Saturday, November 5, 2016

Agrarian Pursuits

Hydroponically Grown,

Wendell Berry eloquently describes the violent incursion of industrial capitalism into our human-relationship-with-nature, Agrarianism. Thanks Charles.
"The agrarian sense of abundance comes from the experienced possibility of frugality and renewal within limits."
"To the corporate and political and academic servants of global industrialism, the small family farm and the small farming community are not known, not imaginable, and therefore unthinkable, except as damaging stereotypes. The people of “the cutting edge” in science, business, education, and politics have no patience with the local love, local loyalty, and local knowledge that make people truly native to their places and therefore good caretakers of their places. This is why one of the primary principles in industrialism has always been to get the worker away from home. From the beginning it has been destructive of home employment and home economies."

Also from Charles, is this remarkable review, of what seems like a remarkable book, analyzing capitalism through the window of climate, environment, natural and human "resources". The "success" of capitalists has been in alienating working people from their agrarian supports (food/place/community), as well as the products of their labor. This happened fully when both people and factories could be completely uprooted from any particular place, where the people might make a stand and fight.
"Coal solved several early problems confronting capitalists. Instead of a factory owner acceding to a river’s mercurial flow and isolated location, coal allowed production to take place anywhere and anytime. This ability to abstract place and time trumped hydropower’s cheapness because it aided capitalists’ counterattacks against worker offensives."

More from Charles: Greeks lose the family farm, vineyard and homestead:  
After many years in which only very valuable properties were taxed, many Greeks went from paying almost no taxes on real estate to not having enough money to pay. “Suddenly, the state treated the Greeks as if they were rich, at the precise moment that they ceased to be rich.”

"Something Big is Underway on All Fronts", Jeremiah Johnson (pen name of former Green Beret) The future of the US (world) is being decided. (Contesting of the current neocon/neoliberal regime by hidden rival group. WW3 in the balance.)

The current global nuclear tension is worse than the cold-war, because one side now sees global thermonuclear war as "winnable", hence "desirable". These ruling elites are adequately protected, themselves, and that is all that really matters... Thanks Eleni.

There is now emergency legislation to consolidate US federal government power over all workers, farms and resources, in the case of a "Space Weather Event". This is important legislation, because the first attack on North America, of nuclear war, would be a space-weather-event, an EMP nuke, which would take down the electric grid, internet, and wireless networks. 
Preparing for a replay of the September 1-2, 1859 Carrington Event, solar storm, is the ideal cover. (An eventual recurrence is inevitable. A coronal mass ejection just missed us in 2012.)

"What is espionage, what is theft, what is war?" The US makes very dangerous declarations that alleged Russian hacking of (wide open) Clinton emails, from her tenure as Secretary of State, constitute "Invasion of the US", and can trigger NATO "Mutual Defense Clause". The US military is set to hack-down the Russian power-grid and communications, and wreak other infrastructure havoc with pipelines, dams and nuclear power stations. 
Is this all about the results of this US election? Is this Plan-B in case all the vote-rigging and media-control fails to justify the continued dominance of the current oligarchs?

Fourth-in-the-trilogy from Charles, is this presentation of organic gardening as rehabilitation in prison, where the mechanization of human-misfits reaches it's extreme. 
This is the bottom, an ideal setting to shift the paradigm to rehumanization. 
"Organic-gardener-early-release" sound good?

Guy Fawkes Day

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