Why are we so unhealthy? Our entire economic and food system makes us sick and keeps us sick. Charles Hugh Smith comes to the same conclusions I do.

Donald edges ahead of Hillary for the first time in latest poll. 
Seymour Hersh says Hillary Clinton approved supplying Syrian "rebels" (or "mercenaries", since 95% not Syrian) with Sarin nerve gas looted from Libya after destroying that country. There was that attempt to justify bombing Syria by blaming the nerve gas use on Assad, but that didn't quite fly, since it was chemically different, and it was being used against Assad's supporters, not "rebels".

There is no place for climate protection in the leaked 248 pages of TTIP. Any national powers or EU powers to restrict any kind of trade or commerce to protect humans, animals or the environment would just go "poof".

Britons are split on the Stay:Go question, 50:50.
If older voters turn out in droves, the vote will be to leave the EU.

Swedes, personally experiencing the hot human wave of traumatized and very foreign Mideast war refugees might well follow the UK out of the EU to protect their borders. (Greece is the refugee tank in ALL of these plans. Have you noticed?) Thanks Eleni (in Athens).

Debt, the Key Factor Connecting Energy and Economy: Gail Tverberg points out how both debt and oil are like magic for the economy, usually...

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