Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Capsizing Boat

Shifting the Weigh,

The top 1% of families and individuals in the world own a little over half of the wealth, The bottom 50% of people own less than 1% of the wealth. That's 2500 times less for half of us. The top 0.01% really make the decisions for all of us. Is that OK?

Here is a 13 minute interview with Julian Rose, an working environmentalist in England, also working to save small family farms in Poland, about transitioning out of the self-image of being a "consumer" and into being an individual agent for change, by growing vegetables. (I like the guy's approach, of course. Thanks to Eleni for letting me know about him.)

Here is Sir Julian's estate, which he manages for the good of life and humanity. Nice pictures.
(Are the rest of y'all 1% watching? ... didn't think so...)

John Mauldin, The Distribution of Pain. Finance hurts people. (Financial resets spread the hurt to people who are not used to it. Misbehavior often happens in the reset process. Start early.)

The Unbearable Slowness of Fourth Turnings: The generational model of economics, based on the Kondratiev Wave Model, says that every fourth generation goes through a crisis, as the lessons from the last crisis have been well forgotten by everybody who worked through it, and the economy has been divided and hollowed out by selfishness and lack of cooperation. The successes of the economy also take their tolls, as resource use gets so efficient as to consume the resource base the economy uses. We are there, in the Fourth Turning, which began with the 2008 financial crisis, has not been worked out, and now the work is about to be upon us. American Revolution, Civil War, Depression/WW-2 were previous Fourth Turnings for America. Get to work. Don't rush. Do it right.

Palace Coup in Riyadh, from Voltairenet. Thanks Eleni. Lots of important context and background.

Saudi purge as prelude to greater Mideast war. Thanks Eleni.

Trump's Pivot to Asia, Selling weapons on Anti-Peace Tour...

Will America Survive Washington? US preparations for nuclear first strike upon Russia, maybe biological back-up, too. Paul Craig Roberts:

Those lying Russians say the US directly supports ISIS troops in Syria. 
(Oh, they got it from the BBC; all confirmed? oh... Thanks Ray.)

The Imperial project to destroy Syria (now in it's sixth successful year and somewhat over budget)

Playing Well With Others

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