Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tulsi 2020

Registered Voters,

Happy 4th of July, for all that overtly and covertly symbolizes...
This article about Congresswoman and US Army Reserve Major, Tulsi Gabbard being the best candidate for President in 2020 is quite informative (the author fawns a bit, but sincerely). Our shadow government has to collapse first, of course.

Destroyer USS Fitzgerald: What the Hell happened? Nobody is talking about how a huge damned freight ship tried for 15 minutes to warn a US Navy vessel with advanced electronic systems, to avoid a collision, but they collided. Hubert said they are really interested in this in the Netherlands, where he's from.
In the early morning hours of 17 June 2017, the ship was involved in a collision with the container ship MV ACX Crystal, seriously damaging the destroyer. Seven of Fitzgerald's crew were killed. Several others were injured, including the commanding officer, Commander Bryce Benson.

I'm purely speculating here. Do you recall how in 2011 Iran forced a US drone to land fairly smoothly by manipulating it's GPS coordinate feeds, "spoofing" it into landing, by telling it that it was going straight?  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran%E2%80%93U.S._RQ-170_incident
In 2014 a Russian fighter jammed the electronics of the USS Donald Cook, freezing everything up as it made a show of force in the Black Sea (how embarrassing!)  http://www.voltairenet.org/article185860.html
As of 2 years ago, before all the revealations about backdooors into software and chips, the US Navy was still using Windows XP for (classified) things. http://fortune.com/2015/06/24/navy-microsoft-windows-xp/

Happy Fourth of July from North Korea! The country that the US bombed into the stone age, killing about one of every five people, has just successfully tested an ICBM capable of reaching all of Alaska, though not the rest of the US. North Korea really wants to be free from the ongoing American threat of total destruction. PTSD country.

China has engaged blockchain engineers to set up a digital Renminbi. Vladimir Putin was having talks with the creator of Ethereum last month, interested in creating a Russian digital currency. (China has also been suspected of heavily buying Bitcoin this year, perhaps as a means to control the fact that so many Chinese are using it to circumvent capital controls. They can now be threatened by the state with collapse of Bitcoin's value, now that the state has doubled it's price.)

Russia and China called on all involved parties "to support the efforts of the OPCW and the United Nations in investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria." Additionally, in the document Russia and China both "strongly condemn any use of chemical weapons anywhere and by anyone." (Trump didn't want to investigate, even after he was sure enough to fire 59 cruise missiles to show he's a strong president.)

"Israel is doing everything to prevent Syria from prevailing against terrorists."

Total Oil of France is about to sign a $4.8 billion contract with Iran to develop the Iranian part of the huge South Pars gas field, shared with Qatar. (France seems to think that some gas pipeline will cross Syria and Turkey to Europe. Maybe Qatar and Iran agreeing on the Iranian pipeline route is what has the house of Saud so aggressive towards them lately.)

Jeremy Corbyn gives an interview with Al Jazeera, covering Brexit, Yemen and Qatar/Saudi crisis. His answers are principled, and he is often careful to point out the length of time he has held his positions. It's nothing recent. That may be the most important point he makes, is that he holds the same positions he held 25 years ago. He's against supporting wars, and hes clear on the human-rights abuses of Saudi Arabia. (Bernie Sanders never took foreign policy positions on much of anything, nothing like this.)

Austria sends troops and armored vehicles to border with Italy, to forestall a rerun of massive migrant flood of 2015. Italy is offended, summons ambassador.

French Fries Kill, as do potato chips and hash browns. Thanks Eleni.
"McDonald’s has sold millions more fries each year with the simple question, “Would you like fries with that?”8 Also known as an upsell, this simple technique has contributed to ever increasing waistlines for their customers. Now, researchers have found those who eat fried potatoes two or more times each week may double their risk of death from all causes.9"

You can now legally buy and smoke pot while gambling, drinking and whoring in Las Vegas. Good for bidness, I'm sure.

Tylenol reduces headache pain. It turns out that it also reduces the pain a person shares in compassion. 
Tylenol/acetaminophen reduces empathy. 
(I'm not sure how much, and I'm not sure this will turn out to explain anything I have noticed in the world so far.)

Comfortably Numb

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