Thursday, July 29, 2021

Antibody Dependent Enhancement

 Bodies With Antibodies,

The Archdruid,John Michael Greer (You are approximately HERE.) 
We may have to keep doing this downward grind for the rest of our lives, so we should pace accordingly, though arising-threats will probably be like pop-up ads.
 I don’t believe in perpetual progress, that is, and I also don’t believe in sudden apocalypse.  My take is that our civilization will follow the same long rhythm of rise and fall as every previous civilization; that we have in fact passed our peak and are half a century into decline; that the cascading crises and spreading dysfunctions of our time are equivalents of the crises and dysfunctions that forced all those other civilizations to their knees; and that our decline and fall will unfold in the usual fashion over the next several centuries, in a cascade of disasters interspersed with temporary respites and partial recoveries, ending in a typical dark age half a millennium long from which new cultures will rise in turn.​..
​  We’re looking at the decline and fall of a civilization, a process that has already been under way for half a century and will take centuries more to finish. 
​...​First of all, there are plenty of things that can still be done here and now to cushion the process of decline and see to it that as much as possible of the best achievements of our civilization are handed on to the cultures that will build on our ruins.  Those things will not be done by people who are still fixated on hopes and dreams of perpetual progress toward a utopian future. (Nor, by the way, will they be done by people who have embraced the belief in instant apocalypse, which is simply another way of evading responsibility for the future.) They will be done, if they are done at all, by those who have shaken themselves free of those delusions, grappled with the harsh reality of our predicament, and aimed their imaginations toward envisioning the best available options in a troubled time.

​  Robert Malone MD, inventor of mRNA vaccines, gets to speak without interruption to Steve Bannon, about Antibody Dependent (viral) Enhancement​. Preliminary data is that those who had Pfizer vaccination carry 10 or more times the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 in their noses , compared to the unvaccinated. 
  I would call this "Enhanced Carrier State", which occurs in chicken and Turkey flocks where some have been vaccinated against a deadly avian virus, carry it without much harm, but spread it to the unvaccinated flock, which mostly dies. It looks like this may have happened on the planeload of unmasked, vaccinated Democratic Texas House Members who flew to Washington in a private plane. It appears to have spread among them during their time together.
  "ADE" Antibody Dependent (viral) Enhancement has traditionally meant that vaccination increases the death rate among the vaccinated, which might also be happening, but that's not quite what this news flurry is about.  
Dr. Malone:

From across the pond:  New US mask guidance prompted by evidence vaccinated can spread Delta
​  ​The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Protection spoke on Wednesday about evidence that vaccinated people can spread the Covid-19 Delta variant to others, after the nation’s top health agency expanded on its new guidance that fully vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors in certain places.

​The Enhanced Carrier State will not be televised.
“NBC News, citing unnamed officials aware of the decision, reported it comes after new data suggests vaccinated individuals could have higher levels of virus and infect others amid the surge of cases driven by the delta variant of the coronavirus,” the USA Today reported in a passage that was later scrubbed from an article.

​  ​The Golden State was deemed more high risk than Texas. Indeed, scientists are finding that despite its high vaccination rates, California is seeing more COVID cases than it should.
​  ​California and its big coastal cities have embraced vaccines in their effort to beat back the COVID pandemic. But a Bay Area News Group analysis shows that not only are cases rising fast, they are rising in areas where there are more fully vaccinated people. Some of these counties have both among the highest vaccination rates, and the highest new-case rates.

Latest Data Show Efficacy Of Pfizer Vaccine Falls To 84% After 6 Months​   (What shall we do?)

​Double-Down!  ​Pfizer data suggest third dose of Covid-19 vaccine 'strongly' boosts protection against Delta variant

Ivermectin happy endings are the same thing I am seeing, though this doctor has treated more patients than I have.
​  ​In fact, Dr. Safranek shared that not one COVID-19 patient that he has treated with ivermectin and other regimens have ended up on a ventilator or dead. He reports out of about 200 patients, only one ended up hospitalized, making this a very high success.

​Safety First​

​last picture of Rocket-window-shopping-Man​ on weekend vacation


  1. very cool place you and the family had vacation, i always enjoy all your pictures, did Tommy get to go and see this too? I do have a question on PCR tests. Why is CDC changing the PCR test to show Flu or Covid? Also, can they be treated the same?

    1. There have been problems with PCR as a diagnostic test all along. The rapid antigen tests are better in the clinical setting, and don''t take a lot of fiddling with the sensitivities, which makes for a lot of false positives when there are too many amplification cycles, like until the inauguration... That made positives drop right away, but it was a coincidence.
      The symptoms of flu and COVID are very similar at first, so testing for both makes sense. Flu may make a comeback this winter.

    2. I always love how you answer back, there's always a good chuckle mixed with sarcasm I find 😋, you speak my language. So are you saying the rapid antigen test are what doctors will give you in a doctor's office? Also are they going to test you for flu as well? But my bigger question was, if I'm just tested for covid and it's a positive, and I really just have the flu... Will the meds given for covet hurt me if I don't have it. I'm not sure if a doctor's office will give me the rapid antigen plus a flu test. I'm hearing that the PCR test are not accurate because of people really having the flu, yet being told they have covered instead. So that's my real concern. Would I have to go to Walgreens or some other place to buy a rapid antigen test or covid test? Also reading your blog today, I had concerns with people that have had the vaccine around me and my husband and my mom because from what you said they can hold on to the virus and give it to us non-vaccinated. So by having a mask and just washing hands and keeping distances safe enough? Or should I be canceling plans on get-togethers? The last thing I want to do is give something to my own mother.

    3. The PCR test is sent to a lab for reporting, so it takes at least a day or 2, and it is prone to false positives, based upon how many amplification-cycles it is run at, which the labs refuse to disclose, even the lab we send to, to me, a doctor, and our lab director.

      The rapid tests, like the Abbot test, take about 20 minutes, but require having expensive machinery, which PCC bought last fall, and most smaller offices will not have. They are pretty reliable for detecting virus in the case of symptoms. There is not a way that influenza can trigger these tests, but influenza is very similar the way it presents clinically. Both tests are collected with swabs, so there is clearly a market for another product, a single test that will detect both. The rapid flu test does not require a machine though, just a little kit. This looks like a push to sell yet another product. "Buy all your albums again on CD!"

  2. Hi John, gonna be a bigger pain in the butt and ask one more question :}.....can a blood transfusion from a vaccinated person hurt the unvaccinated? also, can a vaccinated mom breastfeeding her baby contaminate the breast milk with the vaccine? Probable silly questions, but really would like to know if you know anything.

    1. Yes, spike protein in the blood of donors has caused a few transfusion toxicities. Nobody wants to investigate it much.
      I'm not sure if the spike protein, which circulates in the blood after mRNA or DNA "vaccination" gets into the milk, but it very likely does, based on my knowledge of mammary glands and what kinds of other things get into milk.

    2. That's really sad that nobody's really investigating such a big question about blood when they are always asking you to donate it. I wonder if that will hold people back from even wanting a blood transfusion but usually when it comes to something like that, you don't have much say because if you need it, you're probably not doing too well and if it's a life or death situation, you're going to take it. I have heard a few friends talking about breast milk being tainted from somebody that has been vaccinated, but from what I've heard it can either hurt the baby or keep them from getting covid19. But with all the media talking about vaccinated people getting covid19, My concern is will that baby? I'm sure you know that I have loved ones that have taken the vaccination and they're worried about me but the funny thing is I'm more worried for them because I haven't taken the vaccine and don't want it. But now reading your blog about how vaccinated people can easily give it to the unvaccinated makes me very concerned of what I should be doing or shouldn't be doing. Sorry to be such a pain in the butt with all my questions, but there really isn't many people out there to ask these questions to or talk to because the bias out there against non-vaxxers is so sad, and we are looked down upon in such a way that breaks my heart. All I can do is pray that people like you will keep speaking up and speaking out of what is really happening when it comes to this virus. I also love your take on so many other things happening in the world politically, I actually look forward to your blog everyday now. I read it to my mother on the phone since she doesn't have a computer or a phone that has internet. Even Victor looks forward to your blogs. So keep up the good work and don't ever feel pressure to answer me right away, you're an extremely busy man and put so much of yourself out there for everyone. God bless you John.

    3. I hear that blood donations are way down, lately.