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Less Entitled,

Israel has openly attacked Syria over 100 times in the past year, and Syria has stopped accepting the attacks. Putin phoned Netanyahu and asked him not to escalate this further...
"A major battle broke out on Saturday between the Israeli Air Force and Syrian Air Defence Force over the occupied Golan Region, south Lebanon and the west Damascus region. During the confrontation that lasted for hours, Israeli warplanes and Syrian anti-aircraft systems traded missile fire – literally dozens of such munitions were fired – as the latter launched a general attack against ‘Iranian and regime’ bases west of Damascus. 
And in a major escalation, one which has the potential to escalate into all out war, at the beginning of the battle,  a Syrian surface-to-air missile downed an Israeli F-16 fighter jet over the occupied Golan Heights (described as ‘northern Israel’ by Israeli sources)."

Strategic postures of Israel, Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah (2/8/18, before this action began).

The area Northeast of the Euphrates river in Syria is where Syria's best oil wells lie. The US has attacked Syrian government troops there and killed around 100, to prevent them from retaking Syrian oil. It looks like American artillery and airstrikes killed some Russians, too. This is more open and illegal war against Syria, by the US, on behalf of... "Your freedom" and stuff.

Caitlin Johnstone: " Believe it or not, it appears very likely that the US military’s latest act of butchery waged upon Middle Easterners on their own land was not about self-defense at all, but about oil."

Lebanon's offshore gas and oilfields, which Israel intends to prevent Lebanon from accessing ("My Preciousss") may be developed in Joint Russian-Lebanese venture.
"We work for broad engagement of Russian partners in large-scale and promising projects in Lebanon," Shaaban said. "This topic was discussed in detail during talks in Sochi between Prime Minister Saad Hariri and President Vladimir Putin last September," Shaaban said.

Al Jazeera sent a mole to Washington DC to infiltrate the Israeli lobby and get some audio and video. This went well, similarly to a prior project in London. There is now a Qatari documentary about the AIPAC control of Washington DC. Informal negotiations between Alan Dershowitz and friends, and the Emir of Qatar, worried about war upon his regime from Saudi/Israeli coalition, have been interpreted favorably by AIPAC lobby as blocking release of the documentary. Latest word from Qatar confounds that, but does not say when it will air.

Kim Jong Un sends his sister to Korean winter Olympics as an emissary. Undiplomatic diplomats call names.

Sister Kim Yo Jong gives South Korean President Moon a nice letter inviting him to talks in North Korea, at his convenience.

Korean unification flag marches into Winter Olympics, ahead of unified North-South Korean Ice Hockey Team (Kim Yo Jong sits close to Mike Pence, too  :-) Awkward?)

Pence skips dinner to avoid sitting at table with North Koreans (Wow, he showed them!)
Kim Yo-jong and Mike Pence

Why the Trump administration can't hire an ambassador to South Korea (The job description disqualifies all capable applicants. Catch-22)

Douglas Wilson writes about the big issue with the FISA memo, and other related memos, now, is the pervasiveness of the "so what? It's nothing" response, which means the actual totality of the corruption needs to sink in. The totality of corruption is the message. The actual governance is through the deep state and almost all the politicians in full cooperation. Thanks Eleni. Colorfully written, as well.

The State of the American Debt Slave, by Wolf Richter. 3 bar-graphs, mainly. (What will be demanded of the debt slaves, as payment?)

Cancel Student Debt for the good of all of us.

Here is a good description of how volatility investment "products", being traded rationally and professionally, created a 3PM market volatility event that went into full collapse after hours, and is not over yet. It is pointed out that this was the little problem that was certain to happen soon. There are much bigger ones, involving all of the big banks and financial firms.

David Stockman is not actually taking a pot shot at Janet Yellen here (though he does), but examining the last 30 years of fed financial policy and it's direct and indirect consequences, including the actual gutting of the real economy. That is toward the end. Real investment went away about a decade ago. Yeah, you noticed too?

OK, this really is Stockman attacking Yellen, as the easy-money-heroin-dealer that got America (hey, the world!) hooked, but not sparing Bernanke and Greenspan, either. It is still factual and informative as to mechanisms.

Scientists studying psilocybin discover that the "self" is an illusion. (Buddha:1, Freud:0, Timothy Leary: Dead)
Still, the hallucination of consciousness is one we’re all having in tandem. When we agree about our hallucinations, we call it “reality.”  

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