Monday, April 18, 2016

End Of Nation State


Swan Song of the Nation State, Greece as test case without overt war. Eleni sends this excellent synopsis of how the dismantling of representative governments is being worked out. The forms remain, but without any power to protect citizens. All power is with multinational vampire-entities.

How the American Neoconservatives Destroy Mankind's Hope for Peace, Paul Craig Roberts (gets right to the point) Thanks Eleni:

George Clooney admits the money he raised for Hillary Clinton, $350,000 to sit next to him at dinner, is obscene, and that Sanders supporters were right to protest it.
He'd be happy to raise money for Sanders, he says, should Sanders get the Democratic nomination.

Clooney's neighbor did already throw a fundraiser for Sanders. $27 per person, please.

Green Party Presidential candidate in 2012 (got my vote) and 2016, Jill Stein MD, says the Democratic Party "fakes left and marches right".
Sanders will get cut out, like so many others, she predicts. She and Sanders share a lot of priorities, but he doesn't return her calls or letters...

Bernie Sanders did briefly meet with the Pope, before Sanders spent his busy day in Rome, and the Pope met refugees in Lesvos. No pictures, low key, "not political".

Tom sends Neoliberal News of the Day, from Willy Loman at American Everyman, which is always good, but today contains the picture Trump threatens to sue the artist for, if she sells it. (Hide the children!)
"Naked Capitalist"

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