Tuesday, April 26, 2016

President Trump

Spray Paint on the Wall,

Hillary Clinton keeps a 4:3 lead in pledged delegates and almost all of the party apparatchik "Super-my-ass" delegates. 
Trump just wins everything, and Republican primary vote numbers are suddenly up while Democratic primary vote turnout drops like a rock.
Shit, I don't want a Clinton-Trump race, but only one of those is a proven evil. Yuck! (I'll Vote Jill Stein MD, Green Party, again, of course.)

Eleni sends this excellent John Pilger article, The World War on Democracy

Daesh/ISIS in Iraq has recently "executed" 250 young girls (not young women) for refusing to become sex slaves, and treated their families in various ways for being complicit in the crimes of their daughters.

Israeli Army closes Hebron Emergency center and hospital with huge concrete blocks and soldiers on the roof. (No medical care for Palestinians in the kill-zone, right?)

Syrians are starving, so they are forced to seek any refuge. Syrian farming is devastated by war, as is transport of harvests.

Under Nixon/Kissinger, with Jim Schlesinger as Secretary of Defense, the US was looking at invading Saudi Arabia around 1974. It didn't happen then...

President Obama says TTIP Global Corporate Rule "trade deal" should be signed by the end of the year so he can get his bonus.

Eleni, in Athens, sends this exquisitely nice 5 minute wordless video of Athens. (It's hard to get me to look at video, but this is lush with history.)

Likeness in Marble

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