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Narrative Control Slips

​Pink Slips,​

Helen of DesTroy is an unattributed writer for RT, whose stuff you see daily, and which stories you can catch up on weekly, collected on her blog. Here is a long essay, for people who already pay plenty of attention, about ​"narrative control​"​ by the deep state. 
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Effect
Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?
Lazy propaganda is largely to blame for the lapse in narrative superiority. 
The same tawdry psy-ops are recycled again and again, as we see now in Venezuela, where Iran-Contra felon and smirking genocide enthusiast Elliott Abrams has been wheeled out of cold storage to work his death-squad magic on a population we’ve already tried and failed to hypnotize with the promises of neoliberalism. 
Just as the one-two punch of fake Iranian revolutions made the fatal error of running the same script twice in most “protesters’” lifetimes, the attempt to overthrow Maduro comes less than two decades after the US-backed effort to overthrow Chavez – also led by Abrams – and it’s not fooling anyone. 
It doesn’t help that the total nobody they picked to lead the charge was a stranger to 80% of all Venezuelans, or that John Bolton couldn’t even keep from blurting out the truth – that this entire pantomime of humanitarian intervention is being conducted to pillage Venezuela’s sweet, sweet oil, which has the gall to sit beneath one of the last socialist holdouts in the western hemisphere.  

'Anti-Semitism' Is a Cover for Censorship​, Finian Cunningham​    (Wow! Brilliantly simple, Thanks Eleni)
Whether against the Yellow Vests, or US congressmen or UK politicians, the accusation is meant to stop thought

Democratic party patricians work to assure Trump re-election in 2020 by rigidly enforcing status quo within "their" party. Moon of Alabama.
The unwillingness of the Democrats to have real political discussion is also visible in their attempt to subdue the new young House members who have come up with real new proposals and ideas. The use of the Zionist lobby AIPAC and false claims of 'anti-semitism' against them is especially outrageous:
When Representative Ilhan Omar landed a coveted seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Stephen Fiske began working the phones to Capitol Hill.
Alarmed by messaging that he saw as anti-Semitic and by Ms. Omar’s support for the boycott-Israel movement, Mr. Fiske, a longtime activist with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, began texting and calling his friends in Congress to complain. He is hoping Aipac activists will punish Ms. Omar, a freshman Democrat from Minnesota, with a primary challenge in 2020.
On Wednesday, House Democratic leaders will mete out one form of punishment: Spurred by outrage over Ms. Omar’s latest comments suggesting that pro-Israel activists “push for allegiance to a foreign country,” they will put a resolution condemning anti-Semitism on the House floor.
'Anti-semitism', in the false sense of AIPAC and the Democratic leadership bound to it, is anything that is not 100% in support of the racist state of Israel and the Zionism ideology.
The resolution is aimed at House member Ilhan Omar who suggested that such automatic dual loyalty is a problem. It also proves that she is right:
Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN - 20:01 utc - 3 Mar 2019
I am told everyday that I am anti-American if I am not pro-Israel. I find that to be problematic and I am not alone. I just happen to be willing to speak up on it and open myself to attacks.
Ilhan Omar will not be the only one to be targeted like that. The Lobby is aiming at two more:
In Florida, Mr. Fiske said it was time for “pro-Jewish voices to speak up” about Ms. Omar and two other Democratic freshmen who have been critical of Israel: Representatives Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.
And he offered a prediction: “They are three people who, in my opinion, will not be around in several years.”

Narrative slipping, slipping, slipping...
Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Tom Udall (D-N.M.) on Tuesday introduced a bill that would end the nearly two-decade-long Afghanistan War.
The 2019 American Forces Going Home After Noble Service Act would have the United States declare victory in Afghanistan and set a 45-day deadline for a plan to withdraw all U.S. forces within a year, according to a statement accompanying the bill’s text.
It would also set a “framework for political reconciliation to be implemented by Afghans."
Additionally, the legislation would require the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) to be repealed at the end of the withdrawal.

​We must finally be approaching "The Rapture", "The End Days"​...
A group of Democrats are hoping that they can roll back the war on drugs with a new federal marijuana legalization bill.
Dubbed the Marijuana Justice Act of 2019, the bill would see marijuana finally removed from the federal list of controlled substances, legalizing the plant on a nationwide level and removing a range of obstacles from vendors and purveyors across the United States.
The bill would also expunge the criminal records of anyone who had been charged with possession while also calling for anyone currently incarcerated for the offense to petition for an immediate re-sentencing. Those convicted under prohibition laws would also be provided job training and resources under the act.

​"The Problem Itself Is The Solution:" 5G millimeter wavelengths radiation is rapidly absorbed by flesh, which it releases energy into at the cellular level. These studies have all been done with less energetic and longer wavelengths, already in use and already causing harm.​ 
Result: Birth Control!    (I really think eye, ear and brain problems will surface first.)
Several early studies found that our current cell phone technology has a negative affect on male fertility…
A 2005 mouse study found “a significant genotoxic [DNA-damaging] effect on…spermatozoa.”
A 2007 rat study found “significantly higher incidence of sperm cell death,” suggesting “that carrying cellphones near reproductive organs could negatively affect male fertility.” And a 2009 rat study found that the radiation from cellphones “negatively affects semen quality and may impair male fertility.”
And about a decade ago, a study that looked at men that were being treated at an infertility clinic concluded that using a cell phone had a substantial impact on sperm quality…

​I need a Brian Chip to Be Super Smart. Give me one with no NSA-Back-Door, and not 5G, please!

So what's Plan-B?​ Aren't "we" already knee-deep in geoengineering with our current chemtrails? We need acid-rain again?
Before passing away from heart disease on February 18, climate scientist Wallace Smith Broecker left behind a "final warning" to fellow scientists - telling them in a video recorded days before his death that humanity must deploy a volcano-inspired "solar shield" in order to cool down the atmosphere, according to NBC News.   
Broecker, who popularized the phrase "global warming" in 1975 (right as the notion of "global cooling" became unpopular) - warned that world leaders aren't acting quickly enough to halt the production of carbon dioxide, and the only solution is to geoengineer "the sulfur solution." 
The theory is that the planet might be cooled, in a worst-case scenario, by releasing massive amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere some 70,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. The idea would be for jets to release so much SO2 that they would mimic a massive volcanic eruption, like the one at Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991, which shrouded much of the planet in a sulfurous cloud, cooling the Earth by about 1 degree Fahrenheit for a full year. -NBC News
"If we are going to prevent the planet from warming up another couple of degrees, we are going to have to go to geoengineering," said Broecker, adding that continued inaction could result in "many more surprises in the greenhouse," known as Earth.

Second empire to lose "the jewel in the crown".
With the U.S.’s attempt at regime change in Venezuela going nowhere fast it’s becoming increasingly obvious that major vassals allies aren’t scared of the consequences of defying us.
India, in particular, has been quite clear in its opposition to Trump’s edicts on who they can and cannot trade with. And with Prime Minister Narendra Modi reeling from a corruption scandal it’s clear he isn’t going to give Trump an inch on important trade issues, especially with Modi in full re-election mode.
Not only has India defied the U.S. over buying Iranian oil and Russian S-400 missile defense systems but now they continue to flaunt U.S. sanctions on Venezuela upping its purchases from 400,000 barrels per day to more than 600,000.

​Et tu, Qatar?​
Russia and Qatar appear to be getting closer to striking a landmark deal for transfer of the S-400 anti-missile defense system to Doha, considered the most advanced anti-air system of its kind, and lately the result of tensions with the West wherever it is present, whether in Syria or Turkey. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated at a press conference Monday while standing alongside Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani that Moscow is "ready to consider Doha’s requests for weapons delivery, if such requests appear," according to TASS news agency.​..
Qatar hosts the largest US military base in the Middle East at Al Udeid air base​..​.
But since Saudi-led GCC states initiated a blockade against tiny but oil and gas rich Qatar staring in 2017, ties between Doha and Moscow have actually improved and grown. Qatari FM al-Thani addressed the continuing GCC crisis by saying:
With regards to Saudi or other countries, it is none of their business, it's a sovereign decision by Qatar.

Last month reports suggested the Saudi king had threatened "military action" in a personal letter to French President Emmanuel Macron should Qatar move forward with obtaining the S-400s from Russia.

​"China Has No Choice"​, Jeffrey Snider
Behind everything is the same thing. Keynes was right. Inflation is one monetary evil, but its twin is far, far worse. At least with inflation things are moving, Chinese peasants are progressed up into the middle class even if it is more expensive when they get there.
Deflation, however, is when everything stops; Dante’s Hell was freezing cold. It doesn’t have to be all at once like in the early thirties, this can be a prolonged affair dragging out across more years than anyone cares to remember. The frog isn’t being slowly boiled, it is being progressively frozen. It is now almost completely frigid, too cold to be able to leap out of the icy water. Stuck here without any other options, it must conserve its energy as best it can and hope that it can somehow survive.
If given a choice, you pick the heat of high inflation over this every day of the week; until you realize it isn’t your choice. It never really was.

​Short-Term-Thinking Emperor?​
Coming just hours after Trump wrapped up a Monday meeting with his trade team (leaving little doubt about the source of the leak), two Trump administration insiders told BBG that they're worried that the president is pressuring negotiators to make a deal because he's worried that stocks could tank if the US moves ahead with the next batch of punitive tariff increases. They're also worried that the president sees a deal as a crucial PR victory ahead of the 2020 election, as well as something that could help redeem his inability to secure a deal with North Korea in Hanoi. At risk is the possibility that Trump could approve a deal without forcing any material concessions from Beijing (aside from promises to buy billions of dollars in agricultural products and Jack Daniels whiskey).  

​Central Banks set up liquidity swaps for no-deal Brexit. (Can't let anything bad happen...)

It's getting shakier for the French power elites. The harder they grasp, the more slips through their fingers. 
They finally have to do a pre-emptive strike on Marine LePen. They have been saving it for the right moment.
Prosecutors have called for French right-wing leader Marine Le Pen to be tried for tweeting pictures of atrocities committed by the Islamic State group, judicial sources said.
As VoE reports, Le Pen shared the gruesome images in December 2015, a few weeks after ISIS jihadists killed 130 people in attacks in Paris – and after a French journalist drew a comparison between the jihadist group and her party. Her move sparked widespread condemnation in France.
One of the pictures showed the body of James Foley, an American journalist beheaded by the Sunni extremists. Another showed a man in an orange jumpsuit being run over by a tank and the third showed a Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage.
‘Daesh is this!’ Le Pen wrote in a caption, using an Arabic acronym for ISIS.
She is facing a possible three year jail term and a fine of EUR75,000 if an investigating magistrate decides a trial should take place for ‘circulating violent pictures liable to be seen by children’.

H​umble Narrator​

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