Saturday, April 30, 2016

Directing Traffic

Running Roughshod,
Will Clinton reach out to capture Sanders supporters? 
"Not much, they were bad children", is the upshot of this article. 

Now that most people have heard something about TTIP, global corporate rule plan, support has sunk to 18%, compared to 53% in 2014. (Obama has got to get this through before he times-out; absolutely critical to his benefits-package.)

Rioting in Iraq means it's time to invade again, divide the country again, get a better handle on the oil this time, etc. Time for bold action from the lame-duck, right?
The US bombed 2 Syrian hospitals in Aleppo this week, blamed Russia, and got caught at it.

French vote to lift US-imposed sanctions against Russia, which are hurting French farmers badly. (Lotsa' luck, guys. It only looks like a democracy.) Thanks Eleni.

Trump Foreign Policy Speech Analysis: New blood, fresh start, not neocons, make "great" deals with Russia and China, stop nation-building in Mideast. Good stuff.
Trust Trump to get it done against vast, global, murderous vested interests? How could that even happen? Dead man if he tries, right?

"To reform a broken electoral system, the party needed to embrace an array of changes, he said. Elections should be publicly funded. Citizens should be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18. Primary contests should always be open to independent voters." Bernie Sanders on "revitalizing American Democracy".
Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie, comments in an interview that it would be nice if the FBI would "move along" with the Clinton espionage investigation (and giggles nervously).

"Anti-Semitism" wedge is being driven into Jeremy Corbin's Labor "shadow government" ahead of local elections, as Ken Livingstone, his longtime ally is called names in the press over politically forbidden comments to the media, which are not being called "incorrect". This may be a win, win, win for UK version of neocons.

"Why the Hard Sell for the Self-Driving-Car?" More control of everybody in America is the simple answer. It doesn't matter if you "own" it, or call the robo-cab You are owned in the process. Ideal "solution" for rulers. Coming soon. (Hey, they can deactivate the vehicle if you put a gun in it. I just thought of that. This technology can have EVERYTHING.)
google car lead
Cooked, A Natural History of Transformation, is Professor Michael Pollan's new book, reviewed here. Even cooking your own local food has become a "revolutionary act" in corporate-world (how awkward), and is the first step to accepting the human birthright, evolved through eons of local agricultural survival, which Pollan details.
Not just a cookbook, a science book or anthropology. Pollan is hard to pigeon-hole.  :-)

 Walking on Eggshells

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