Saturday, July 15, 2017

Uninhabitable Earth


Ray sent this article from a climate scientist, published in New York Magazine, which is well written, well organized, factual and well supported. Our minds are living in the past, which is far more comfortable. Our bodies are moving into a future where the heat and the air and the lack of food-plants kills... us, but first the oceans.

Individuals are very weak, especially in the face of sudden change. Our strength as a species, and we are not a bad species, but misunderstood winning the fossil fuel lottery. Polar bears would have done the same thing in our situation... Our strength is in working together, which we have always done in small working groups, and larger communities, up to about 200 people. That's where our strengths lie. Our sweet spot. It is approaching test time again. Nicole Foss spends 20 well edited minutes here, with a sincere smile and caring tones, telling how we can do our best together, as we enter the great transformation of our planet.

We do These Things Because they are Easy. Charles Hugh Smith points out our current predicament.
If you believe that going from a total debt burden (government and personal debt) per household being 79% of median household income to debt per household being 584% of median household income doesn't matter and will have no consequences, you believe in magic.

David Stockman reminds us that our finances are tied up in a big, ugly bubble. It isn't real. It's the fake solution to the 2008 financial crisis. Everything has been getting worse in the future, while we suck all the spending and resources into the present. (Fancy trick, that...)

Articles of Impeachment are filed against Donald Trump. This would put Mike Pence in the Presidency. 
(Pence is more like Dick Cheney and less like Liberace on crack.)

On another note, China includes Syria in it's One Belt One Road initiative, which is true to history, even before the gas pipeline from Iran (and now Qatar, I speculate) gets built.

Lew Rockwell has this translated piece on "peace in Syria" from Thierry Meyssan. Israel and Turkey get all the spoils and Palestinian and Kurdish people get less than nothing for their deaths and contributions. (I don't like it, but it is rational, and this is the power structure behind the wars...) Thanks Eleni.

Turkey has agreed to purchase and build-under-contract, Russian S400 missile batteries. These are the best antiaircraft missile systems, and they don't identify friend or foe. They can be used against anything in the air, including NATO planes and drones. (Naw, that would never matter...)

Hey, talk about  global warming threat!
A lot of US military installations would be eliminated by 10 feet of sea level rise. Wiped Out! 
Congress declares a threat to national security. 
Whew, we'll surely be saved now...

Saved by the Problem

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Vegetable garden at People's Community Clinic break patio 7/10/17, with gardener tending it, as taken by Mrs Gardener.

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