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Assuming Positions

Seeking Shelter,

Where to begin today? I will keep snippets and my comments brief, because there are so many links, several taking 20 minutes to read.

US Sending Two Carrier Strike Groups To Mideast Region, Taps Qatar To Assist Hostage Mediation With Hamas

Hamas: For every no-warning strike on Palestinians, 1 Israeli executed​ , 
Al-Qassam Brigades military spokesperson says this decision comes as the Israeli entity continues its massacres in Gaza against the children, women, and elderly.


​The US is sending 2 amphibious assault ships with 3000 USMC to the eastern mediterranean. 

​US sends 101st Airborne Division to Jordan.

Biden Says He's Seen "Confirmed Pictures" Of Hamas Beheading Children, WH Issues Immediate Clarification

Source of dubious ‘beheaded babies’ claim is Israeli settler leader who incited riots to ‘wipe out’ Palestinian village​ , Max Blumenthal
After an Israeli reserve soldier named David Ben Zion told a reporter Palestinian militants “cut [off] heads of babies,” Biden, Netanyahu, and the international media amplified the dubious claim.
The Grayzone has identified Ben Zion as a fanatical settler leader who incited riots by demanding a Palestinian town be “wiped out.”

​  A spokeswoman for the Israeli army said that there was no reliable information about the brutal killings of 200 people and the beheadings of infants in the Israeli kibbutz of Kfar Aza.

Trump Suggests Biden Is Given Cocaine To "Liven Up"​ ,  “They say, ‘get him off the stage, that shit’s wearing off, man! Get him off’”

​  High level acceptance of partial blame may be a signal of creeping rationality in the power structure.
​  Israel's Defense Chief Admits Failure To Protect Citizens After Security "Collapsed Like Dominoes"
​  As heavy Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip continues for a sixth day, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have said they are degrading Hamas' ability to rule, with spokesman Daniel Hagari stating, "In certain areas, the organization can no longer rule and we will continue until this is the case throughout."
​  Hagari has also said that "Israel is targeting those who filmed and broadcast Hamas's murderous invasion of southern Israel on Saturday morning. Overnight, the military killed Mustafa Shahin, a Hamas operative the IDF identified from footage online."
​  However, one wonders: if Israel's military and intelligence is this efficient at positively identifying Hamas operatives and their residences or hideouts in the middle of a war unfolding, how was Saturday's large-scale incursion - in which jihadists even took over IDF outposts - able to happen? How was it not foreseen (and with the widely reported Egyptian advanced warning to boot)?

​Compared to this position 3 days ago: Israel Calls Palestinians "Human Animals" - Cuts Fuel, Electric FOOD and WATER to Gaza
Israeli Defense Minister orders siege on Gaza: "There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. We are fighting human animals and we will act accordingly."

​Yesterday:  Israeli Defense Minister: "We have abolished all the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts”

​  Mike McCaul is the wealthiest Congressman. He was not when he was first elected. McCaul is an insider. This is some kind of signal.
Israel knew of Hamas attack in advance – US lawmaker​ , Representative Michael McCaul backed up earlier claims that Egypt tipped officials off to an impending assault

​  Simplicius points out that Israeli ground forces being called up are not trained or motivated to be storm-troopers in the ruins of Gaza, laced with fortified underground tunnels. They do not currently even have enough food or uniforms. 
  This is a long and detailed article, but I want to point out that he points out the foreshadowing of "terror attacks in major cities around the world" to be carried out tomorrow, Friday the 13th of October, by "Hamas" and "Iranian infiltrators" and "Islamic terrorists". 
  It is clear that there is a big and global effort to get people pumped into tribal-killing-rage. Don't fall for it, please.
Israeli Ground Forces Get Cold Feet? + Ukraine War Updates

  ​(Serbian) Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis also has a longish and detailed analysis of the manipulation of peoples through tribalism and warfare. He closes with this:
​  I want to warn you all. There have been camps until now. Ukraine supporters against Russia supporters for example. These camps are consistent with many other topics. Essentially, it is the anti-imperialists/sovereigntists against the empire supporters (most of them don’t even know that they support an empire).
​  With this new war, new dividing lines occur between all of us. Especially in the West. Even the both aforementioned camps are now further divided in Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestina supporters. And with the brutal, graphic and disgusting pictures that are arriving from the civilian areas, it polarizes all of us even more. This is intentional. Don’t fall for this trap. It is “divide and conquer”. Don’t let hate and emotions control you. Keep a cool head and evaluate all events rationally.
​  I stand my ground. BMA will stay neutral in this conflict. We are pro-Israel and pro-Palestina. Pro- civilians of both sides. These people are being played against each other for the benefit of others. We pray for a quick end and peace.

​I just watched the first 15 minutes of this with Alastair Crooke, which is an excellent, balanced and contextual analysis of why the crisis happened last Saturday. Thanks F.S.
Extremist Politics in Israel and Ukraine - Alastair Crooke, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen

​Brian Berletic, an excellent mideast military analyst for decades, brings the Israeli military position into context, which begins at about 15:50. Thanks Eleni.
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Erupts Amid US Proxy War in Ukraine

  Mohammed Deif is the military commander of the Hamas forces. He has long been known as "the visitor", since he never stays in one place. He has taken serious injuries in 5 Israeli airstrike attempts upon his life, including in 2014 when his wife and 2 children were killed. He has one eye, one good arm and a bad spine. He obtained a university science degree before joining Hamas in 1990.  (Thanks to Eleni for some of this historical context.)
  Hamas was originated through the Muslim Brotherhood, long a cat's-paw of British and US intelligence covert operations. The Mossad needed a divisive counterweight to the PLO. Hamas served that function. Hamas helped the Syrian rebels against the Assad government at one point, as did the Morsi government (M. Brotherhood) in Egypt.
  Hamas is touted as "an Iranian-controlled terrorist organization", but it has a history of being (somewhat) "controlled-opposition".
  The question in my mind, which is not readily answered, is whether Mohammed Deif, seemingly a "live player" in history, has redirected the military arm of the controlled-opposition onto a rationalist patriotic trajectory. I do not have an answer, but Deif is clearly intelligent, diligent, and has every reason to believe that he will die fighting for his cause.

"Iron Dome" does not work well at baseline, and is readily overwhelmed by salvos of many smallish rockets.
How Hamas Attack Revealed Iron Dome’s Inefficiency

​Are they giving warnings before dropping bombs on high rise apartment buildings yet?
WW3 | Israel Continues Air Bomb Strikes on Gaza. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.10.11

​  Scott Ritter has a scathing and detailed assessment of the many capabilities and limitations of the Israeli Defense Forces, but here is his summary: Thanks Travis.
​  Israeli Assault on Gaza is Doomed to Fail
​  The Israeli military today is more comfortable making TikTok videos and posting Instagram photographs than they are in perfecting the skillsets needed to close with and destroy your enemy through firepower and maneuver. This is a military that, with a few exceptions found in the elite reconnaissance units of the IDF, has grown accustomed to a peacetime ritual more akin to the life of a corrections officer than soldier. The IDF has become experts at arresting children, beating up women, and murdering unarmed men.
Digging a competent enemy out of the rubble of a destroyed city, especially when they have prepared and organized for such a battle, is deadly work. The Israeli troops who have been assembled outside of Gaza are not ready for this fight. They are not trained or equipped for this fight. They are not psychologically prepared for this fight.

Over 20,000 houses, 10 medical facilities destroyed by Israeli strikes on Gaza — ministry​  (2 days ago, now)
According to the report, a total of 48 local schools have also been damaged

​  In a chilling video interview with Fox News, US Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has called on Americans to support Israel while telling the Israeli leader to ‘finish off’ Palestinians.
​  “This should be personal for every woman and man in America,” Haley said in the interview, which she posted on her social media channels.
“Why?”, she added, “because when (Palestinians) did this, when they made this surprise attack, when they took these hostages, when they murdered these families, they were celebrating.”
​  “And what were they celebrating?” Haley asked, before answering herself, “They were saying ‘Death to Israel,’ ‘Death to America.’ This is not just an attack on Israel. This is an attack on America.”

Some Israeli actions ‘against international law’ – EU​ , Denying Gaza water, food and electricity is not appropriate, Josep Borrell has said

Israeli lawmaker calls for using ‘doomsday weapons’​, Gaza should be “flattened” with nuclear-capable missiles, a member of the Knesset from the ruling party has stated​

Health Ministry in Gaza Strip Calls for Opening of Corridor for Urgent Medicine Supplies

​  Phosphorus vapor enters the nose, mouth, eyes and lungs, reacting with moisture and burning these tissues out from the inside. This is technically a war crime.
​  The Israeli artillery has opened heavy fire on Lebanon, using phosphorus munitions, after militants attacked Israeli positions in the occupied district of Kfarchouba, Al Jadeed television reported.
​  The shelling caused the gardens of local residents and pine groves in the area to catch fire, the report said.
Heavy smoke forced 
[surviving] people in Lebanese villages to leave their homes and descend into the valley.

​Russian forces are clearly on the offensive. Adviivka is perhaps the most heavily-fortified Ukrainian stronghold the Russians have yet approached, including Bakhmut.
The Russians Burst Into Avdiivka - Fighting Is Going On Inside. Military Summary For 2023.10.12

​Post COVID-vaccine turbo-cancers break known medical patterns. Don't look at the young faces. Thanks Red.
Breast Cancer Stage 4: Very Young Age, Triple Negative, New Mothers: Features of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Turbo Cancer; 30 Cases
Resistant to Chemo, Recurrent Tumors More Aggressive

​Averting Gaze (no picture today) 

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