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Mandatory Conspiracy


  Meryl Nass MD has done a lot of investigation. "Gain of Function" research and international sharing of pathogens seem to be "required" in this proposed treaty. 
Here is her brief summary:
  The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics
  As long predicted by science fiction, our biotech, cyber and surveillance achievements have finally gotten away from us. We can produce vaccines in 100 days and manufacture them in 130 days–but there will be no guarantees that the products will be safe, effective, or adequately manufactured. And we can expect large profits, but no consequences for the legally shielded manufacturers and government officials from any injuries to the public.
  If we do face another pandemic, being able to access repurposed drugs will be the only rapid and safe solution. Yet existing drugs have been deliberately excluded by the WHO's IHR amendments and treaty draft, presumably because no one gets rich off non-patentable and available old drugs.
  Our genes can be decoded by genomic sequencing, and the fruits of personalized medicine made available to us. Or perhaps our genes will be patented and sold to the highest bidder. We might be able to select for special characteristics in our children, but at the same time, a human underclass of test-tube babies could be created.   [Genomic sequencing labs in every country are specified in the treaty. JD]
  Our electronic communications can be completely monitored and censored, and uniform messaging can be imposed on everyone. But for whom would this be good?
  New biological weapons will be discovered or engineered. They will be shared. We can hope the GOF research that studied and created them will speed up the development of vaccines and therapeutics for the public, but it never has so far.  
  Who really benefits from the gain-of-function scam?  Those who seek to control us.  It is the public who pays the cost of the research, then pays again for the accidents and deliberate leaks. Wouldn’t it be better to end gain-of-function research entirely, by restricting funding or closing the laboratories, rather than encouraging the distribution of biological weapons?  If we want a decent future, it is crucial that we control these weapons instead of proliferating them.
  These are important issues for all of humanity, and I encourage everyone to pay attention to them, think about them, and become part of this very important conversation.

  Fox investigating what happened at the henhouse...
  Hawaii State Government Attempts Information Blackout On Maui Fire - Refuses Media Access
  The West Maui disaster is becoming less about the fire and more about the government's bizarre response to the aftermath.  Independent media sources and some mainstream media sources have confirmed multiple instances of the Democrat controlled government's mismanagement that led to the escalation of the tragedy...
..The Governor of Hawaii, Josh Green 
(MD), took a wild swing at independent reporting, telling people not to listen to information from social media and "influencers." ... Green's disapproval of media reporting is not limited to alternative journalists, however.  It appears that there is now an information blackout being instituted by the state.  Corporate journalists are also being denied access to the area of the fire damage path as well as access to any details surrounding the investigation into how the fires may have started...
..The lockdown is reminiscent of the state's recent draconian covid response and has undertones similar to the Hurricane Katrina calamity in 2005.  It is possible that the Hawaiian government got a taste of ultimate power over the past few years and now they think that 1st Amendment rights no longer apply.  The editor of the Maui Times reiterates that the government is shutting out all media inquiries and they are not to blame for the lack of confirmed updates on the situation.
  First, it's clear that independent reporting is having an effect in exposing state mismanagement, which is why they are attacking "influencers" and putting access on ice.  Second, public pressure must be immense, because even the local media is trying to stave off the torches and pitchforks by reiterating that they have no access...  Third, there is something going on in Maui beyond bureaucratic hubris.
  Why block the media from going to the site of the fire?  Why try to inoculate the public to any information outside of government sources?  Is there something they are trying to hide beyond incompetence?  There is evidence to suggest that a major land grab is already in progress, with wealthy interests as well as state interests circling the charred Maui carcass ready to feed.  There are also questions as to the true source of the fires.
  Frankly, if government policy decisions led to the deaths of hundreds of people then they should pay the price for their blunders. If other shady activities are afoot, then the public has a right to know.  The state is not given license to deny media examination of the event... These people deserve to be placed under a very large and uncomfortable microscope.

  Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said:
  "Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin is not seeking to push Belarus into an involvement in the Ukraine war.
If you Ukrainians do not violate our borders, we will never participate in this war…
  But we will always offer our help to Russia. He is our ally," Lukashenko emphasized in an interview he gave to Ukrainian journalist Diana Panchenko...
.."The only threat is an attack against our country.

If such an attack against our country is launched from Poland, Lithuania or Latvia, then we will immediately respond with everything (means) at our disposal," he warned...
..The counterattack has cost you 45,000 dead soldiers in the last two months alone. Western weapons and men sent by the Ukrainians to the front are being destroyed. They are now on the defensive and your losses are 1 to 8 on the front line.
   And 250,000 Russians are in reserve with modern weapons.
You will crash. …
  And then they will do what you and your leadership fear most.
They will advance as far as Moldova and Transnistria.
The Russians will occupy Nikolaev, Odessa and Transnistria blocking Ukraine from the Black Sea.

  What will you do after that?
  And the Poles are rubbing their hands with satisfaction..
They are pushed by the Americans to take the western territories.

This here will stay with you. And that will happen. The state of Ukraine will cease to exist.
  If you don't stop now, this will happen. Sit down to negotiate. If you don't want, Russia has no need.
  The biggest news of the day is the Dutch/Danish decision to supply F-16s to Ukraine:
Points he makes
  There are protocols to follow. These 42(?) planes cannot arrive before next year, if things have not been settled by war or treaty, that is. They are poorly suited to rough Ukrainian runways, because F-16s have a big jet intake just above the ground, and suck in debris on take-off. Runways need to be immaculate, like in Poland and Germany, not like Ukraine.
Russian air defense systems and pilots will become familiar with F-16s in combat situations. Good for Russia, bad for NATO. These jets can carry nuclear warheads, so there will be every attempt to shoot them down as soon as they pop up in Ukrainian airspace, as Russia keeps saying. (What will the shoot-down bonuses be?)
  US media has let the cat out of the bag that Ukraine just dispatched it's last ready-reserve, the NATO trained/equipped 82nd Air Assault Brigade, which is getting chewed up as horribly against Russian defenses as the other brigades have been. 
..The elite AFU 82nd, as part of the ‘Maroon’ group, continues trying to storm Rabotino with its Strykers. They’ve managed to knock Russian troops out of several positions but so far rumors of their taking Rabotino have proven false...
 ..new “leaked intelligence report” has made this determination:
  The U.S. intelligence community assesses that Ukraine’s counteroffensive will fail to reach the key southeastern city of Melitopol, people familiar with the classified forecast told The Washington Post, a finding that, should it prove correct, would mean Kyiv won’t fulfill its principal objective of severing Russia’s land bridge to Crimea in this year’s push.
  The grim assessment is based on Russia’s brutal proficiency in defending occupied territory through a phalanx of minefields and trenches, and is likely to prompt finger pointing inside Kyiv and Western capitals about why a counteroffensive that saw tens of billions of dollars of Western weapons and military equipment fell short of its goals.
  The Ukraine is said to be "paying for western weapons with Ukrainian lives".
  A plan is discussed to fund the Ukraine for another year of war, then negotiate a settlement and let Ukraine join NATO as something smaller than it is now. Ukraine hates that talk, and it has been officially unsaid with apologies. Russia, having accomplished enough land-repatriation, will not back down on the red line of Ukrainian military neutrality. Russia doesn't have to take that.
  The other intriguing thing is how it dovetails with Lukashenko’s new theory, which he gave during a recent interview, that Ukraine will be inducted into NATO on the basis of Poland occupying its Western territories. He doesn’t spell out the exact mechanisms by which he envisions this to happen, but merely the inference that NATO will have little room to reject Ukraine once a full-fledged NATO member has already politically merged with them. [or the Galician part of "Ukraine"]...
..Edward Luttwak in a new Die Welt article, says that the only way Ukraine can win is by going “total war” mode, a complete societal mobilization of 3 million bayonets. 
"There is only one way forward: to wage the war with the seriousness befitting a national liberation struggle. Ukraine's population has shrunk, it is true, but it is still more than 30 million people, so the total number of armed forces could be as high as 3 million. With such a military force, Ukraine could win battles and liberate its territory the old-fashioned way - in a war of attrition, like most European wars of independence," the author believes...
..And it seems, ironically enough, that Zelensky has recently signaled interest more in this plan rather than the opposing one. Twice now in the past week or two alone, Zelensky has eerily posted videos chastising Ukrainian society for ignoring the war and imploring that “everyone” should be assisting in the war effort in one way or another....
..The other ‘well-timed’ release making the rounds was the new NYTimes article with the “bombshell” revelation that over 500k casualties have been suffered in the war thus far...
Of course, as usual they couch these figures with the fact that it’s Russia still taking the lion’s share of the losses:
  Russia's military casualties are approaching 300,000, including as many as 120,000 deaths and 170,000 to 180,000 injuries, the newspaper reported. Ukrainian deaths were close to 70,000, with 100,000 to 120,000 wounded, it added.
  But we know in reality this is their way of signaling Ukraine’s losses without causing too much of a panic. If they had merely come out and said that Ukraine has 200k total casualties, it could overturn the apple cart...
  Simplicius then expounds on the point ths this war is not stalemated, but only looks that way, because Ukraine is using up all of it's manpower and war supplies as commanded by the west/US, and Russia is cooperating by killing Ukrainian men and destroying NATO weaponry as long as it keeps coming to their defensive lines to be destroyed. Russia plans to finish exhausting Ukrainian war-fighting capacity this way, and is getting very close to that point. Russia's options for subsequequent offensive action which are extensive, and include Wagner in Belarus, are discussed.
  Belarusian President Lukashenko states that Russia has a new 250,000 man army completely trained and prepared, which is far more than the forces they currently have fighting in Ukraine, completely additional to those forces. These forces comprise a deterrent to NATO, but could militarily take the parts of Ukraine which are strategic to Russian interests, and ethnically Russian...
..Interestingly, there was even rumor that Ukraine’s general staff wants Zelensky to begin mining Odessa and Nikolayev regions, but he’s afraid as doing so would signal that Ukraine is failing...
..Another development vis a vis the new narrative of preparation for Russia’s spring 2024 offensive is that U.S. and the West are in worse shape than ever ammunition-wise, and want to use the winter as a recouping period, where conflict intensity, and therefore ammo expenditures, will be low...
..A shortage of raw materials – particularly the explosive TNT, which the US no longer produces – has hampered the Pentagon’s efforts to restock its own arsenal, which has been severely depleted by its support for Ukraine. Washington currently obtains much of its TNT from Poland but has been searching for new suppliers, including in Japan, after losing production partner Zarya when the region where the factory was located voted to become part of Russia in last year’s referendum.  
  Meanwhile, workers at the Storm Shadow factory in Britain are going on strike over low pay...
..Russian forces are advancing in several areas, apparently to re-take positions they held at this time last year, and to consolidate control of the 4 oblasts which have been accepted into Russia by local referenda...
..Negotiation stances appear hardened in Russia and Ukraine, and Russians say that the US must actually negotiate, as they are the master of Ukraine. Next steps are not clear yet.

How the US and France created a Niger mess for themselvesBy M. K. Bhadrakumar, a retired Indian diplomat
​  The military coup in Niger is over (one month) old. The military government is cementing its rule, having gained the upper hand in the shadow play with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) backed by ex-colonial powers ravaging that desperately poor West African state rich in mineral wealth – France, Germany, and Italy – and the United States.
​  The prospects of Niger’s pro-Western President Mohamed Bazoum being reinstated look dim. He is an ethnic Arab with a small power base in a predominantly African country, hailing from the migrant Ouled Slimane tribe, which has a history of being France’s fifth column in the Sahel region locked in a struggle with the ancient Tuareg people, the large Berber group that principally inhabits the Sahara in a vast area stretching from Libya to Algeria, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, and northern Nigeria...
..For Macron personally, this has been a terrible occurrence, as he has lost his best supporter in Africa for France’s neo-colonial policies. He misread the groundswell behind the coup and gambled that Niger’s military would splinter. To be sure, his overreaction boomeranged as the coup leaders overnight abrogated the military pacts with Paris. And the latent animosity toward France has surged on account of its predatory policies in Niger...
..Not only France, but Western powers on the whole do not understand that the African people have a highly politicized mindset, thanks to the violent, bitterly fought national liberation movements. Unsurprisingly, Africa has been quick to adapt to the space opening up for them in the multipolar setting to negotiate with the ex-colonial masters. The savviness with which the coup leaders in Niamey are acting takes the breath away...
..The US faces a messy situation in Niger. The plain truth is, if the Biden administration has not formally labeled the military takeover a coup, it is because such a designation will not permit further security assistance to Niger. The US has a 1,100-strong military presence in the country and, more importantly, a drone base, known as airbase 201, near Agadez in central Niger built at a cost of more than $100 million, which has been used since 2018 for operations in the Sahel.
​  The US is so much on the back foot that a Reuters report stated that “one of the US officials said if [Russian private military contractor] Wagner fighters turn up in Niger it would not automatically mean US forces would have to leave. 
[Now announced that they will be evacuated.]​ ...
​  The good part is that in this bizarre state of play, the US also cannot afford a military intervention in Niger by ECOWAS, lest its military presence become untenable in such a chaotic atmosphere. Of course, the coup leaders in Niamey have been smart enough not to make any demand so far to remove American troops from Niger.
​  As regards the drone base, the leading Africa specialist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, Cameron Hudson, also a former US official, estimates it is likely that Washington will try to keep using the facility irrespective of who is in charge of Niger.

New US envoy arrives in Niger, no policy change yet: State Dept
Attempts to address Niger's political situation following last month's military coup continue.

​  China Rapidly Building Airstrip On Disputed Island Close To Vietnam
​  China is continuing to militarize disputed islands it has long exercised effective control over in the South China Sea, according to new satellite images.
The images, taken by Planet Labs PBC in early August, show fresh construction on the westernmost island of the Paracel Islands close to Vietnam (and which are claimed by both Vietnam and Taiwan). What has regional and US officials alarmed is the large airstrip which appears to be progressing at rapid pace.

​  An oil tanker that is suspected of carrying Iranian oil has begun to offload oil near Texas, a development that is sure to lead to an escalation in tensions between the U.S. and Iran.
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard had warned that those involved in the offloading of the cargo from the Suez Rajan “should expect to be struck back.”

Drink bottled ​R.O. w​ater unless you can get data that your water supply is one of the good ones.
EPA Finds Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' In Water Systems Across The US

​Professor Anthony Hall, The Death Cult is Gaining Momentum    [Well, I hope it is losing momentum and people are not getting more shots.]
Where is Humanity Headed as We Try to Absorb the Impact of the Bioweapon Disguised as a Medical Cure?


Steve Kirsch says "The Mandates Are Back", which is a rumor I have been seeing lately, that we will "all be masking again this fall" for a new, scary COVID variant.
"This time however, we are ready for them.  It is vital that VSRF (Vaccine Safety Research Foundation) continues our work in defeating the mandates before they once again spread across the country- destroying millions of lives and tens of millions of jobs, small businesses, and educational dreams."

Renegade (not pictured with feral kittens below Yoakum landing)

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