Thursday, May 5, 2016

Presenting The Case

Trying to Believe,

President Obama drinks a glass of water from Flint Michigan and declares it "drinkable". He goes on to say that some children may not be harmed from their having drunk Flint water. He does not go on to say that his glass of Flint water had been filtered. (Guess he forgot...)

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Over half of Americans believe that the voting system is rigged (Other half believes TV.)

Paul Craig Robert (thanks, Wigs):
"Greenpeace has done that part of the world whose representatives are so corrupt or so stupid as to sign on to the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic “partnerships” a great service. Greenpeace secured and leaked the secret TTIP documents that Washington and global corporations are pushing on Europe. The official documents prove that my description of these “partnerships” when they first appeared in the news is totally correct."
Daniel Ellsberg to Ed Snowden (really) "I've been waiting 40 years for someone like you"

Michael Hudson Interview about Wall Street and Politics is excellent. Thanks Jada:
"The key is that if you’re a really smart criminal, you have to plan to get caught. The plan is how to beat the rap. On Wall Street, if you buy garbage assets, how do you make the government bail you out? That was what the president of the United States is for, whether it was Obama or whether it would have been John McCain …'
"He interviews someone on Wall Street, and asks why they’re so hostile to Obama when he’s so protective of Wall Street. And the answer is, because if we keep being publicly hostile, he can always do what we want."
FBI interviews Clinton's top personal aid. (Will we be getting an indictment?)

Presenting Evidence

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