Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Man From Koch


Congressman Mike Pompeo (aka "Congressman from Koch") will run the CIA. He figures Ed Snowden should be executed-after-a-fair-trial and was a big supporter of NSA data collection on Americans. 

Still waiting to see what comes of the meeting between Trump and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, which was at Trump's invitation.

Trump got something he wanted... won't investigate Clintons. (With the pedophile-ring-running-Clinton-Foundation there for the picking, Trump must have gotten something valuable, but then he visited Jeffrey Epstein, too, didn't he?)

Steve Keen explains the devilish details of why globalization doesn't make everything better for everybody , as promised.
And that’s what we are seeing globally now with Trump and Brexit, this revolt against globalization and financialization. The absolute losers of all of this are the working class of the first world. The winners are the multinational corporations.
Once you have transferred all your capacity offshore, it’s very hard to reverse the process. You haven’t just lost the industrial capacity, you have lost the skill-base as well, you don’t have the engineers and designers anymore. They used to build news versions every year; now they are gone.

The War on Drugs is (again) declared not to do what it was advertised to do (which it was never meant to do. It's about controlling poor people. This article is factually mediocre.)
But the effectiveness of prohibition laws, colloquially known as the ‘war on drugs,’ must be judged on outcomes,” they write.“And too often the war on drugs plays out as a war on the millions of people who use drugs, and disproportionately on people who are poor or from ethnic minorities and on women.

John Kennedy was assassinated 53 years ago. I was 5. I remember that day. We've lived a lie ever since.

Mourning America

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