Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Robot Density

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Nate Hagens, Energy, Money and Technology: From the Lens of the Superorganism 
A lecture that Professor Hagens recently gave at a Science and Engineering University in Saudi Arabia, January 2018. 
(I don't do videos, but Nate packs this as tightly as anything in print. He has had a unique path to qualify him for this overview of Reality 101)

Is it Possible for Everyone to Live a Good Life Within our Planet's Limits? (An honest look)

Future US oil production will collapse just as quickly as it increased. (Regular version and Kunstler's version :-)

Yes, its true. The stock, equity and bond markets are rigged. It's pretty much all insider trading in the long run. Insiders vs "Muppets".
The Economist, owned by the Rothschild family, spells it out.

Stocks dive after retail price index goes up, meaning the Fed will keep increasing interest rates, tightening money supply, turning down the faucet. 
(The short-volatility funds that blew up last week were the tip of the short-volatility iceberg. This is not over. that was just the crackers with cream cheese and canapes.)

The Education of Kim Jong-Un. This is a fascinating character study by a Senior Fellow at the Brookings institute, a Korean woman, who was a CIA analyst. It came out a little before the recent Olympic Diplomatic Coup. It does not predict it in any way. Knowing young Kim does not make him predictable, and that is acknowledged fairly early on. He appears to be way more like his grandfather, Kim Il-Sung, in both appearance and manner, than he is like his dad, Kim Jong-Il.

Winter Olympics Gold: Kim Jong-Un Calls for Further Reconciliation (This ball is now in play.)

Israeli police recommend that Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted for bribery. ("I was only doing what's good for the country, Police have no role in this democracy", he responds.)

How many Russian soldiers-of-furtune did American airstrikes in Syria just kill? Apparently, hundreds. What's next?

Lebanon to Open its Ports to Russian Warships: 
(Remember that Syria's port of Tartus is a Russian base, and Russia got the contract to develop oil and gas off the Lebanese coast. Israel can't safely attack Russia.)

Russia asks BRICS group to invest in rebuilding Syria, which happens to be a hub on China's Belt and Road Initiative. There's a lot of rebuilding to do; might as well build the Chinese trade initiative into it, huh?

President Trumps' Belt-and-Road infrastructure plan for America isn't really for most Americans, or even mostly for Americans...
The plan, which the White House bills as a $1.5-trillion program, only provides $100 billion in federal funds over 10 years for major federal-state projects — and those funds are mostly, at this moment, mythical. The plan bristles with incentives to allow private investors to profiteer, to expand tolls and other user fees on crucial roads and bridges, and to despoil public lands with pipelines. It aims to fast-track the most environmentally hazardous projects, the better to keep experts and local communities from weighing in. And it increases obligations on state and local governments just at the moment when their ability to raise funds has been hamstrung by Congress.

Robot-Density in Manufacturing: How many robots per 10,000 humans, is a useful metric to compare industries in different countries and different regions. 
Look who is #1, and by how much. I didn't guess that.

Sweden hasn't wanted Julian Assange since 2013, but London made them keep the warrant out for him, to keep him in his little prison in the Ecuadoran embassy. Cat's out of the bag, now. Some official correspondence has surfaced:
Ny wrote to the CPS: “We have found us to be obliged to lift the detention order … and to withdraw the European arrest warrant. If so this should be done in a couple of weeks. This would affect not only us but you too in a significant way.” Three days later, suggesting that legal concerns were far from anyone’s mind, she emailed the CPS again: “I am sorry this came as a [bad] surprise… I hope I didn’t ruin your weekend.” In a similar vein, proving that this was about politics, not the law, the chief CPS lawyer handling the case in the UK, had earlier written to the Swedish prosecutors: “Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!” 

Donald Trump's lawyer paid porn star, Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep her mouth shut; his own money, never asked, never reimbursed, goodness of his heart... So THERE!

How Antibiotics Created the Chicken Industry. (It's more than you may think. This is a good historical presentation.)

Chicken Crossing Road

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