Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Will Of Love

 Creatures of Love,

This song was playing in my head in the garden as I picked "southern peas" a couple of days ago.

Yesterday I shared the tension I am feeling.  

  People tell me they are feeling it, too. 
I thought it helped explain those crazy moments in history, like those that led people into WW-2.
The constant tension feels unbearable. Others are urging, cajoling, bullying and publicly-shaming us to do-the-thing, like everybody else.
Don't keep being weird. What's wrong with you? 

  A couple of friends of mine at work, both Registered Nurses, informed, responsible, good parents, are looking for a pediatric practice where they can take their kids, where they will not be looked at like lepers or gargoyles when they say they (the parents) "have not been vaccinated".
  I called a practice where I used to work. They're still human to people who don't want vaccines. The culture also applies to adults who have good reasons not to want this bunch. I passed it on. It's safe to call Central Family Practice in Austin.

  Jenny, my humanity-compass, my wife, has been feeling tremendously pressured and torn. It's not that she doesn't see the power dynamics and the stakes. 
  Jenny is a school librarian. She told me when people at school, coworkers got COVID last summer, fall and winter, and I privately talked with those people, and wrote them prescriptions for ivermectin based antiviral treatment. I also treated a husband with cancer, on chemo, 
They all got better, and nobody paid me anything. Good Samaritan. I think it was 6 people.

  That was wonderful. Everybody liked that. As spring progressed, it got harder and harder for Jenny to tell everybody "she was not vaccinated". Some of it came from coworkers , but also a lot from concerned parents, bringing their kids back to school in person, after a long time at home. 

  Jenny is dreading going back to school and having to give the same "wrong answer" to concerned-parents again and again, day after day until she breaks and acquiesces and can be accepted as not-leprous. 

  "Accepting the jab is nothing more than a loyalty test to the narrative."  
Somebody commented that on The Automatic Earth blog yesterday, and I like it a lot as an encapsulation of the social tension dynamic here.
The feeling totally sucks. It's unrelenting cognitive dissonance, making one feel anxious and shunned, and very insecure.
It's a feeling. Feelings are different from thoughts. Feelings don't usually respond well to being thought-at.

  Narratives change by being resisted sufficiently for the question to remain open, as the evidence piles up that the narrative is wrong and dangerous.
Then the paradigm has to shift. Tet-offensive, Vietnam. It happened. You might like other examples, but I lived that paradigm shift. Dad got back from a year in Vietnam just before Tet started, and I saw the whole societal shift unfold from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where we moved.

  Back to the feeling that sucks so bad, it makes you want to jump, cowering and shivering and shaking...
I feel it. What have I tried to do? 
I don't mean to be vain, but all I can give is what I found when I prayed for my own guidance.
I have to meet the feeling of personal insecurity with compassion for those experiencing it, then it is not "I" experiencing it, but "I" am giving warmth and connection and support to those feeling it. In the societal-dominance dynamic, people are used against each other to create great tension by division and social pressure. Then, those group divisions are turned against each other, to kill each other until they are all exhausted and deeply traumatized, and willing to fully submit to power.

  The Will of Love is the opposite of that. 
I am trying to channel the Will of Love, which is to comfort my brothers and sisters who are shivering and cowering alone.
The power over us will no longer exist, when we comfort and love and accept each other. 
Time will dissolve it.

Trying To Love

pictured recently with vegetables 


  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for sharing, and for the large stock of medical information you've posted here over the months.

    I have never claimed to know any facts about this Covid virus, or the treatments or vaccinations. We both got two shots of Pfizer last May. I got the shot because it was best for domestic harmony, and I'm healthy and don't feel like I have much to lose. That is, I'm old enough to feel satisfied with my lifetime. However, my wife feels much differently about all of it, and I respect that.

    It hasn't been productive to talk with anyone I know about the political nature of public information or how some powers may be manipulating the situation. I find the ideas that I read (here and elsewhere on the internet) to be interesting, but I'm still not claiming to know any facts. I have certain opinions about where the preponderance of evidence may lie, but that is also pretty irrelevant, because I can find all manner of opinion (and supporting documents) but what I find less and less is a willingness to admit ignorance. Curious, eh?

    For the record, I believe it is likely that the virus was manipulated genetically, and probably escaped accidentally. I believe that the vaccines do something, but not sure what, exactly. I believe there are side-effects (possibly large) with the vaccines, especially the mRNA ones, but definitive evidence will be slow to arrive, and will be obscured and politicized. I don't trust the government, or Fox News or the Guardian, -on or -off. I think Ilargi means well, but he has gotten very strident in his presentation, and I don't believe that he is necessarily open to evidence counter to his beliefs.

    Why am I telling you all this? I don't know. Solidarity, maybe. I have been impressed with your clarity of thought and generosity of action, even though we may not hold the same opinions on the virus situation. I do believe that your opinions are better informed than mine, but I'm not willing to declare it 'beyond reasonable doubt' yet. But no matter. It will be fine. 100 years from now, this will only be a footnote. 15 months ago, I was asking what people did in 1919 & 1920 as the Flu epidemic wound down. Nobody I asked was even interested in the question. Weird. It seemed relevant to me...

    People seem so wrapped up in the political/social divide tussle. I refuse to fight for either team. I do hold some beliefs strongly, and one of them is that the large powers are essentially evil, especially in the US, but worldwide. Also those powers are huge, and the only reasonable opposition to them involves mostly hiding from them. Direct opposition is suicide, or worse.

    Julian Assange.

    I stood in front of the courthouse holding a sign in 2003. Nobody cared about my opinion about Iraq, or what the facts were. We were right, and we lost.

    But, as I said, it will be fine. Your vegetables look good. Keep it up.


    1. Thanks Eric,
      It's important to me to be able to hold things as unknowns, and you also seem able to do that. Most people seem to be made very uncomfortable by unknowns. It is a different kind of wiring. I'm not sure one can really change how one feels about knowing and not knowing things. Most people find it most comfortable to believe what the majority in "their group" believe, but I was not wired that way.
      Thanks for the support. Ilargi is really on a roll, and really meeting a need these days. He does not want to be a partisan, and is aware of the dangers, but he is leading a certain kind of charge in the alternative finance blog world that needs to be led. TAE has become an information clearing house. I have recently been able to connect him and a couple of the technical contributors in the comments section with Dr McCullough's news group, which is good for the cause.

  2. Right on Brother!…..Just took my IVM prophylaxis this morning. The HCQ and IVM suppression have killed countless. It is imperative to hold course and “follow the science”….The science clearly shows that natural immunity is the best. We are in the minority but in the arms of God’s truth and grace. The damn is breaking …..Truth is overcoming lies….John Stewart….Eric Clapton….more to come.

    1. I suspect you mean that HCQ and ivermectin have "saved" countless, Amigo.

  3. Dr Day I am reading terrifying projections about the death and illness rates of people who took the injection that produced spike proteins. Is there research anywhere on protocols to deal with these outcomes? We need information on early identification of vascular damage, prion damage etc. The equivalent of thee FLCCC Protocols for covid. My daughter and granddaughter took the Pfizer shot. We all need help. Thank you

    1. Hi Mary,
      I don't yet know the long term side effects to expect from the various vaccines that induce your body to make spike protein.
      It seems that if you come through the first 3 weeks, you clear most of the immediate side effects.
      I also see projections that there will be a lot of deaths, but it is not clear to me what mechanisms are thought to actually cause a lot of delayed deaths.
      I still feel that anybody who can get early testing and treatment for COVID should choose that option. The pool of truly susceptible people keeps shringking. Maybe 10% are susceptible in the UK now, for instance.

  4. Hi Cartero, I just had a 3 day summer vacation with adult kids and grandchild at the Texas Coast. I have that Israeli data about the slipping efficacy (dramatically falling-off) of the Pfizer vaccine in Israel lined up to launch tomorrow morning.