Sunday, February 4, 2018

Unanticipated Changes


The Magnetic Field is Shifting. The Poles May Flip. This Could Get Bad. (Really, this happens periodically and Earth is way, way overdue for a magnetic pole reversal. The shields against solar storm radiation will be down for an indeterminate period of time (centuries). Hopefully the Romulans won't attack.)
"The latest satellite data, from the European Space Agency’s Swarm trio, which began reporting in 2014, show that a battle is raging at the edge of the core. Like factions planning a coup, swirling clusters of molten iron and nickel are gathering strength and draining energy from the dipole. The north magnetic pole is on the run, a sign of enhanced turbulence and unpredictability. A cabal in the Southern Hemisphere has already gained the upper hand over about a fifth of the Earth’s surface. A revolution is shaping up...   Solar energetic particles can rip through the sensitive miniature electronics of the growing number of satellites circling the Earth, badly damaging them. The satellite timing systems that govern electric grids would be likely to fail. The grid’s transformers could be torched en masse. Because grids are so tightly coupled with each other, failure would race across the globe, causing a domino run of blackouts that could last for decades. "

Earth was torched, then frozen 12,800 years ago by a comet smacking it. This is the Younger Dryass Impact Hypothesis. It is massively supported by recent investigation, on the cusp of becoming the established geological history. The implications for recent human civilization are far reaching. We lost a lot 12,800 years ago, and had to regroup in global winter.
The KU researcher and his colleagues believe the data suggests the disaster was touched off when Earth collided with fragments of a disintegrating comet that was roughly 62 miles in diameter—the remnants of which persist within our solar system to this day.
"The hypothesis is that a large comet fragmented and the chunks impacted the Earth, causing this disaster," said Melott. "A number of different chemical signatures—carbon dioxide, nitrate, ammonia and others—all seem to indicate that an astonishing 10 percent of the Earth's land surface, or about 10 million square kilometers, was consumed by fires." 

Global Warming is likely to breach 1.5 degrees C within 5 years. (oops)

Will the US mount a nuclear sneak-attack on North Korea? All the pieces are in place now. Detailed here.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has said that he agrees with the aggressive statements President Trump has made towards North Korea. The former Secretary of State said that the Trump Administration “will hit that fork in the road, and the temptation to deal with it with a pre-emptive attack” against North Korea “is strong, and the argument is rational.” 

Israel (an undeclared nuclear power since the 1960s) says the offshore gas fields in Lebanese and Palestinian (Gaza) waters are Israeli property, which oil companies will be wise to observe, because might is right.

"A Tale of Two Americas", about the sharply divergent interpretations of the FISA Memo. It's battle lines that are drawn. (Personally, I agree with the Trump faction about the criminality and ti[p-of-iceberg stuff, but I still see Trump as a symptom, and as drafted by history to break this huge life-sucking global machine, so I'm in neither camp, and you may not be either.)

Charles Hugh Smith:  Those placated by politically correct utterances accept symbolic speech acts as substitutes for real changes in the power structure. This glorification of symbolic gestures--virtue signaling via social media, the parroting of progressive phrases, etc.--is as cheap as the mouthing of PC platitudes. Everybody gets to feel validated and respected at no cost to anyone: the progressives feel smugly superior because the Ruling Elite now feels compelled to parrot "progressive" speech acts in public, and the Ruling Elite is free to pillage without any demands for a radical restructuring of the incentives and distribution of the nation's wealth and income.

"Financial Arsonists", Go Team Trump! :-(
Nearly every regulatory institution in Trumpville tasked with monitoring the financial system is now run by someone who once profited from bending or breaking its rules. Historically, severe financial crises tend to erupt after periods of lax oversight and loose banking regulations. By filling America’s key institutions with representatives of just such negligence, Trump has effectively hired a team of financial arsonists. 

Good essay on "markets" and "mean regression" It's coming. When?

Please look at the video (from Eleni) below, then stop looking and do something real. 
After meditation-group, I'm gardening today. The sun is out.


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