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Rules Based Oligarchy

 Subjects of Empire,

  I include this story as a perspective piece. This same ruling oligarchy remains in power today, after 54 years of consolidating that power. 
RFK Jr is like his Dad, but 26 years older than dad lived to be. He knows all of this information. He fights honorably for truth, knowing that he may "die funny" some day.

​  ​New Evidence Implicates CIA, LAPD, FBI and Mafia as Plotters in Elaborate “Hit” Plan to Prevent RFK From Ever Reaching White House
..In a 2018 interview with The Washington Post, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said that he traveled to meet with Sirhan at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional facility in San Diego County, and, after a relatively lengthy conversation, believed that Sirhan did not kill his father and that a second gunman was involved.
​  ​Kennedy Jr.’s view is shared by his sister, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, and by Paul Schrade, regional director of the United Auto Workers (UAW) and one of Bobby’s closest advisers, who was shot the night that he was killed.
​  ​In 2016, Schrade testified in support of Sirhan’s parole, stating his belief that a second shooter killed Kennedy and that Sirhan was intended to be a distraction from the real gunman by an unknown conspiracy.
​  ​Kennedy Jr. has pointed out that Sirhan’s appointed lawyer at his original trial, Grant Cooper, was Johnny Rosselli’s personal lawyer. “Roselli,” he said, “was the mobster who ran the assassination program for the CIA against Castro. Cooper pressured Sirhan to plead guilty so that there was no trial.”
​  ​Kennedy believes the real assassin was Thane Eugene Cesar, an employee of Lockheed’s Burbank facility—which manufactured the CIA produced U-2 spy plane—and previously Hughes Aircraft who was moonlighting as a security guard for Ace Security Services.
After the shooting, Kennedy Sr. was photographed with Cesar’s clip-on tie next to him, which he had apparently yanked off.

​Pepe Escobar makes increasingly unflattering (to the west) comparisons:​
Behind the Tin Curtain: BRICS+ vs NATO/G7
..there now exists what should be called a Tin Curtain, fabricated by the fearful, clueless, collective west, via G7 and NATO: this time, to essentially contain the integration of the Global South...

​This is what a "good day" looks like for NATO these days.
​  Hours after Turkey’s announcement yesterday that it would support Finland’s and Sweden’s accession to NATO, Alliance Secretary – General Jens Stoltenberg called this morning (Wednesday) at the annual conference in Madrid to unite and expedite the process of joining. At the same time, he attacked Russia and China, claiming that Russia posed a “direct threat” to NATO.

Understanding the New York Times Article on the CIA in Ukraine
​  ​When you read some so-called bombshell report dishing the dirt on some Top Secret U.S. operation in the New York Times or the Washington Post, you need to understand that this was not the result of some intrepid, eager beaver reporter who took the initiative and came up with a nifty idea for a story. Such stories are based on official or sanctioned leaks and always have an ulterior motive...
​..​Got that? The most acute problem is that the best Ukrainian troops are dead, wounded or captured. There are no first rate troops left to train
Oh my. That is a problem and the United States is not going to put any of our troops into harms way. 
That is, for now, the Biden Administration’s policy. 
Putting “modern special operations teams” on the ground to train Ukrainians is, per the NY Times piece, too great a risk and carries a price that is not worth the outcome.

The same American families who liked Hitler so well, like the Bushes and Harrimans, are still our oligarchs. Western financiers and industrialists took-down the Tsar  by funding the insurrectionists and the Bolsheviks, but "lost" Russia to Stalin during WW-2. 
They need Russia's vast resources now, more than ever, as western finance implodes.
Lavrov gets it right by comparing European Union and NATO to Hitler’s old Axis

​Ilargi at The Automatic Earth:  The Entire World Order Has Changed
..And we now know that they won’t be BRICS for much longer. Many countries choose to be affiliated, in one form or another, with the BRICS rather than the “west”. They see that Russia is winning in Ukraine, and they see the damage the sanctions do. It’s just practical considerations. Saudi Arabia and Argentina are interested in joining BRICS. So are Uruguay, Iran, Egypt, Thailand, and a number of post-Soviet States. They see where the real economic power resides.
  It’s amusing to see that for this week’s G7 in Germany, the host country has “invited the leaders of India, Indonesia, Senegal, Argentina and South Africa to the summit..” They will not join the G7 instead of the BRICS. Why would they? The world is moving away from unipolar US/NATO power. And as Russia and China have repeatedly said, this move is irreversible. It’s all because of what happens in Ukraine. 
​  ​The west is losing militarily AND economically.

EU Says Africa Should Stop Buying Russian Fertilizer -- But Can't Make It Themselves

​   This shouldn't be a problem. It's not like we're at war with anybody that can cut off our oil, is it?​
(Well, just as a thought problem, what would happen if outside supplies of oil to the US were stopped?)
US Emergency Oil Reserves Tumble To Record Low 27 Days Worth Of Supply

​It's not just about "weapons", but about covertly adjusting the brain function of billions of humans​ in order to manipulate them (us).
​Spartacus : ​The Weaponization of Biotech​  
The unregulated advancement of biotech is creating a new arms race and threatening our personal autonomy

​What do Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan have in common this year?
Igor Chudov, Depopulation of Taiwan   Birth Rate Dropped by 23% in ONE YEAR -- And it is NOT Covid
​  ​This is a continuation of my post from yesterday about a massive 13% decline in births in Germany. Such a decline is a nine-sigma event, meaning that it is so unlikely to occur by chance, that it would naturally happen as rarely as an asteroid striking the Earth.

Dramatic Decline in Births in Germany(and Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, North Dakota)​
​..​If this is happening in Q1 in Germany after a MINORITY of 18-49 yo were vaccinated in Q2 2021, what will happen in subsequent quarters? 
Will the birth rate decline even further?

​Swiss Policy Research noticed that same bar graph of live births in Switzerland. 
(The Pfizer study data aboutvaccine-study-participant miscarriages ceased to be recorded after a sudden early rise. Poof. Not writing that down any more.)
Covid Vaccines and Fertility
​  ​Why is there a substantial decrease in births in Germany, Switzerland, and other countries – nine months after the beginning of covid mass vaccinations?
​  ​Do covid vaccines impact male or female fertility?
​  ​An Israeli study recently published in the scientific journal Andrology seemed to have found a 15% decrease in sperm concentration three months after mRNA covid vaccination. The authors argued the decrease was temporary, but the data didn’t actually show a recovery...

Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines May Increase Risk of Infection, Study Shows
A peer-reviewed study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows two doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine yield negative protection against symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection, while previous infection without vaccination offers about 50% immunity.

​Coming this summer:
Omicron BA.5 Prefers Hypervaccinated Masking West Germans, Avoids the Former DDR
  Vaccine failure in one map
  East Germans have direct experience with government propaganda, and have proven more resistant to the vaccination campaign than Westerners. Their reward, after being much maligned by state media, is now higher levels of natural immunity and lower rates of BA.5 infection, which appears to prefer vaccinated populations.

Pfizer Documents show Pfizer made its vaccine appear more effective than it was
​  ​JikkyLeaks claimed that data contained inside the massive Pfizer Documents release shows their vaccine had close to zero efficacy even when it launched. There is some correcting of the raw data required to reach this conclusion, but the raw data alone hints at an efficacy of 53%. The data contradicts Pfizer’s published claims the vaccine was 95% effective... 
​..​At least one other researcher has publicly reached the same results using data contained in the court-ordered Pfizer documents. I have already verified that the data exists, and using very simple public code, that the numbers add up to what Josh and Jikky claim.

If you never look, you can't be convicted of knowably hiding evidence of harm to Americans. (Is this a premeditated ignorance-defense?)
CDC Admits It Never Monitored VAERS for COVID Vaccine Safety Signals
In response to a Freedom of Information Request submitted by Children’s Health Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week admitted it never analyzed the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System for safety signals for COVID-19 vaccines.

If you have kept your kids un-"vaccinated" thus far, they have almost certainly had one of the COVID variants by now.
COVID-19: Preliminary Israeli study finds natural immunity in youth infected
​  ​In the largest worldwide study on unvaccinated children and teens, researchers found those who had been previously infected with COVID had a natural immunity between 80% and 89% for 18 months.

Naturally Immune
(pictured with Jenny, married 37 years)


  1. A Lie Too Big To Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of ROBERT F. Kennedy, written by Lisa Pease, published by Feral House, 2018, is very detailed, very convincing.

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    2. Thank You,
      I have kept up with the Kennedy assasinations since they happened, though I was 5&1/2 when JFK was murdered. I would like to see this epoch come to a close. I would like to see an America where RFK Jr. could be President.