Thursday, March 28, 2019

Narratives Breaking


Syria's UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari offered a stark rebuke to the US-backed Israeli claim to the occupied Golan Heights at the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday. Jaafari said the Trump administration does the bidding of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN to curry favor with the powerful Israeli lobby in the US.
In a remark that elicited a chuckle and a head-shake from his Israeli counterpart, Jaafari suggested that Washington bargain away land that is actually its to give.
​"​You can give them North and South Carolina, for example, why not? South Carolina is a great piece of land... So, give Israel a couple of states if this administration really wants to have Israeli support​."​
Trump's decision to back the Israeli claim to the Golan Heights comes just ahead of the Israeli general elections on April 6 and has been widely considered as an electoral boost for Netanyahu, who is facing charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust at home.

The Trump administration should make good on its own promise to pull troops out of Syria before telling others where they should or shouldn't be, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in reply to Washington's threat over Venezuela.
"Before they have their say in the lawful interests of other nations, I would advise the US administration to fulfill the promises that it had given to the international community," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, referring to US President Donald Trump's pledge to get American troops out of Syria.

​Global financial elites: "Let them eat rubber bullets".
Macron outed himself as the very symbol of what animates the globalist elite he represents.
The disdain he holds for the people he leads is palpable. It’s as palpable for his disdain for the British who voted for Brexit.
To him the EU is all, the EU is inevitable and when faced with the choice of serving France or serving the EU, he chooses the EU every time.
That is what led him to this disastrous decision to deploy the French military to the streets for the first time since 1948 with orders to shoot protestors.

Parliament voted on 8 options, and voted all of them down. There is no decent option. That has been prevented by two and a half years of play acting by people who really need Brexit to fail, and better if Britain loses sovereignty as part of the "deal". Time is shorter thn it seems, since procedures must be followed, and they take set amounts of time. "Crash-Out-Brexit" happens, even if everybody votes against it.
Mrs Leadsom told the Commons: "The motion tabled will comply with the Speaker's ruling."
She added: "The only way we ensure we leave in good time on 22 May is by approving the withdrawal agreement by 23:00 GMT on 29 March."

Just get out...​
The most controversial "meme ban" part of new EU copyright law was voted through by MEPs by mistake, it has emerged.
This week, the European Parliament voted to pass the new copyright regulations, which critics claim could fundamentally alter how the internet works. And one vote on those specifics of those rules appears to have been decided on the basis of MEPs who approved them by accident...
But desp​i​te the fact that the voting records now show the corrected results, the original ones will still stand. There is no way for those MEPs to change the official vote, even though the records can be corrected.
The new EU copyright rules force technology companies to take responsibility for the content that is shared on their platforms. That has proven controversial among copyright activists, internet campaigners and the technology companies themselves – with Google suggesting that it might have to fundamentally alter its search results, and YouTube suggesting it could be forced to ban people within Europe from uploading videos at all.

​Paul Craig Roberts points out that identity politics is at the point of becoming race-war, to divide and conquer. Who benefits? Nobody I know...
The black actor, Justin Smollett, who staged and falsely reported to the Chicago police an attack on him by white supremacist Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats who allegedly put a rope around his neck, was arrested on 16 felony accounts carrying 48 years in prison for making a false report that no doubt stirred more hatred of white people and Trump among the black and always gullible liberal/progressive/left communities.
According to reports, Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff, Tina Tchen who is also a close friend with the wife of former Obama official and currently Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, intervened in behalf of Smollett with the Chicago prosecutor, Kim Foxx, who dropped all charges.
The Obama regime’s protection of a black criminal has enraged the Chicago Police who are demanding a federal investigation into Cook County’s top prosecutor for dismissing the case after being contacted by Michelle Obama’s aide.  The president of the Chicago police union sent a letter to the US Department of Justice (sic) demanding an investigation of what appears to be a corrupt Cook County state attorney named Kim Foxx, who used her influence to get charges dropped against Smollett who staged a fake attack on himself by Trump supporters.

President Trump says the FBI and Justice Department will investigate the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of 16 felony charges against Empire star Jussie Smollett, who Chicago PD accused of staging his own hate crime.
 Two Nigerian-born brothers caught on surveillance camera buying ski masks and red hats were ready to testify that Smollett paid them $3,500 to stage the January 29 attack, and that the 36-year-oldactor was behind a threating letter received a week prior.

Moon of Alabama
Judge Identifies CIA Related Man Who Led The Raid On North Korea's Embassy In Spain
A Spanish judge released new information about a raid on the embassy of North Korea in Spain. The leader of the raid was a shady U.S. 'activist' who earlier reports from Spain associated with the CIA.
On March 13 the Spanish newspaper El Pais Spain reported that Spanish authorities identified two CIA related persons who took part in a raid of the North Korean embassy in Madrid. The raid happened on February 22, a few days before the Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi, and seemed designed to influence that event. We asked Who Ordered The CIA To Assault North Korea's Embassy In Spain? ...
De la Mata identified citizens of Mexico, the United States and South Korea as the main suspects being investigated on charges that include of causing injuries, making threats and burglary. He named Adrian Hong Chang, a Mexican citizen living in the United States, as the break-in’s leader.
Hong Chang flew to the U.S. on Feb. 23, got in touch with the FBI and offered to share material and videos with federal investigators, according to the court report.
While in Madrid, Hong Chang also applied for a new passport at the Mexican Embassy, the investigation found, and used the name “Oswaldo Trump” to register in the Uber ride-hailing app.
Others identified as part of the assailants’ group were Sam Ryu, from the U.S., and Woo Ran Lee, a South Korean citizen. Their whereabouts and their hometowns weren’t immediately known. None of the suspects were thought to be still in Spain, the judge wrote.

​Massive short attack on Turkish Lira wipes out 1/3 of Turkish foreign reserves overnight. 
If Turkey is excluded from the global dollar regime, what else might it possibly do?​
As a recession settles in over Turkey following a currency crash last summer and a selloff in local markets, the stakes are getting higher. Turkey relied on foreign capital to finance its credit-fueled growth in 2016-2017, a period when portfolio inflows averaged $1.3 billion a month and the current account sank deeper into deficit. Investors fled Turkish assets last year, and outflows continued for eight months straight before stabilizing.
This week, Turkey further roiled markets by preventing foreign banks from accessing the liras they need to close out their swap positions. That’s made it almost impossible for bankers to short the lira or exit carry trades, and forced the overnight lira rate up to about 1,000 percent from 23 percent.

A federal jury ruled that Monsanto was liable for a California man’s cancer and ordered the Roundup manufacturer to pay $80m in damages.
The ruling on Wednesday, which holds the company responsible for the cancer risks of its popular weedkiller, is the first of its kind in US federal court and a major blow to Monsanto and its parent company, Bayer. A spokesperson said Bayer would appeal.
pokesperson said Bayer would appeal.
The case has attracted international attention and raised new questions about the potential health hazards of Roundup. It also challenged the conduct of Monsanto, now owned by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer. The corporation is facing more than 9,000 similar lawsuits across the US that allege Roundup has caused cancer.  

​Burning fossil fuels is the economy we know. There is no alternative on tap. That is a popular delusion. Whether we (who have some choice) massively cut our use "voluntarily" or involuntarily when it is depleted will make a big difference. 
The current economy will collapse (again) before we are prompted to make such decisions. 
The Trump administration is doing all that it can to burn more fuel. It has taken the only politically viable option at this point. 
How long can it persist? 
The world burned more coal, the cheapest fuel, last year. 
Big short-term win for Western Capitalism...
Global energy experts released grim findings Monday, saying that not only are planet-warming carbon-dioxide emissions still increasing, but the world's growing thirst for energy has led to higher emissions from coal-fired power plants than ever before.  


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