Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We'll Die From This


 "The Empire of Chaos" is one description of the strategy of (American? Western? Transnational?) elites to rule the world, by keeping key areas, rich in resources, in a constantly devolved state of war and desperation, extracting their oil and uranium, and supplying enough weapons and advisers to keep it smoldering. It's the most cost effective way, like raising 100,000 pigs in cages and feces and antibiotics is efficient. Right now, most of us who read this are in the steerage class of the good boat. Won't last long... 
Thanks Eleni, in Athens, not on the good boat.
"The US military is confident of the need for looting and plundering all existing major states and dividing the world into two parts. To achieve this, they began the destruction of the entire Middle East. We saw this happening in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. And this is not a side effect, this Is the goal. The point is to destroy all major state institutions so that nothing could compete with the United States, " says Thierry Meyssan.

Yemeni civilians are in one of those zones of horrific destruction, between Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf.  "Starving children never smile."
“We are weak, our children are weak and we have nothing left to give. We can’t even feed our animals anymore” said Nor Rashid as she cradled her daughter. 

Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia says some regional Arab states have spent $130 billion to obliterate Syria, Libya and Yemen. That's: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (increasingly in control of Saudis, through "MBS"), apparently Qatar, which almost got invaded recently, and who else, Bahrain?

Saudi Royals tortured and beaten in purge, not merely robbed, get medical attention. Chaos, anyone?

French President, Emmanuel Macron, gets deeply humiliated in UAE and Saudi Arabia (but is not beaten, waterboarded, sodomized, nor electrocuted).

Suddenly Saudi Arabia is sending a lot less oil to the Texas gulf coast (Hurricane Harvey is not mentioned, but is bound to be a factor). The House of Saud is cashing in some treasuries to buy guns and butter. That's presumably ok for now. Where is this going? What is the implied negotiation? Is the petrobuck over?

US and Russia (Trump and Putin, quickly) agree to Iran-Free Zone in Syria, near Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, which is Syrian territory. Israel continues to routinely attack Syrian government positions, with and without flimsy pretexts. What's next? Then what?

Trump’s China visit was characterized by putting his “America First!” campaign principles on ice in favor of the globalist agenda of his economic advisers and subordination of trade to the geopolitical concerns of the military Junta that runs his administration for him.
(Whatever may have been discussed about North Korea is inherently limited by Trump's lack of any real negotiation authority.)

The American empire is spending vast resources across the planet, to look incompetent. Fomenting endless wars in Afghanistan and the Mideast, just costs other people's lives, except when Americans die in accidents, but we really have to keep those wars going, or we'll lose "control".

“The idea that the administration has—and particularly President Trump—that escalating threats is going to make the North Koreans be more flexible, is wrong. Escalating threats only make North Koreans more inflexible,” Wit said. “Being gratuitously tough, “ he added later, “is a big mistake, because the North Koreans can be tough as nails themselves, and for them, being weak is like committing suicide.” (Let's assume that Trump, Mattis, et.al. are completely aware of this dynamic. So who can possibly be the good-cop in negotiations for the Korean Peninsula? I can't think of any Americans, and Koreans can't fully trust Chinese, due to their history as vassal and resented master. Gosh, who does that leave?)

Perfectly-sane George H.W. Bush is pictured here in 2003, at age of 70, grabbing the buttock of a surprised 16 year old girl, not her mom, on his other side...
Roslyn Corrigan and her mother Sari Young at the 2003 event with Bush

Monsanto released it's new Dicamba-Ready soybeans, with much fanfare that the new-approved Dicamba would be ready to kill the pigweed as the soybeans grew. It wasn't approved. Farmers of thousands of acres could not hire thousands of workers to pull and hoe pigweed, so they illegally used the old-unapproved Dicamba, which they knew would kill many tens of thousands of acres of their neighbors crops, and it did. Now farmers are killing farmers again. Monsanto isn't to blame. "Unforeseeable regulatory delay"

Why Americans are going to love single payer insurance:

I got "high blood pressure" yesterday. You probably did, too. This definition change has been debated for years. It won't improve overall health, but it's good for bidness.

Targeted Demographic

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