Wednesday, April 20, 2016

World Of Changes

Short Changed,

Trump cleans up New York delegates: Trump 89, Kasich 3, Cruz 0
Clinton gets more delegates than Sanders: Clinton 139, Sanders 106
The media is again trying to portray Clinton and Trump as the sure-thing-nominees. This was a closed Democratic primary, locking out a lot of younger, and all independent voters.

April 26 is another Super Tuesday with 4 states and 429 Democratic delegates.

Obama arrives in Saudi Arabia to reassure his close ally that nothing has changed (which is sarcastic, of course). [There is pressure being applied to the House of Saud through the "28 pages" of the 9/11 report. The crane that collapsed in Mecca last year, killing so many people, was a Bin Laden crane. Then all of the Bin Ladens died in a plane crash. The Bin Laden family is no more. There has been restructuring in Saudi Arabia, and now there are threats, counter threats, and certainly unseen intrigues. There is a lot to be looted in Arabia. The US and Israel have always had contingency plans for regime-change in Arabia. Probably pretty itchy to enact them by now.]
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Saudi Arabia came into existence in 1932, when Abdulaziz defeated other regional rulers to claim essentially all of Arabia under his absolute rule. Since then, either he or one of his sons (now quite old), has ruled, though the throne has changed hands through murder and depositions as well as succession. There is a whole lot of wealth and expensive military equipment under a shaky monarchy.

What if they built a financial hub and no bankers came? (I'd be really worried, wouldn't you? Bankers know stuff. Hmmm, the Bin Ladens had about half of the construction contracts, then that plane crash...)

1.3 million Chinese coal workers are becoming "redundant" and "will be relocated". Maybe the younger ones can get other work, maybe somewhere. There are already 1.8 million "redundant" steel workers. Concrete has to be next, doesn't it?

It's really not possible to fathom how deeply Syrian families are suffering from the US/NATO/Turkish/Saudi/Israeli-imposed war, which is destroying their lives and world. Turkey keeps accidentally shooting refugee families at the border.

"The EU has lost favor with it's citizens", Jean-Claude Juncker, EU President 
[More like the eurocrats never got enough of a strangle-hold on the citizens of the member countries to convert them fully into helpless subjects. Greece is excepted, of course. Time's-up.]

Charles Hugh Smith: How Systems Break, First They Slow Down: This is widely applicable, not just ecology and economics.

An Insider's Expose of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (500 Hiroshimas or so of radiation in the environment is still dwarfed by above ground nuclear testing before the test-ban treaty.) The US military evacuated to 80 kilometers rapidly. The Japanese government evacuated to 20 kilometers, because they had no facilities or contingency plan; apparently still don't.) Thanks Eleni.

"As Earth warms, our historical understanding will turn obsolete faster than we can replace it with new knowledge." (Very serious community, personal and family implications to consider and deal with, here.)

93% of Australia's Great Barrier Reef is affected by coral bleaching:

Permaculture Principles in Application, Geoff Lawton, This engaging 5 minute video introduction looks at a local system now about 20 years on. There's every reason to do what we can in our own living environments. Each is going to be different. We are the stewards. (Actual work over years and decades not shown... Geoff has more video links.)

Stewarding Life

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