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 Problem Solvers,

  Larry Johnson posted this long essay on his site, which is most illuminating, and we have all seen it happening, but this is the whole-elephant (excerpted here).
  I suggest that the cause of this unfolding disaster is a serious structural problem in the West – which Russia seems to have largely avoided. This structural problem is a necessary condition for the current western system and has been purposely created to bring it about and maintain it. This problem is the subject of this article – as well as the “mechanism” behind it. This is unfortunately a long article, but the subject matter demands it.
  Human capital and its properties
  The current ideologically-based power structure of the West outright requires that certain types of people be in positions of influence and certain types of people be sidelined. This applies to all steps of the social ladder; from kindergarten teachers to university teachers and corporate executives, and all the way up to the leaders of society itself. This has been progressing steadily for the last five decades or so, and has resulted in a major structural problem for the West. That problem is the obvious and massive degradation and misallocation of human capital in the West.
  Human capital can be described as the quality of a company’s or nation’s workforce, or more specifically how competent the employee pool is – how well they are trained, how quickly they can be trained, how they are educated in general, and how they make decisions. In order to understand what competence really means, let’s define it further.
  Competence can be described as specific or general. This distinction is extremely important and must be understood by anyone who attempts to manage human capital on a small or large scale.
  Specific competence is the ability to do a certain type of work. This can be carpentry, coding, chemistry, medicine, piloting an airliner, and so on and so forth. Some of these types of jobs may require a lot of competence, training and intelligence, but what they have in common is that their scope is limited and clearly defined. They exist within clear boundaries, separate from the complexities and vagueness of the world in general. Each type of work requires certain abilities innate in the person, as well as varying degrees of training. People, of course, differ a lot in their level of specific competence within each field.
  General or high-level competence is the ability to do work that is beyond clearly defined boundaries. The subject matter of those types of work exists in a complex “variable universe” and can be exceedingly vague and confusing. It requires the ability to be adaptive and be able to transfer skills between different types of work. This also applies to expertise in one field being applied to a completely different field – such as applying psychology to economics or astrophysics to climate science.
  Examples of positions requiring general or high-level competence people are corporate executives, all kinds of planners and administrators, product developers, inventors, high-level consultants and analysts, military leaders and planners, diplomats, judges, political leaders, and high-level scientists and theoreticians, to name a few.
  Specific and general competence types of work are not two separate things. Types of work or “jobs” can be said to range from almost completely specific up to almost completely general. Almost all types of work have elements of both but in varying proportions. To illustrate this I will take an example from a company I’m personally familiar with. This is a software company with several owners, most of whom work at the company. One of the owners is an exceptionally competent database specialist. However, when he contributes to decision making for the company as a whole, he becomes an outright problem. The management structure of the company had to be “modified” to neutralize him in that role, as well as a few others. This employee has exceptional specific competence but very poor general competence. He cannot “transfer” his specific database competence over to competence in moving the company into the future. He simply cannot operate objectively or sensibly outside his database job.
  So what makes this employee have such poor general competence – or more specifically – what is general competence? General competence requires three necessary conditions: a) High general intelligence or IQ, b) the ability to be objective, even in situations where the result of your conclusions may not be to your liking, and c) the ability to reach conclusions without being influenced by others (i.e. independent thinking). The latter two conditions are a direct result of how the human brain interacts with the environment. The mechanism behind it is too complicated to describe here, but in simplistic terms it can be said that humans range in their relationship with reality from the emotional-outward/subjective to the introspective/objective. This variable, like all evolutionary traits, including IQ, is normally distributed. This has rather disturbing implications which may be difficult for some people to understand.
  Let’s first look at IQ, or general intelligence. In order to be able to deal with seriously complicated work or get through a real university program, an IQ of about 125 is necessary. Only about 5% of the population in the West has this IQ or higher. This means that the pool of potentially high-level competence people is very small to begin with. Even if we use a cut-off of an IQ of 115, which is sufficient for most semi-complicated work, the potential pool only goes up to 16% of the population.
  Now let’s take a look at the other variables, i.e. objectivity and independent thinking. Those two are correlated and we will, for the sale of convenience, handle them as the same variable or trait, even though they aren’t. They are normally distributed, much like IQ, with most in the middle and fewer toward the extremes in both directions. On one side of the distribution are people who, to state it bluntly, are incapable of thinking objectively about any issues that may interact with their personal views about anything at all. They can be competent in a limited field which is “neutral” to them (such as databases), but not involving anything else. They can’t run a company in a competitive environment, except into the ground. They can’t run a city, a country, a military campaign, an economy, or anything requiring general competence, except into the ground, regardless of their intelligence. These people are clearly not suitable for general/high-level competence jobs.
  So, what is the proportion of the population that is objective enough and independent thinkers enough to be suitable for those jobs? That’s difficult to determine but it’s clear that it is maximum 50% of the population. In reality it’s far less but let’s be generous and say it’s 30%. What does that mean?
  IQ and objectivity/independent thinking are somewhat correlated but let’s assume they are not. Let’s say that we have a pool of potentially objective and rational people that is 30% and a pool of people with IQ of 125 that is 5%. That means that the pool of high-level general competence people is 5% of 30%, or 1.5% of the population.
  If we are really generous and assume that 50% of the population is objective and rational and an IQ of 115 is sufficient for those jobs, then we have 16% of 50%, which is a pool of 8% of the population.
  The importance of this cannot be overstated. This group, whether we define it as 1.5% of the population or 8% of the population, is extremely valuable. This is essentially the only group in society that can reliably evaluate complex situations and make subsequent rational decisions. Without it, modern technological society simply cannot be built or maintained – let alone advanced. Let me rephrase this – if we do not identify and utilize this group, we cannot run our complicated societies except into the ground.

  Meryl Nass MD, Maine Medical License suspended for treating patients effectively for COVID with ivermectin and other antivirals.
​  Lots of recent talk about depopulation agendas. What are people saying? Surely this is something we all want to be informed about to draw our own conclusions, A collection of recent articles, not authored by Dr. Nass

​  Why Is America’s ‘Woke Left’ Silent Over Blockbuster Child Sex-Trafficking Film?
​  A new American film that reveals the brutal reality of child sex-trafficking has been greeted with muted enthusiasm from the political left, which begs the question: does the silence equal complicity in the unspeakable crime?
​  Tim Ballard is an American anti-human trafficking activist, author and founder of the non-profit organization Operation Underground Railroad, an anti-sex trafficking organization. A former special agent at the Department of Homeland Security who now works independently, Ballard’s life’s work is being immortalized in a Hollywood film, entitled Sound of Freedom.
​  The film, which stars Jim Caviezel in the role of Ballard, leads audiences through the harrowing twists and turns of Ballard’s true life experiences where he works to rescue children from the nightmare of sex slavery. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film has grossed over $140 million in the United States against a $14.5 million budget, while audience reception has been highly positive, scoring 99% on the Rotten Tomatoes film review site, and for apparently good reason.
​  According to estimates by the International Labour Organization, there were 24.9 million victims of human trafficking around the world in 2016. Yet for reasons known only to them, the left-leaning media and other institutions appear to be strangely anxious to draw the curtain on the Angel Studios production.

​  Look, Jim Kunstler read the author excerpted  above.
  Normies Awake!
  “The West can’t do diplomacy in general, it can’t run its cities or countries except into the ground, its high-tech projects fail almost as a rule, its infrastructure is crumbling, its economies are crumbling, and all public policies seem to have a civilizational suicide as a final goal.” — Gaius Baltar

Thomas Knapp on the push to bring back the military draft in the US , Thanks Christine 
 “Today,” Lt. Colonel Joe Plenzler (USMC, retired) writes at Military.com, “the military needs only about 160,000 youth from an eligible population of 30 million to meet its recruitment needs. But after two decades of war — both of which ended unsuccessfully — and low unemployment, many experts believe the all-volunteer force has reached a breaking point.”  
  Plenzler suggests a “limited” military draft to make up for recruitment quota shortfalls. “We should have our military recruiters sign up new troops for 11 months out of the year,” he writes, “and then have the Selective Service draft the delta between the military’s needs and the total number recruited.”
  As a practical matter, Plenzler’s proposal “solves” an artificial problem that needn’t and shouldn’t exist. The US armed forces are far too large and far too expensive if their purpose is “national defense.” If they were cut by 90%, the risk of a significant foreign attack on the US would remain the same as now — virtually non-existent, and mostly a matter of air and missile defense. Stop trying to rule the world militarily. “Problem” solved.
  As a legal matter, the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution remains the Supreme Law of the Land: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” While the government and its courts have a long history of ignoring that unambiguous ban on conscription.

  History Legends presents a lot of relevant African history in 23 minutes, maybe more quickly and clearly than I could have read it. Masterful. Thanks Eleni.
How Wagner Kicked OUT France From AFRICA
​  Land blockade of Kaliningrad and Belarus begins - Massive military deployment of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland​  
​  For the first time in modern history, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are simultaneously moving military forces to the borders with Belarus and Russia.
All three countries are preparing for a total land blockade of Belarus and by extension the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

​  West Africa is on the brink of a new war, as 11 days after the overthrow of Niger's president, Mohamed Bazoum, he issued an ultimatum to a number of African ECOWAS states.
​  In light of the threats of African states to intervene, the new authorities of Niger announced that "in the face of the threat of intervention concreted by neighboring countries, Niger's airspace is closed until further notice", pointing out that "any attempt to violate the airspace" will lead to in "energetic and immediate reaction".

​Steve Kirsch , VAERS data is crystal clear: The COVID vaccines are killing an estimated 1 person per 1,000 doses (676,000 dead Americans)

​  Infant Vaccines Linked to Increase in All-Cause Mortality, New Research Shows
​  A new study finds developed countries requiring the most vaccine doses for infants have higher childhood mortality rates, contradicting assumptions that more vaccines equate to lower deaths. 
​  “Our findings would be considered moderate correlations which are statistically significant,” Miller said. The correlations are positive, meaning that the more vaccine doses given, the higher the mortality.​..
​  Developed nations requiring the most neonatal vaccine doses tend to have the worst childhood mortality rates, according to a peer-reviewed study published July 20 in Cureus Journal of Medical Science.
​  “Health authorities emphasize that vaccines save lives,” lead author Neil Miller told The Defender. “Yet our data suggests that when developed nations require two versus zero neonatal vaccine doses, or many versus fewer vaccines during infancy, there may be unintended consequences that increase all-cause mortality.”
​  Miller, director of the Institute of Medical and Scientific Inquiry in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been researching this topic since the early 2000s. In a 2011 paper with the same co-author — Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D., an independent computer scientist — they showed that developed countries requiring the most vaccine doses for infants had the least favorable infant mortality rates...
​..“In these circumstances health authorities expect to see negative correlations, that is, a decline in mortality with more vaccine doses. So, any statistically significant positive correlation is a genuine concern,” Miller said.
​  Miller calculated a highly significant difference of 1.28 deaths per 1,000 live births in the mean infant mortality rates between nations not giving their neonates any vaccine doses, and those requiring vaccination against both hepatitis B and tuberculosis.
  For each reduction of six vaccine doses administered during infancy, the infant mortality rate improved by approximately one death per 1,000 live births.
  A hallmark of good science is the good-faith openness to test one’s conclusions, a practice Miller and Goldman followed here. To validate their conclusions, the researchers applied 18 different statistical analyses to the data. This is like using several different camera angles to confirm whether a tennis ball hit the line or was out.
  Seventeen of 18 statistical treatments confirmed the original conclusion that the more vaccines given, the higher the infant and early childhood mortality rates.
  In most nations, more than half of all infant deaths (within the first year) occur during the neonatal period (the first 28 days of life), and about 75% of those deaths occur within one week after birth when hepatitis and tuberculosis vaccines are administered.
  Deaths occurring during the neonatal period have a disproportionately high impact on the reporting of infant and under-5 mortality rates, but the longer after vaccination the deaths occur, the less likely physicians are to associate them with vaccines given right after birth.
  “Hepatitis B and tuberculosis vaccines given shortly after birth, when the immune system is immature and the newborn’s weight is low, may increase vulnerability to serious adverse reactions and deaths that ultimately contribute to higher mortality rates moving forward,” Miller said.

  ​Peter McCullough MD , Cardiac Mortality Up During 28 Days after COVID-19 Vaccination in Self-Controlled Studies from England, Italy, United States
Cardiac Fatalities Jump up for a Month After the Shot

  Donald Rumsfeld (Reagan) got Nutra-Sweet approved by the FDA over medical objections. It had been tried before. It makes the baby monkeys have seizures.
​  Aspartame Linked to Anxiety — And Effects May Span Multiple Generations . Joseph Mercola D.O.
​  When aspartame is consumed, it’s broken down into aspartic acid, phenylalanine — a precursor of monoamine neurotransmitters — and methanol, which may have “potent” effects on your central nervous system, according to researchers at the Florida State University College of Medicine who also found that those effects may span multiple generations.
​  The research involved mice drinking water that contained aspartame at a dosage of approximately 15% of the FDA’s maximum daily intake, equivalent to a human drinking six to eight 8-ounce cans of diet soda daily.
​  The study came about after the research team looked at the transgenerational effects of nicotine, revealing epigenetic changes in sperm cells; similar effects may be occurring with aspartame.
The shocking findings add yet another reason why you should toss any aspartame-containing products from your kitchen cabinets.

​  Meryl Nass MD , How the current version of the WHO's Pandemic Treaty (aka Bureau Text) encourages rather than prevents pandemics
​  Obviously, the best way to spare us from another pandemic is to immediately stop funding “Gain of Function”* research, and get rid of what has already been funded and created. Let all the nations make big bonfires and burn up their evil creations at the same time, while allowing other nations to inspect their biological facilities and records.
​  But the WHO in its Bureau Text of the draft Pandemic Treaty has a plan that is the exact opposite of this. In the WHO’s world, which almost all nations’ rulers have bought into, all the governments will share any and all viruses and bacteria they come up with that have “pandemic potential” — share them with all the other governments. They are supposed to sequence them and then put the sequence online. No kidding. Then the WHO and all the Faucis of the world would gain access to every Frankenstein virus, at once. Presumably a bunch of hackers would also gain access to the sequences. Does this make you feel more secure?
​  The WHO Treaty draft incentivizes Gain Of Function research
​  At least this plan makes clear whose side everyone is on. Fauci, Tedros and their ilk at the WHO, and those managing biodefense and biomedical research for nation states are on one side, the side that gains access to even more biological weapons, and the rest of us are on the other, at their mercy.
​  This crazy plan used to be called proliferation of weapons of mass destruction—and it is almost certainly illegal. But it is their plan. Governments will all share the weapons. And they are to put a lot more money into biolabs, and especially into genomic sequencing. Presumably so they can make even better weapons, and maybe they will even get around to cures or antidotes. But who will get the cures? It wasn’t us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

​  Below you will find a PDF with 8 pages of the WHO Treaty Draft, with highlights and italicized comments from Dr. Nass. This appears to give all authority for medical emergency determination in the world to the WHO. All countries appear to be required to follow WHO edicts, and to fund WHO, and to keep their populations from spreading divisive (free speech) disinformation about WHO policies and mandates. The WHO will keep all pandemic treatment supplies, and determine their global usage (Is it better or worse to be their friend?)  There is a lot of ornate language which appears to insert "Private Partners" like the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation into the decision-making process. There are multiple references to "streamlining", which means eliminating any resistance from populations, elected officials and national courts. There is absolution from liability for the WHO and all who follow WHO edicts (except vaccine-recipients).  https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0?ui=2&ik=089f962730&attid=0.1&permmsgid=msg-a:r683875171107954000&view=att&disp=safe&realattid=f_ll1mqte70

​  Museum bans JK Rowling from Harry Potter exhibit​    Thanks Christine.
​  World’s most successful author erased from exhibition celebrating her most famous character due to her views on trans community
​  The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle has removed any references to Harry Potter author JK Rowling from an exhibition celebrating the fictional wizard, due to her “super hateful and divisive” comments about the transgender community.
​  “There’s a certain cold, heartless, joy-sucking entity in the world of Harry Potter and, this time, it is not actually a Dementor,” the exhibit’s project manager Chris Moore, who is transgender, wrote in a blog explaining the decision to axe Rowling from the museum.
​  Moore added: “This certain person is a bit too vocal with her super hateful and divisive views to be ignored.” The blog post also explained that the series creator’s absence is a short-term measure to “reduce her impact” while the museum determines its “long-term practices.”
​  According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the Harry Potter exhibit remains on display but without any mention whatsoever about the creator of the series, which has sold over 500 million books globally since 1997. JK Rowling was inducted into the museum’s hall of fame in 2018.
[This clearly raises the question of whether J.K. Rowling might be a tree.]
Scottish government axes 16 million trees to clear the way for ‘greener’ solutions
​  A Scottish government official has admitted that almost 16 million trees have been cut down in Scotland to make way for ‘green energy’ farms.
The trees were growing on public land and were chopped down so the land could be used for wind turbines.

​Aurora Borealis was seen and photographed in Flagstaff, Arizona a few nights ago, from a minor geomagnetic storm. This would not happen if Earth's magnetic fields were at normal strength. There should be little to no aurora and only in the far north, "northern lights".

Avoiding Bad Decisions (pictured with Thai red curry paste at the ready)


  1. There's two problems with the 5% cognitive elite. One is that so many in the west are funneled off into well paying jobs that are not about helping people. It is more rewarding to use that gift to separate people from their money. This means that as a society our values are inside out. The second problem is in countries with a lower average IQ who then have fewer people who can actually make a difference. Then the first world robs these assets from a country which can little afford the loss.

    1. Yep, you point out multiple valid problems which all stack.
      One thing I am working with is that I am a competent wideband problem-solver, who understands a lot of science and people, and history and society, and I have been fired, so what do I do? I built the house I designed, a lifelong plan. I'm preparing for the system to break, helping family, sharing in as helpful a way as I can, and meditating/praying for all of us.
      There are things I can do and things I can't do. When I was first in hospitals in the late 1970s and early 1980s, things were very different. Competent people handed off to other competent people and got things done quickly and well. Bureaucrats tried to keep up and get them medicines and supplies and stuff.
      Man, that was nice, even if we did not have enough a lot of the time, it all made sense and we all worked together to serve our patients, and knew we could rely upon each other, and they could rely upoon us.
      Then finance and bureaucracy sucked the life out of all that beauty and truth.

    2. There was a less than perfect world that functioned relatively adequately, which was actually pretty impressive for a bunch of overzealous monkeys. Finance, the evil player behind the mask, is the destroyer.


      Dugin is the voice of a better world to come. Rather than Harari's useless eaters to be enslaved and genocided, Dugin posits a mass of neo peasants tied to smallholdings. The difference is one of between insanity and maturity. The western peoples are so cucked and delusional that they embrace the former and scoff the latter.

    3. Yes, "Islamic Banking" as in your link, respects that usury enslaves, which is against God, and also against kings, who need free people to be able to work for the kingdom sometimes. Kings and temples, as per Michael Hudson, always had interest in maintaining a stable and resilient society, so they mandated jubilees from time to time, to prevent structural debt-slavery. Rome fell into that, which was one of the factors that degraded Rome. Byzantium resisted usury and persisted; arguably still persists in Russia...