Thursday, January 21, 2021

You Are Probably Here

Universally Centered,

The 1972 Limits to Growth graph, the projection if society did nothing to change, is here in my blog post from March 9, 2020 , "Reset In Progress"

 It is hard to find graphic updates to that original, but here is one that shows it tracking quite well to the year 2000. It's from the 30 year update by the original authors. It's a good book. 
  One thing is different. They updated the computer program with further observed data. 
Look; the population peak moved from 2050 to 2030
Industrial output per capita would already be falling in 2020. Check. Services per capita would be falling in 2021. Check. {Image won't transfer to blog. Second image in scroll at link]

Here is absolutely the most recent update I have been able to find, and I look several times per year. It tracks observed world data and overlays it on the 2002 graphics.  
Yep, food, industrial stuff and services per capita all peak by 2020, and population peaks by 2030.
Testable hypothesis? How are we looking these days?  
[Darn! This one won't transfer, either]

Tom Luongo: Epitaph for a Post Trump America
Everyone’s eyes are now open. A fungus is president.
Absent the false hope of Trump people are now free to conclude what I always have — politics got us into this, politics will not get us out.
We can finally put the childish Red vs. Blue behind us.

Babylon Bee, Thanks Eleni in Athens
Most Popular President In History To Be Inaugurated In Secret Behind Giant Wall Guarded By Thousands Of Soldiers  

Facebook Blocking Ron Paul Shows Tech Censorship is Not About Trump, It’s About Suppressing Dissent

Twitter, Facebook And YouTube Allow Incendiary Anti-MAGA Video To Remain On Platforms
Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have yet to remove a video by far-left Russiagate conspiracy theorist Dan Winslow which is the definition of incitement.
"They are hidden among us, disguised behind regular jobs," Winslow warns. "They are your children’s teachers. They work at supermarkets, malls, doctor’s offices, and many are police officers and soldiers."

The Masks Are Coming Off
​  ​Yet the real story of 2021 — if anyone is allowed to tell it — is likely to be mass censorship. What we are already seeing is, ironically, an unmasking. If 2020 was the year in which people put their Masks on, 2021 is already shaping up to be the year when the Globalists and Global Pravda really take theirs off. They are really going for it, blatantly censoring dissent, brazenly de-platforming alternative views, and shamelessly using technology to ensure that reasoned, fact-based challenges to establishment narratives are silenced.
​  ​It is ugly, its sinister and its menacing. And unless you are someone who longs to live in a more totalitarian state, you need to get wise to it now, you need to pray against it now, and you need to fight against it now. The masks are coming off and freedom is being crushed. Choose which side you want to stand on.

MSM calls for “new definition of free speech”
​  ​Twitter is certainly bigger and more populated than a theatre, and spreading anti-vaccination/anti-war/pro-Russia/”Covid denial” news [delete as appropriate] is certainly going to cause more panic than one single building being on fire. Isn’t it?
It’s this potential abuse of incredibly loose terminologies which will be used to “redefine” free speech.
“Offensive”, “misinformation”, “hate speech” and others will be repeated. A lot.
​  ​Expressions which have no solid definition under law, and are already being shown to mean nothing to the media talking heads who repeat them ad nauseum.
​  ​If “go home in peace and love”, can become “inciting violence”, absolutely everything can be made to mean absolutely anything.
The more they “redefine” words, the further we move into an Orwellian world where all meaning is entirely lost.
And what would our newly defined “free speech” really mean in such a world?

​More on the Brazilian Variant: Spreads faster and kills younger. It's hard for viruses to do both.
​  ​According to a report published by Brazilian outlet Universo Online, a surge in cases and deaths, particularly among younger patients, in the hard-hit Amazonian city of Manaus (situated in northwestern Brazil, on the banks of the River Negro) has drawn the attention of health professionals working on the front lines of the pandemic in the hard-hit Latin American powerhouse.  
​  ​But the most alarming shift has been a surge in deaths among younger people, who are dying now in greater numbers than in earlier waves of the outbreak in Manaus, which has long struggled with overburdened health-care resources.
​  ​According to Manaus death records from the past 30 days cited by ULO, four out of ten deaths during that time involved patients under the age of 60 in the state.

FLCCC Alliance Response to the NIH Guideline Committee Recommendation on Ivermectin use in COVID-19 dated January 14th , 2021  

​Don't forget your 5000 units per day of vitamin-D. Double it for the first 2 months, if just starting.
Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost Nine of Ten COVID-19 Deaths: Time to Act. Comment on: “Vitamin D Deficiency and Outcome of COVID-19 Patients”

Addressing Threats 


  1. "Spreads faster and kills younger. It's hard for viruses to do both." Whaaa; it's as if someone engineered it to do more things than a normal virus is capable of doing naturally.

    We are in for a rough road ahead.

    Also, I wanted to follow up on your recent comment over on Tessa's blog and say that you tried to open some eyes with vitamin D and Ivermectin. Keep hammering away. Some people are slow adopters , but will come around eventually.

    Great content, you are at the top of my reading list lately.

    1. Thank You, Do plant an extensive garden and know where you commodity food, fuel and water will be going forward.

  2. Engineered indeed.

    "This furin-like cleavage site, is supposed to be cleaved during virus egress (Mille and Whittaker, 2014) for S-protein “priming” and may provide a gain-of-function to the 2019-nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other lineage b betacoronaviruses."

    The 'Gain of Function' studies at the highest Level 4 Biosecurity Lab in China (its first) were part funded by the NIH.!/menu/main/topColumns/topLeftColumn/pdf/nature.2017.21487.pdf?origin=ppub

    The only question we should be seeking to answer is whether the release of the virus was nefarious or accidental.

    What we need to understand is that this virus will repeatedly overcome our attempts to control it with a vaccine.

    Our best approach is to damp down replication of each new virus variant in affected individuals thus giving the body time to develop it's own targeted immune response. Repeated annual vaccinations, as we do annually with the 'flu jab' will not be the solution for SARS-CoV-2.

    Those countries (Brazil, S Africa and the UK) from where these more virulent strains have emerged are the very same countries where Astra Zeneca performed their initial vaccine trials! Correlation or causation? This virus is a 'clever' little bugger.

    For a good read on the fraudulent nature of how the various companies came up with their absurdly high efficacy numbers, as well as other astounding aspects of the vaccine development, read this.

    Talk about " Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics"

    What a world!

    1. Thank You for the excellent content. I have to go to work early for my 12 hour Friday (Somebody has to do it) and I'm making headway on convincing the staff to adopt ivermectin as a group.
      I missed a meeting (biking to work instead of zooming) Wednesday, but I'll make up with it with a massive data dump.

  3. And Ivermectin is that effective dampener!

    1. Ivermectin does not act at the spike protein, though it seems to act at multiple steps. The main thing it blocks is the viral RNA getting into the nucleus of the infected cell, the transcription-zone. It also has anti-inflammatory effects. People feel better on the days they take it.

    2. For an interesting look at how the various treatments seem to work including, Ivermectin, Curcurin, Famotidine and Lymecycline :

      Read with a large whiskey - or in your case John a strong, fresh, Mint Tea ;-))

  4. And you should consider a generous daily intake of Cumin (curcumin) which, along with Ivermectin, also appears to have poorly understood yet magical properties!

    1. For those of us who like Mexican food, like salsa, that's "Cilantro".
      It's a winter herb in Texas, doing fine right now in all 3 gardens.

    2. Cumin ( and Cilantro aka. Coriander ( are very different.

  5. I'm off (bicycling) to work, preparing to make the case for clinic wide acceptance of ivermectin for COVID.

  6. Most medics I talk to here in the UK receive any Ivermectin/HCQ news with utter derision.
    And we wonder why we currently have the worst Covid outcome in the world. Sheesh.

    One can hardly even get the docs here to prescribe Vit D above just 400IU per day.

    It's actually a medical scandal.

    1. The owners need us to stay still and be scared, while they figure out how to solve the problem of the 90% of us that they don't need and can no longer afford.

  7. Try this on your medical buddies!

    Chiapas, Mexico - the only state where they've been handing out Ivr. like candy since last July:


    1. The Chiapas graph ("One of these things is not like the others", Sesame Street)
      Figured in the presentation of data which I composed for them to consider. It is what I showed on my computer screen to the few who I could pull over for a quick moment.
      The cardiologist I showed it to had not heard of ivermectin. He mispronounced it, having heard me say it once. He was impressed by the graph. He's a really smart and well read, well traveled guy.
      It made me realize that everybody is so swamped with information that the important information is very easily hidden from them. They are not spending time investigating deeper, but just trying to keep up with the mainstream firehoses of their worlds.

    2. i.e. - They can't see the trees for the woods!

  8. I didn't know you and John Ward were a 'thing'.
    Small world, us scattered collapsniks !

    1. You saw THIS HERE, first.

  9. "It’s not insignificant that a study in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, found ivermectin prophylaxis reduced Covid-19 infection in frontline healthcare workers by 73%. ... As western countries pontificated against repurposing drugs, proactive Indian doctors chartered their own course -- finding what works and healing people, with amazing results. It’s commendable."

    Read more at:

    1. Yeah, Ivermectin kicks COVID. India is structurally the antithesis of China. India is seemingly chaotic, but adapts on-site. China is very hierarchical and structured and moves as one huge machine, which is very impressive. The wrong move of such a huge machine looks like The Cultural Revolution, though...

    2. I've spent 22 months in India - traveled all points north, south, west and east. Much of it on a magic flying carpet ;-)

      Structurally? Well that's a word not often associated with the India I knew - I'd say more like organised chaos!

    3. We've trveled a lot as a couple, then as a family of 6 , in India, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling , Dharmsala (blessed by His Holiness through good fortune). We did not get down south, ever, though.

    4. 6!? That's not a family, that's a squad :-)

    5. We sold the house and cars and spent 9 months traveling around the world with bikes and backpacks (alternating). No bikes in Asia, mainly trains, planes and trekking/rafting, but bikes through Europe and New Zealand.

  10. Hope you had success with your efforts to persuade your colleagues to drench your patients with Ivermectin.

    They're gonna need it:

    In an article published yesterday by the journal Nature, preliminary studies in Israel are showing only 33% efficacy, instead of the 52% claimed by Pfizer, after the first dose.

    Same in BMJ:

    Ivermectin is more effective than the experimental vaccine.

    1. Yep, Ivermectin is better, and will work again when you need it again.

  11. Oh Boy - spread this link far and wide:

    1. Good article. I have forwarded link to study to Covid-19 treating physicians, already.

  12. I have been buying copious amounts of Ivermectin from a reputable supplier, but the prices have been relatively high. I've now placed an order with the firm recommended in the swprs link above who are supplying it at Indian retail prices. I'll let you know if/when my order arrives!

    1. Meds often take about 5 weeks to arrive in Texas from India, based upon reports from friends.

  13. FYI - for some reasonJohn , my screen name is Germ on TAE. It's to do with a registration I made years ago but never used. Now when I auto log in that's the name I get assigned. I'm not even sure why I appear as Amazed! here.

  14. I was happy to see that you posted, and that Zerosum picked up that baton and kept running laps, "Germy"!

  15. Here's a copy and paste from an email order that I placed with the provider in the SWPRS article:

    12 mg Ivermectin - 4 boxes of 100 tabs $ 55

    6 mg Ivermectin - 5 boxes of 20 tabs $ 12

    Shipping charges $ 40

    Total $ 107 USD

    Those are retail Indian prices - I'll let you know what arrives and when!

  16. Yes - spread the cheer indeed!

    Ivermectin 2021 Update Dr. Pierre Kory

    Start at 11:48

    1. Thanks, I'll put that up. The host blathers a lot.
      It's 12 minutes before it even starts.