Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Risks Explained

Beamed Up,

5G wireless is explained here. It didn't "get it" until Eleni sent this article. The very high frequencies which will be used to carry a whole lot of data don't penetrate walls well. The power has to be jacked up very, very high, which violates power density safety standards. Too much power density cooks a person, as radar-workers discovered in WW-2, by getting cooked. The work-around is very high energy within tight beams, with local towers and cellphones having the ability to focus these high energy beams at each other. The average energy radiated conforms, and the high energy in the beams performs. The beams will never cross a human body because... oh... huh? Shit. This sounds bad. 
The author relates a personal experience with phased array radar causing him chest pain every evening at 9:00 sharp, which helped him figure it out. Too late for his medical career, though. He had to drop out of med school already. He happened to live twice in the beam of American phased array military radar. The first time incapacitated him. The second time clued him in.

Martin Luther King was finished off in the hospital by a prominent doctor who pulled his breathing tube and smothered him with a pillow says this book review. The man who most likely shot him was interviewed, too. Interesting retelling of history. Sickeningly believable.

Former Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa has warned that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's days are numbered at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. He said that he believes President Lenin Moreno is likely “take away the support” previously afforded to the anti-secrecy activist. “It will only take pressure from the United States to” withdraw protection for Assange and “surely it's already being done, and maybe they await the results of the Feb. 4 (referendum) to make a decision.”

Chelsea Manning, running for Senate in Maryland against a "centrist" Clintonista Democrat, courts not just the left, but the harder right, attending a Pizzagate Paty and Mike Cernovich's recent soiree. A calling-bullshit-coalition. Good idea.

This article in The American Conservative likens Chelsea Manning to Barry Goldwater, by way of Ron Paul, and pulls it off rather well, I think.

Chelsea Manning's campaign video does not advocate fixing the system, but acting individually to make it irrelevant. Strong stuff. Credible from the source.

Hmmm, Chelsea Manning is technically still active duty military while appealing conviction; not supposed to carry out political activity.


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