Saturday, September 11, 2021

20 Years Of this World

20 Years Older,

  Like JFK's assassination, those of us who were aware on 9/11/01 remember a lot of it fairly clearly. We had our own perceptions, and days at work, and some of us saw TVs more that day than others. I was working with patients all day, and did not.
  Thierry Meyssan, a French journalist, was in New York City filming a documentary for something-completely-different, got some footage of planes flying towards the twin towers, and became one of the early investigators of those events. The conspiracy theory is what we got on TV and the news, and it justified the Global War On Terror, which meant the global war of empire against brown people in oil-places, especially if they try to sell the oil for anything but $US.
The objective of it was hard to suss out for most of us, but the Rumsfeld Cebrowski Doctrine was fundamentally about destroying the economies of countries that had resources "we" needed, so that they would not use them up.
  Travis sends this Corbett Report 5 minute takedown of the official conspiracy theory of the ragheads with boxcutters, run by Osama Bin Laden from a cave in Afghanistan, who dropped 3 buildings into their own footprints with 2 airplanes, and in freefall time, which could only be done by controlled demolition on any other day.

Thierry Meyssan has some tidbits in here, that "even" I hadn't been aware of. I'll try to pick them out, but his main point is that the "continuity government" that Cheney and Rumsfeld had been working on since Jerry Ford was in the white house took control away from all elected office-holders that day and ran the show. You could see it as a coup d'etat, but they let the headless horseman George Bush go back to work when it was over, because he was cool with it, anyway.
  On the very day of the attacks, on New York’s Channel 9, real estate developer Donald Trump called the official version of the collapse of the towers a "lie".

​  ​Meyssan about his 9/11 book​  9/11: The Big Lie  
​  ​It is a work of political science aimed at denouncing what these false-flag attacks would make possible: the surveillance of Western populations and the endless war in the wider Middle East.  ​ 

​  We have forgotten many other things, such as the insider trading in the shares of the affected airlines, the fire in the Old Eisenhower Building, or the collapse of a third tower in the World Trade Center. ​ 

  ​What is most astonishing is that almost no one remembers that at 10am, Richard Clarke triggered the ’Continuity of Government Plan’ [5]. At that very moment, President Bush and Congress were suspended from office and placed under military protection. President Bush was taken to an air base in Nebraska where the CEOs of the upper floors of the Twin Towers had been since the previous evening [6]; and Congress to the Greenbrier megabunker. Power fell into the hands of the "Continuity Government". It was in the Raven Rock Mountain megabunker (’Site R’) [7]. Power was not returned to the civilians until the end of the day.  

​  Informed by his staff that a Russian satellite had just observed a missile being fired from a Navy ship off the coast of Washington at the Pentagon, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, tried to contact his US counterpart. He was unable to do so. Not because the telephone networks had broken down, but because George W. Bush was temporarily no longer president.

​ To this day, there is no evidence of the 19 designated hijackers on board the hijacked planes.

  To date, there is no evidence that the 35 telephone communications between passengers on the hijacked flights and the ground existed​...
​..The FBI testified that none of the planes had phones in the armrests, that passengers should have used mobile phones, that cell phones at the time could not work at altitudes above 5,000 feet, and that the records provided by the phone companies did not show any of the communications mentioned​.

​  To date, there is no physical explanation for the collapse of three of the World Trade Center towers onto their own footprints (i.e. vertically). The Twin Towers were hit by two planes, but were not shaken.​...It should be noted that no explanation was given for the lateral explosions heard by the firemen and widely filmed, nor for the vertical beams that were severed and not melted; two pieces of evidence attesting not to an accidental but to a controlled demolition.​ collapse of skyscrapers has ever been observed, either before or after 9/11, following a large-scale fire...Finally, the photographs taken by firefighters of "pools" of molten steel and those taken by FEMA (the disaster management agency) of the melting rocks in which the foundations were built are inexplicable according to the official version.
​  ​To date, there is no evidence that an airliner hit the Pentagon. Already the next day, the fire brigade had given a press conference at the Pentagon during which they had attested that they had not found anything suggestive of a plane.

​  ​The Bush Administration had Congress vote on an anti-terrorist code, known as the USA Patriot Act. This is a very large piece of legislation that had been drafted over the previous two years by the Federalist Society (of which Solicitor General Theodor Olson and Attorney General John Ashcroft were members). It suspends the Bill of Rights in cases of terrorism.

​  ​In order to implement the USA Patriot Act, a new department was created, the Homeland Security Department, which brings together various existing agencies. It has a political police force capable of spying on any citizen.... The way this department works was revealed in 2013 by Edward Snowden. Snowden not only provided information about the NSA’s foreign eavesdropping system, but also about domestic mass surveillance in the US. ​ 

  This system, although less documented, is gradually spreading to all Western states, through the ’Five Eyes’ [10] and Nato.

​ The Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine [11] is a reform as important as the creation of the Pentagon after the 1929 crisis. This time, it is about adapting to financial capitalism. From now on, the United States will no longer try to win wars, but on the contrary to make them last as long as possible; this is what President Bush’s expression "endless war" means. Their aim will be to destroy local state structures so that natural wealth can be exploited without having to endure political control; as Colonel Ralph Peters summed it up: "Stability is America’s enemy" ​

  Vice President Cheney had set up a secret group in the White House to design the development of the National Energy Policy. He was convinced that oil would run out in the medium term. This is why the United States destroyed states in order to be able to exploit their oil in the long term, but not now.

  By publishing a number of internal US military reports, Julian Assange has not revealed any sensitive information. But all these documents show that the Pentagon has never been interested in winning the post-9/11 wars.

  ​To wage these wars, the Pentagon secretly created clandestine Special Forces: 60,000 soldiers without uniforms [13]. They are capable of assassinating anyone in any country without leaving any trace. Bob Woodward revealed the "Global Attack Matrix" operation, decided three days after the attacks​.

  Unfortunately, few people have seen how the world has changed...
The problem remains the same: we cannot admit that the criminal is close to us.

​  Tom Luongo makes a case that forces within the US government in Washington are working to sabotage the $US, in the interests of global central banking, in a post $US global economic model. As the US has been humiliated in TGWOT defeats recently, it also threatens to sanction Saudi Arabia for getting weapons form Russia​. Should the US use the $US as a weapon against Saudi Arabia, which supports the "Petro Dollar" regime, the logical Saudi step would be to quite it's part of the support, selling its oil in other currencies and not recycling it into US Treasury debt.
  The Saudis, however, for their part have learned the lessons well what happens when you get into a price war with Russia. You lose. So, instead of fighting Russia for market share, they’ve decided to coordinate production for the big win-win for everyone while the U.S. continues to grapple with the reality that its empire is not only crumbling, but being actively dismantled from within.

Ending an Era 


  1. Hi John,

    A fine summary and certainly more plausible than official narratives.

    "Unfortunately, few people have seen how the world has changed...
    The problem remains the same: we cannot admit that the criminal is close to us."

    This observer has been TV free for 22 years. Hence, the impact of propaganda is reduced. Nonetheless, the shade of truth is never quite eliminated. From a slightly less corrupted perspective, one observes the American struggle with good and evil.

    External evil is easily assimilated as the culture is daily fed homogenized mass-media propaganda. Internal evil is programmed to induce reflexive cognitive dissonance. Consequently, cognitive reasoning within the brain is suspended as the amygdala is hijacked triggering cascading emotions.

    And in the soup of denial, the fundamental question, "qui bono", is never asked and never answered. And the result is obvious to see. We live in a society blinded by delusion while the country is gutted by Oligarchs, Corporations and Banks.

    As the rejoinder quoted above suggests, the collective American psyche is probably beyond redemption. And with it any ability to admit our real enemies are home grown and those we were indoctrinated to trust. If one was of the ruling class, one could not enact a finer system of control with which to infantilize a population for the purpose of ensuring hegemonic power.

    Looking past 9/11, we need only observe the present day to see nothing has fundamentally changed in the ensuing twenty years. Americans collectively remain incapable of admitting they have been duped. For doing so would require an acceptance of truth now beyond programmed reality. One can only hope the stupor of society will one day be shed.

    As the cartoon character Pogo said so many years ago, "We have met the enemy and he is us."


    1. I think American people are mostly OK and hold a lot of promise, and CAN shift paradigms pretty quickly when it is called for. The Vietnam War narrative broke really badly and the country turned against the war, which I remember very well because Dad was in the war, and got home just before the Tet offensive in early 1968, like a month before it.
      These are different times in so many ways, but some narrative is about to break and we need to replace it with a truthful narrative when it does.
      That's something I, and many others, keep working on.

  2. Consider the way those who have done so much to provide hard evidence of “high” crimes have been treated such as:

    Jesselyn Radack, William Binney, John Kiriakou, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowdon, Jeremy Hammond, Julian Assange and Daniel Hale

    versus the lackluster efforts to investigate, correct or hold anyone accountable for exposed wrong doings, it is clear there is systemic rot from the top down.
    I don’t see the point in giving much thought to 9/11. If Osama Bin Laden could have been captured alive and put on the witness stand we might have learned interesting details but unfortunately he was too dangerous and Obama was forced to heroically sink his bullet ridden corpse in the sea.

    1. Osama Bin Laden denied any involvement an likely died of renal failure in a Pakistani hospital in 2002 or so. Various "Osama Bin Ladens" seemed to proliferate, like Elvis impersonators. Osama was a useful mascot, I think.