Thursday, January 16, 2020

Walking A Path

Considering Proposals,

Putin's address to the Russian nation is here: 
Some comments about comments in the news about proposed changes in the Russian constitution are here: 
I've read both the article and the speech in entirety. (Thanks Eleni)
The speech is the main thing.
Putin suggested in his December press conference that constitutional changes were being called for and considered, fairly widely.
The dramatic statements about this being a move to enhance an imperial presidency are clearly false, completely at odds with his proposal to limit successive presidential terms.
Also, the imperial presidency, similar to that of France, was intended to serve the purpose of rapid change after the fall of the USSR. We know it was intended to serve the interests of global capitalism, but somehow, Russia got her DeGaulle in Vladimir Putin.
France now has Macron, the Rothschild puppet, with DeGaulle's powerful office.
Putin and his government see that they have accomplished the core task of rebuilding a robust Russian society and economy, and the work still to be done.
He addresses this first, supporting the needs of people, families with kids, kids, schools, hospitals, and so on.
The new constitutional proposal is designed to increase the power of elected officials, so a PM is appointed by the Douma, not the president, but is subject to dismissal by the president. Judges are independent, but will be subject to dismissal for cause, under the constitution. There are more degrees of freedom, more transparency is requested, and there are shorter loops of control, more mechanisms to prevent cronyism from taking hold. I see mechanisms to prevent establishment of a permanent deep-state, as the President, who will not be a permanent fixture, but will keep changing, will appoint security agency heads and fire them. This will avoid what Trump faces, or attempts to avoid it.
Russia has survived the life-or-death crisis, is thriving, and undergoing self directed therapy beyond rehabilitation, now.
This is very forward-looking to support healthy Russian society in the longer term after current leaders have passed on.

The BBC has some higher quality worried speculations here:

This looks to me more like protection from transnationals in treaty enforced arbitration between corporations and nations.
A summary via TASS:
 Putin has suggested a putting up a package of constitutional amendments for a plebiscite. At the same time, the Russian president stated that he sees no grounds to adopt new constitution in Russia.
 Putin also suggest stipulating the supremacy of the Russian Constitution over international norms in Russia.
 “The time has come to make some changes to the nation’s fundamental law that would directly guarantee the priority of the Russian Constitution in our legal space. What does this mean? It means that requirements of international law and decisions of international bodies can only be enforced in Russia to such an extent that does not violate human and civil rights and freedoms and does not violate our Constitution,” Putin emphasized.

Eleni sends this from Whitney Webb:  
How an Israeli Spy-linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Government's Most Classified Networks
(First we gave it away to them, then we rented it back with spyware installed. Foreign aid to Israel is the BEST.)
Cybereason’s main investors turned partners have integrated Cybereason’s software into their product offerings. This means that the clients of these Cybereason partner companies, the U.S. intelligence community and military among them, are now part of Cybereason’s network of more than 6 million endpoints that this private company constantly monitors using a combination of staff comprised largely of former intelligence operatives and an AI algorithm first developed by Israeli military intelligence.  
​ ​"Look guys, we set up a war game of what happens if somebody hacks the 2020 election and it has to be invalidated and martial law imposed. Interested?"

 The mystery of what presidential rivals Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders said to each other in a heated exchange after Tuesday night’s Democratic debate has been solved, with debate host CNN revealing that Warren accused Sanders of calling her a liar on national television.
​ ​In an exchange caught on camera after the debate but unable to be heard by the television audience, Sanders responded to Warren that it was she who had called him a liar. Moments earlier Warren had refused to shake Sanders’ hand.
​ ​The two U.S. senators and liberal standard bearers in the Democrats’ nominating contest to pick a candidate to take on Republican President Donald Trump in November had been locked in a dispute before and during the debate over an allegation by Warren that Sanders had told her in a private 2018 meeting that a woman could not be elected president.
​ ​Sanders disputed that claim before and during the debate but Warren insists it’s true.

Remember how Iran landed a US drone in one piece a few years ago by spoofing it's GPS coordinates into a landing?
This appears to be somewhat similar of a claim. It is possible that a Ukrainian passenger jet was sending signals to Iranian air defense systems to spoof some kind of incoming attack. There's a lot to consider, still.
​ ​Iran Guardian Council chairman Ahmad Jannati stated Wednesday that “enemy sabotage” cannot be ruled out, while Brigadier General Ali Abdollahi directly suggested that US military forces hacked Iran’s radar systems to make it appear that the airliner, containing 176 people, was an incoming missile.  

Trump Secretly Threatened Europe With Auto Tariffs If It Didn't Declare Iran In Breach Of Nuclear Deal

​The US is in a "Freight Recession". How well can the "real economy" be when transport of stuff has been down so long?

Going Nowhere

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