Monday, November 2, 2020

Coronavirus Forever

 Tea Leaf Readers,

  COVID-19 is here to stay, and keep mutating  variations on its winning theme.
It has become endemic. It's never going away. There is no way to make it go away. 
Immunity lasts something like 6 months, though some reinfections occur before that.

  A good vaccine will always be 6 months away. Then you will need another, different one in 6 more months, but the first one is still 6 months away.
(There has never been an effective coronavirus vaccine. The vaccines tried on animals had a failure mode. Too many test animals died after vaccination, when exposed to the virus.)

  The new-case levels are rising with falling vitamin-D levels as the sunny months are gone, and people congregate clannishly inside, while breathing in and out, and aerosolizing virus, and sharing it. 
If only vitamin-D came in a cheap, readily available pill form that could be dosed at 5000 units per hundred pounds per day, or so, through the winter. Alas! 
Masks seem helpful reducing indoor spread to some fraction, thinning the viral cloud. How much? Enough to be useful, it seems.

  I am convinced for numerous technical reasons that SARS-CoV-2 leaked from some military lab. Pick one. It has fingerprints of splicing, and sequences from things like HIV cut and spliced in. That is now somewhat beside the point.

  We are really left with making sure we have good vitamin-D levels, which is cheap and easy, eating fresh vegetables, exercising regularly, being comfortable with our mortality, having ready access to rapid testing, and ready access to antivirals, currently ivermectin/Zn/doxycycline combination. 

This is the long term outlook. Anything else is manipulation-through-fear.  Cheer Up!

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