Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Underpaid Talent,

David Stockman has the inside scoop on how one Russian food-service oligarch, who started selling brautwurst when he got out of prison, and leveraged that into a floating restaurant where Vladimir Putin wined and dined George Bush, hijacked the American electoral process for nano-pennies on the dollar! $4/hr buys you a whole lot of blogging talent in Russia... "Grass roots" demonstrations in America were synthesized, subverting American patriotism to elect Siberian-Candidate, Donald Trump. I'm joking. All the details are here; the most complete compilation of facts I've seen on this weird story.

Moon of Alabama has a complimentary story on the Russian-Bot-Takeover, looking at the algorithms that track headlines for everybody, and the homogeneous output, which somehow subverts "American Democracy", again, for nano-pennies on the dollar.

Untold billions of dollars and prodigious manpower of the FBI and CIA failed to stabilize the capsizing Titanic of American democracy against the Russian underwear-bombers down in the steerage compartment. A sad day indeed. We are too embarrassed to look. Shuddup!

A Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student was approached by CNN to ask a question at Wednesday night’s town hall, but declined after the network gave him a “scripted question” in
stead of allowing him to ask his own question. 

How the Roman Empire Can Explain the Dramatic Rise in State Violence, Ugo Bardi (You have to scare the slaves enough to keep them from revolting. What about our declining energy-slaves, and our proliferating debt-slaves? What about all of those prisoners?)

The Syrian Arab Army is moving militias into the Syrian province of Afrin, where Turkish troops have invaded, to kill Syrian Kurds, who used to be cooperative with the Syrian government, until they got offered a statelet-with-oil by the CIA. What's going to happen? Brinksmanship. (Afrin is not where the oil is. We can assume that the other American surrogates east of the Euphrates are securing the oilfields.)

A close Netanyahu associate, under investigation, flips to State's-evidence. (Et tu, Schlomo Filber?)

What was the most-documented UFO ever, October 25, 2017, over Oregon and Northern California. The FAA only has a few redactions and a few bits cut out of the tapes of pilots and ground controllers watching this big, fast, maneuverable white aircraft up at 37,000 ft, after it flipped to invisibility on radar.

WASHINGTON—In a new study published Tuesday that surveyed U.S. residents about their attitudes toward current events, the Pew Research Center found that approximately 90 percent of Americans described themselves as strongly opposed to each other. “In the questionnaire we administered, nine out of 10 participants indicated they fundamentally disapproved of the actions currently being taken by their fellow citizens.”...   Randolph went on to note that the 10 percent of survey participants who indicated otherwise did so because they didn’t consider those they disagreed with to actually be Americans.  (Yeah, this one IS from The Onion  :-)

Sowing Division

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