Thursday, November 2, 2017

Worried About Stuff


George Monbiot has 2 articles that Charles sent me, the first is about how industrialized farming is extincting the bugs of the world, and the second is about how it is extincting the farmland of the world. This is of fundamental importance, but it is easy to look the other way until the living parts of our life-support system die. It's not what we look at when there is food at the grocery store. 
The system that supports us, based on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, diesel-fueled tractors and harvesters, and draining the underground lakes of fossil water for irrigation, is very impressively efficient. It hardly needs any farmers at all these days. Nobody has to pay attention. It just keeps humming along, paradoxically killing everything it touches or gets close to, to make those nice grains and vegetables. 
There will always be dirt. I don't miss those swarms of bugs. I still see birds around. Things just have to last another 30 years, 40 at the most. I'll be gone after that. It's not my problem, or yours, either. Feel better, now?

63% of Americans are stressed out about the future of our country. (What's wrong with the rest of you guys?) 59% say this is the lowest point in America's existence that they can personally remember.   

The New York attack on pedestrians is all neatly wrapped up, as the unhinged ISIS-by-mail driver didn't kill himself to collect his virgins. What about the Las Vegas massacre? We get no video camera footage from one of the highest surveillance areas in America. Where are the people who said they were getting sot from near and far, and the audio which confirmed that? Who was the lady telling everybody "You are all about to die", before the shooting started. It's messy. Something went wrong with what was starting to get called "Trumps 9/11".

There is a parasite in the US economy, which could spark the next recession! (Well, there's probably dozens of them, really.)

The Biggest Ponzi Scheme in Human History, Ilargi @ The Automatic Earth. (It's all housing bubbles, all the way down...)

New Jersey has filed suit against Oxycontin maker, Purdue Pharma, for bad marketing that killed a lot of folks and addicted more. 
(This kind of blowback usually gets the attention of high financiers. They are notably risk avers. Expect bribes to double before Christmas.)

Eleni sends this US Foreign Policy critique, under the heading of Trump not being up to global chess-playing standards. Chess was invented in Persia, and is keenly enjoyed in Russia. I always heard that you shouldn't play chess against a Russian ("even a drunk one", says Tom). Americans are used to strip-poker, stripping everybody else.

Ron Paul says, "Neocons hijack Trump's Syria policy"

Caitlin Johnstone says, "The War on Syria can Show You What's Happening in Our World", and she means that the creeps who own us have failed to achieve their modest objectives to topple the elected government, so they could put their gas pipeline from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, through to Europe. They don't always win. We have a chance.
She actually gives a lot of evidence of who the creeps are and some of their creepiness and lies about what they have been doing in Syria for the past 8 years.

More about the creeps who own and rule us. Cory Feldman, former child actor, is preparing to release the names of 6 Hollywood pedophiles who molested him. (Will he suddenly kill himself first?)

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