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Extralegal Proceedings

 Discovering Facts,

  What is going on in Ukraine is puzzling when compared to the US invasion of Iraq, "shock and awe", destroying all of the infrastructure and using explosives against anything that moved or didn't move. It's different.
  It's less difficult to comprehend with a little shift of perspective. If the Russian goals actually are to intervene in the Ukrainian civil war, on the side that has been attacked for 8 years, after declaring independence, and to rid Ukraine of the NATO/US backed nazi forces attacking them, to the benefit of the rest of the people of Ukraine and Russia, then it makes more sense.
  Ukrainian forces dug-in deeply in Mariupol won't let civilians leave, but are shelling other Ukrainian civilians in the region, inviting counterattacks, which will kill Ukrainian civilians, which is good for who? 
  The Russian and Donbass separatist forces are being very patient and selective, and are avoiding damage to cities. Water and electricity are still working in most cities, and gas is flowing through pipelines.

  The narrative in the west has been sold very well to most populations, but inquiring minds still want to know. Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism, who is careful and very conservative, but not a sycophant has tried very hard to get at what the facts may be and has come up with a remarkably similar perspective to mine, with the same motivation. Moon of Alabama, a German blogger, has raised that point. An important factor in Zelensky-the-peace-with-Russia-candidate's transformation may be that he met the Azov battalion, who would not take orders from him, and threatened his life if he acted against what their stated goals for the nation were, repeatedly, consistently.  Yarosh: if Zelensky betrays Ukraine, he will lose not his position, but his life

  When I see Zelensky saying that "he won't negotiate with a gun to his head" and also say that "the only route to peace is through a direct negotiation between him and the Russians", I think I understand his meaning. If he can be separated from those with a gun to his head, he can then negotiate for peace.

  Andrei at Vineyard of the Saker is battle fatigued at this point, being a Russian in the west, but explains in more detail the Russian objectives, as I just did, and how the events on the ground make sense, as I just did, but in more and better detail.  Importantly, the Russian forces much prefer patience to harming civilians, or allowing civilians to be harmed. We Americans might be this kindly disposed to Canadians in a similar situation. Day #10 of War, update with perspective.

  Moon of Alabama had a piece yesterday, updating the glacial tightening of Russian military encirclements and some special actions, but also the ethnic and religious differences of different parts of "Ukraine", which are good tags for the hostilities seen between groups thrown together in a "country", which could not work together to become a nation. This is an old imperial policy. Modern Ukraine was pieced together to serve German, and then Soviet interests beginning in WW-1, through to the USSR days of Khrushchev, who added Crimea to help a political deal work. The old religious boundaries reflect multiple different perceptions of nationality within the country. Galicia is important.

  Again, to understand the inscrutable Russian, you have to listen to them... They kept saying the same thing, politely, for a long time. Turns out they meant it.
Scott Ritter says the Russian president is working from a 2007 playbook, when he warned European leaders of the need for a new security framework to replace the system built by the U.S. and NATO.

​  Ukraine does have uranium,and  many tons of plutonium, and still has the Soviet era technology to manufacture nuclear warheads, as well as missiles and jets to deploy them. This is a completely serious threat.​
Ukraine and Nukes
​  ​Ukrainian Volodymyr  Zelensky’s recent statements at the Munich conference centered around the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, which welcomed Ukraine’s accession to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in conjunction with Ukraine’s decision to return to Russia the nuclear weapons left on its territory by the Soviet Union.
​  ​In other words, the Budapest Memorandum was expressly about Ukraine giving up its nukes and not becoming a nuclear weapon state in the future. Zelensky’s speech at Munich made it clear that Ukraine was moving to repudiate the Budapest Memorandum; Zelensky essentially stated that Ukraine must be made a member of NATO, otherwise it would acquire nuclear weapons.  
​  ​This is what Zelensky said, with emphasis added:
“I want to believe that the North Atlantic Treaty and Article 5 will be more effective than the Budapest Memorandum.
Ukraine has received security guarantees for abandoning the world’s third nuclear capability
[i.e. Ukraine relinquished the Soviet nuclear weapons that had been placed in Ukraine during the Cold War]. We don’t have that weapon. … Therefore, we have something. The right to demand a shift from a policy of appeasement to ensuring security and peace guarantees.​"​

​  This article looks into the abyss of a world which suddenly finds itself more threatened by a revocable-dollar as reserve currency, and may soon have better options​.
Russia's central bank had $US 630 billion in reserves a week ago, then suddenly, the US revoked those reserves, revoked the validity of those IOUs, made the dollars cease to exist in that moment. Only the US can decide to reinstate those promises, but why should it do so? It's like Google cancelling you for an unspecified "violation". You find that you do not have something that you own, even though you gave up a lot that you did seem to own, in the deal to "own" it. 
Which countries are moving to something else, or about to do so? Saudi Arabia is on the list...
On the Cusp of an Economic Singularity

The War on Humanity
The Empire doesn’t care about the Ukrainians anymore than they care about the people in their own countries. It is about maintaining control over humanity.

​Steve Kirsch, ​ License to kill
There’s no doubt about it: the vaccine companies have a license to kill. They can kill as many people as they want and nobody in America is going to stop them. It’s all perfectly legal.

  In December 2020 two engineers with Moderna leaked information that Moderna mRNA  gene-therapy "vaccines" were having batches of secret ingredients added manually and not documented in the process, as a matter of course, due to "secret ingredients in adjuvants". the engineers found these to be insertions for a gene that would promote cancer, which lipid micelles would target the liver, and recessive genes, to target the ovaries, which would lead to female infertility, especially in subsequent generations. Recent findings confirm these allegations. Thanks Luc.

Judge Unseals 400 Pages of Evidence, Clears Way for Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit
A whistleblower lawsuit alleging fraud during Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials is moving forward, after a district court judge unsealed the complaint, including 400 pages of exhibits.

Seeking Justice
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