Wednesday, January 31, 2018

American Gorbachev

Subjects of Empire,

Eleni sends this entertaining and insightful article, which presents Donald Trump as being in the uncomfortable position of Mikhail Gorbachev, presiding over the bankruptcy/reorganization of an empire. There is some good historical insight into the machinations in the US, following the USSR dissolution, which set us on the path we have trodden since then. It has gone way beyond ridiculous, and Americans are the last to see it. Trump seems to see it.

The Mueller probe into Trump's "Russian collusion" keeps finding gold for Trump, and only lead for the Clintonista regulars from the last administration. The FBI/DOJ have taken Andrew McCabe out of his FBI position, with an immediate forced resignation, because it is now public that he suppressed evidence from Anthony Weiner's laptop, which was damning to have been there at all, whatever the content. Huma Abedeen should not have had this on a personal laptop, let alone her husband's teen-sexting-laptop. (I remember the NYPD griping loudly about this suppression of evidence until after the election. They already knew what was in the laptop they found, but the FBI was sequestering it. Even Gorbachev had to consolidate power before closing down the show.)

How the European Union became divided on Russia. (First, there's  such "union" in reality. These countries have all been invaded and subjugated repeatedly throughout their histories, need fuel, need security and must act accordingly.)

Vladimir Putin, at Sochi, declares clearly that only the Syrian people may decide Syria's future. US, Israel, France and others are no-shows.

China is ready to participate in Syrian reconstruction.

Palestinian Chief Negotiator reveals (most) details of Trump Peace Plan (Wait, this is a shit sandwich with an IOU inside!) Thanks Eleni.

The Pentagon still carries out the biological warfare research that led to Anthrax bombing of Tokyo in WW-2. It's just quiet, and in countries that can keep a secret. Thanks Eleni.
Pentagon's Biolabs

US General says that North Korea doesn't really have complete ICBMs, capable of nuking America, because they have not completely proven that they do. For instance, they have not demonstrated successful atmospheric re-entry by something like a warhead. Things burn-up, ya'know? (This is a straw-man, since the most effective North Korean attack would be an EMP device in the ionosphere, to knock out the US electric grid, maybe one for the east coast and one for the west coast.)

UN announces sanctions against North Korea are successfully starving children to death this winter. (It's like all those Iraqi kids who never grew up to hate our freedom, isn't it?)

Brother-in-law-Steve peripherally sends this accounting of US military budget information in recent decades, from Catherine Austin Fitts. Hundreds of billions some years, trillions other years, and lots and lots of blanks. US Constitution, quoted at outset, doesn't allow for this kind of secret spending without public accounting. Well, "dead-letter", right?

Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon will fix the health care system in America. You can bet on these guys! (oh, my...)

Comrade Peasant

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