Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sincere Regrets

Offered the Irrefusble,

The US offered the Kurds of Northern Syria their own country, with oil wells. Syria has been through too much to give up at this point, especially it's best oilfields. Turkey won't stand the US creating a Kurdish state, armed-to-the-teeth, on Turkey's border. Russia worked to get a cooperative deal, but the Kurdish group remains fatally attracted to the American offer. Turkey is attacking with tanks and aircraft, as well as artillery. Syrian forces move to take certain positions, and will fight hard for the oilfields east of the Euphrates. America sends weapons, so more people can die.

US Secretary of State Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov spoke by phone about Syria Saturday. (I wonder what was said.)

The Whole World is sick and tired of US foreign policy (yes, not shocking) Thanks Eleni:
Here is yet another story about Tulsi Gabbard telling the truth about America killing people who it convinces to give up nuclear programs for a promise of safety, and how North Korea saying "we got slaughtered once already, not going for twice".

Orwell is BACK:   
“Olympic d├ętente upends US strategy on North Korea”... In other words, peace is sold here as war... NY Times: “This latest gesture of unity, the most dramatic in a decade, could add to fears in Washington that Pyongyang is making progress on a more far-reaching agenda.” And what, one wonders, would that “far-reaching agenda” entail? Again the NY Times elaborates: “White House officials warn that the ultimate goal of [North Korean leader] Mr Kim is to evict American troops from the Korean Peninsula and to reunify the two Koreas under a single flag… For the United States, the fear has been that North Korea’s gestures will drive a wedge between it and its ally, South Korea.”

The NSA (every single human member of this vast organization, in unison) "sincerely regrets" deleting all of the Bush era wiretap/surveillance data it was ordered to save. (Aww, I bet they have it SOMEWHERE.)

Julian Assange again warns about artificial intelligence providing invisible, seamlessly-melding-into-reality internet censorship. (90% of chatbots are AI with a little human tending per flock to keep them looking viable.)

Google already has in place and functioning, a secret speech-police unit.

"What the hell is going on with stocks?" Here is actually a good answer, a good part of the answer, at any rate.

You may recall that incoming Fed Chair, Jerome Powell let this slip, about the Fed needing to unload it's short-volatility position. 
"It is about $1.2 trillion in sales; you take 60 months, you get about $20 billion a month. That is a very doable thing, it sounds like, in a market where the norm by the middle of next year is $80 billion a month. Another way to look at it, though, is that it’s not so much the sale, the duration; it’s also unloading our short volatility position." 
(That test-of-unload may be another thing happening recently with stocks)

The Bubble That Could Break The World (Financial regimes go through resets when the construct becomes too far divorced from the real world. Something does it...)

Jeanine sends this NASA video showing hurricane/weather patterns of 2017, tracked through sea salt aerosols, forest fire smoke, and airborne sand/dust. Each of these substances is color marked and easily apparent. What is not shown here is the tracking of chemtrails of aluminum oxide and barium oxide that we all see crisscrossing the skies most days. I think those must give the best weather data of all.

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