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Tao Flips Out


Charles Hugh Smith reflects on our current moment in human history, and maybe, evolution...
As Jackson Browne put it: Don't think it won't happen just because it hasn't happened yet.
​ ​We can summarize all that will unfold in the next few years in one line: 

The way of the Tao is reversal. 
This is the opening line of Chapter 40 of Lao Tzu's 5,000-character commentary on the Tao, The Tao Te Ching.

​The Reflex of Obedience:​
​ ​Anxiety is a widespread phenomenon that often accompanies people from the earliest days of childhood until old age. It is part of life and has many causes. When unscrupulous despots – whether medieval popes, modern dictators or so-called philanthropists – stir up this everyday fear from outside, they are concerned with satisfying their own greed for power and subjugating the peoples. In doing so they are “doing the work of the devil”. 
Most people react to this diabolical “game” of the rulers with a reflex of obedience or even with unconditional submission.  

​Alastair Crooke discusses what is actually the opening of political discourse in the USA:
​ ​Today, there are two irreconcilable visions of American life. After 1992, the two parties alternated presidents every eight years. Yet, with each succeeding administration, the political milieu has grown yet more rancorous and divided. There is no relationship between parties now — save as sworn enemies, Vlahos observes.
​ ​On the one side, we have ‘Unionists’, who expect public deference towards the judgements and authority of the √©lite technocracy (whether financial or medical), and on the other, a tradition of state sovereignty, dating back to the 1871 (the Articles of Confederacy), which grant no deference towards the Federal authorities – but rather is suffused with disdain for them. Hence the culture of (often armed) militia, ready to fight ‘the Feds’ for their ‘liberties’.
​ ​This latter touches a deep skein of emotion: the ancient fight against the tentacles of the British Imperial Octopus to secure America’s ‘liberties’. Thus, lockdown, and the medical world’s dire predictions necessitating economic shut-down, smack of ‘another agenda’ (the octopus agenda) – a backdoor, by which the globalists can complete their (imagined) project to feudalise an otherwise free people.

​The Governor of New Jersey institutes a ramp-up in contact tracing, and seems to say that people who were in contact with a coronavirus case will be confined to home, and not allowed to shop for food, if they do not submit to mandatory testing.​

 The mayor of Los Angeles on Tuesday quickly backpedaled from his top health director's extension of the stay-at-home order that would now last through July, after residents were furious about further quarantines, reported Reuters

​On the benefits of adding oral zinc supplementation to hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin treatment for COVID.
  In univariate analyses, zinc sulfate increased the frequency of patients being discharged home, and decreased the need for ventilation, admission to the ICU, and mortality or transfer to hospice for patients who were never admitted to the ICU. After adjusting for the time at which zinc sulfate was added to our protocol, an increased frequency of being discharged home (OR 1.53, 95% CI 1.12-2.09) reduction in mortality or transfer to hospice remained significant (OR 0.449, 95% CI 0.271-0.744). Conclusion: This study provides the first in vivo evidence that zinc sulfate in combination with hydroxychloroquine may play a role in therapeutic management for COVID-19.

This story expands on that preprint release.
  Doctors have reported that adding zinc sulfate, a dietary supplement, to hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin may benefit patients with coronavirus disease, adding a twist to the controversy over the rationale for prescribing hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19.

In Wuhan, China, there is a new little cluster of coronavirus. 
China is deftly managing that by testing 14 million people in 10 days.
Extremely impressive! 

What, we can't even catch up to CUBA?
Cuba begins mass testing for Covid-19 as new cases fall to fewer than 20 per day
A partial shutdown closed Cuba’s borders, tourism, schools and public transportation and it appears infections are contained  

Both Marjorie and Jenny came across this very useful article about how to assess risk of airborn coronavirus spread as we traverse the microenvironments of our lives.
 When assessing the risk of infection (via respiration) at the grocery store or mall, you need to consider the volume of the air space (very large), the number of people (restricted), how long people are spending in the store (workers - all day; customers - an hour). Taken together, for a person shopping: the low density, high air volume of the store, along with the restricted time you spend in the store, means that the opportunity to receive an infectious dose is low. But, for the store worker, the extended time they spend in the store provides a greater opportunity to receive the infectious dose and therefore the job becomes more risky.
 Basically, as the work closures are loosened, and we start to venture out more, possibly even resuming in-office activities, you need to look at your environment and make judgments. How many people are here, how much airflow is there around me, and how long will I be in this environment. If you are in an open floorplan office, you really need to critically assess the risk (volume, people, and airflow). If you are in a job that requires face-to-face talking or even worse, yelling, you need to assess the risk.
 If you are sitting in a well ventilated space, with few people, the risk is low.
 If I am outside, and I walk past someone, remember it is “dose and time” needed for infection. You would have to be in their airstream for 5+ minutes for a chance of infection. While joggers may be releasing more virus due to deep breathing, remember the exposure time is also less due to their speed.

 Lots of drugs, already tested and approved, are being repurposed for use with COVID-19, which is completely as it should be. We need to know more about these drugs and their efficacy, what they can and can't do. Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin are certainly at the top of this list, as is remdesivir , and the related favipiravir. 
Missed, but important are oral zinc and vitamin-D supplements. Use of high dose IV vitamin-C in hospital treatment is also not discussed, nor are other adjuvant treatments, which are not directly antiviral. Thanks Marjorie.

Economics and the Pandemic: ‘Where’s the Money Coming From? Where’s the Money Going To? 
​ ​Both the U.S. and Canada have announced that some money will go directly to the people and that is as it should be. Historically it has been said that providing money directly to the people will cause inflation, but it is certainly not true in this case because the money is not additional money but money going to offset lost wages.
​ ​The inescapable outcome of the pandemic will be an increase in national debt and with that increasing profit and power for those who control money. It is not the only way we could have done it.
​ ​The result is nothing new; the rich will get richer.

​James Kunstler, The Sum Of All Broken Promises:​
 “A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.” Consider that a trillion is a thousand billion (and a billion is a thousand million). In an ordinary reality, a reality-based reality, that is, with reality-based money, that would be a lot of money (and a lot of debt)! It’s hard to project an exact figure, but with over 20 percent of the US work-force idle, with no income, there’s liable to be a lot of debt that’s not being paid back, will never be paid back, and a lot of money headed into extinction. That will translate into a lot of people with no money. Until all that money they owed is finished not being paid back, and the new money that the Fed is busy creating, with no relationship to the production of things of value, overcomes the old money that’s finished disappearing. Then Americans will have plenty of money. The catch is that the money will be worthless. Thus, the two ways of going broke: having no money; or having lots of money that’s too worthless to buy anything. So it goes.
​ ​Along with people’s hopes and dreams of a decent life. What you see, then, is a nation, and a system, that has come to be based on broken promises. That’s what the restless public will take away from this morass of statistics. The discord will rapidly leave the statistical frame and take hold in the emotional frame, and that frame will feature entirely negative emotion: rage, resentment, grievance, vengeance, feelings like that. The sum of all broken promises is a broken social contract. That’s the agreement that we will behave civilly in exchange for the liberty to go about our business — within clearly defined rules (laws) about what is legitimate business. A broken social contract is exactly what all these machinations are leading up to. Hence, the appearances of the state — the system and the people who run it — become more and more fantastically and transparently dishonest.
​ ​For instance, the fake candidacy of Joe Biden, a man too far gone in age and mind to be president, with a long slime-trail of family money-grubbing in and around his official offices, and now an old sexual molestation charge against him. Who do the Democrats think they’re kidding with this? The coronavirus gave them an excuse to stuff Joe in a closet for two months, but can they keep hiding him there after the grand opening-up?
​ ​Will Wall Street and its errand boys in the Federal Reserve keep working their shifty hoodoo, enriching shareholders, hedge funders, and corporate execs while everybody else hits the red-line of hunger and outrage? Will Mr. Trump do what he suggested way back on the campaign trail in 2016 and declare a national bankruptcy? There is, after all, a difference between bankruptcy and national insurrection. Bankruptcy, at least, holds the promise of a work-out. Financial work-outs are generally painful, but orderly. That could make all the difference.

Who signed off on​ the money​ for this project, and what were these goons smoking when the took it?
​ ​If you thought you had seen it all with Venezuela’s hard right-wing opposition and their allies in the U.S. with their actions to overthrow the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro, well, think again. In recent days, images of two captured North American mercenaries have been flooding the air waves in the South American country of Venezuela where Maduro remains the president, despite harsh U.S. economic sanctions.
​ ​According to the testimonies of Luke Denman and Erin Berry to Venezuelan authorities, they were in the oil rich country to get Maduro, either through kidnapping or assassination. Both men are former Green Beret special forces soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan while working for the U.S. private-security company Silvercorp USA. In 2018, this company provided security for president Donald Trump at  some of his rallies. Headed by CEO Jordan Goudreau, aged 43 and also an ex-U.S. special forces soldier, according to one report: “the website for his Florida-based private security firm Silvercorp claims it has planned and led international security teams for the president as well as the secretary of defense.”

​The murder of Seth Rich, who downloaded the Clinton-Podesta crime-ring emails and gave them to Wikileaks can now be investigated. 
Seth Rich provided Wikileaks the emails, before he was murdered coming home from a DNC staff party. 
Russia did no hacking. That's over.​ 
There was only one known motive for Seth Rich's murder. He was not robbed.  

​This writing is a little dense, but pertains to the same issues of dealing with a completely unexpected transition of management at the reigns of power, a sloppy and malicious hand-off.
​ ​Information released in the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the case it brought against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn confirms the significance of a January 5, 2017, meeting at the Obama White House. It was at this meeting that Obama gave guidance to key officials who would be tasked with protecting his administration’s utilization of secretly funded Clinton campaign research, which alleged Trump was involved in a treasonous plot to collude with Russia, from being discovered or stopped by the incoming administration.
​ ​“President Obama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia,” National Security Advisor Susan Rice wrote in an unusual email to herself about the meeting that was also attended by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, FBI Director James Comey, and Vice President Joe Biden.


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