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Broad Appeal Of War


  Simplicius has this broad contextual overview, which is also detailed. I will say that this is looking more and more like Sarajevo 1914, when Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, and all of the countries used interlocking alliance treaties to willingly enter into what became WW-1, something none of them (except perhaps international bankers) envisioned as being as long, destructive and counterproductive as it was to all of them (except international bankers, including the new Federal Reserve Bank).
Israeli Flashpoint - Localized Skirmish? Or the Beginning of Major Global Black Swan?

​  All Palestinians are faced with Benjamin Netanyahu promoting his "final solution" of eliminating any Palestinian entity from "greater Israel", including all lands taken by force in the 1967 war, including from Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. They have daily suffered violence and eviction from their lands, torture and imprisonment without any hope of redress since 1967. 
  The well planned and orchestrated attacks of Hamas were known by Egypt, which warned Mossad, and was ignored. Netanyahu would get his "final solution" of complete elimination of Palestine and genocide of Palestinains. 
  European Israeli Jews with more liberal and secular politics could blame Netanyahu for things going bad. There are reports that Mossad filtered intelligence it gave to Netanyahu, overplaying advantage and underplaying risk. (Of course the regrettable deaths of some Israeli Jews, especialy those attending a peace-rally near Gaza, might become necessary sacrifices in this Pearl-Harbor-III scenario.)
​  Netanyahu’s “New Stage” of “The Long War” against Palestine
​  Netanyahu’s stated objective, which constitutes a new stage in the 75 year old war (since Nakba, 1948) against the people of Palestine is no longer predicated on “Apartheid” or “Separation”. This new stage –which is also to directed against Israelis who want peace– consists in “total appropriation” as well as the outright exclusion of the Palestinian people from their homeland:
​  “These are the basic lines of the national government headed by me [Netanyahu]: The Jewish people have an exclusive and unquestionable right to all areas of the Land of Israel. The government will promote and develop settlement in all parts of the Land of Israel — in the Galilee, the Negev, the Golan, Judea and Samaria.” (Netanyahu January 2023. emphasis added)
​  We bring to the attention of our readers the incisive analysis of  Dr. Philip Giraldi pointing to the likelihood of a “False Flag’”.

Benjamin Netanyahu Blamed by Top Israel Newspaper in Scathing Attack​  (Haaretz blames Netanyahu generally, not specifically, but does not absolve him specifically.)

  There is another report that Mossad relied very heavily upon A.I. monitoring of communications signals and live camera footage of Gaza, and that this was known to Hamas, which was able to keep the camera and cellphone feeds stable, while carrying out actions in preparation for war, which were invisible to A.I. This is intriguing, and would be a part of modern insurgent warfare, a new iteration, but like "spoofing a drane" by altering its GPS communications, and making it land, as Iran did to a US drone over a decade ago.

  Iranian Diplomat denies before-the-fact knowledge of Hamas attack, which is probably true for him. Others in Iran might not have known the specific date and time, but Iran has long supported the Palestinian cause in every way that it could, including military support, and military technical assistance, teaching them how to manufacture artillery rockets mounted on trucks, for instance. Iran does not want to invite American and Israeli joint attacks upon their country, but might see it as inevitable, and be prepared to prevail when the inevitable attacks come. Iran might reasonably presume that the Israeli/US hegemon will not capitulate without expending its arsenal upon Iran.

  Syria has launched missiles into the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel since 1967, but part of Syria, so this is taken as a message that Syria may choose to attack militarily, but it is not an attack upon Israel-proper. Hezbollah made a similar attack yesterday or the day before on Sheba Farms, which is in the Golan heights, and is technically Lebanese, but occupied by Israel since 1967.
Syria Launches Missiles On Golan Heights As US To Begin 'Surging' Defense Aid To Israel

  Egypt has been paid to not attack Israel in various ways since the 1973 Yom Kippur War 50 years ago, and notified Israel that "something big was coming" a couple of weeks ago, which was reportedly ignored. Egypt is not declaring any intention to change that arrangement, but is bound to be considering it. Egypt can't take 2 million refugees.
​  Outrage After Israel Told Gazans To Flee To Egypt, Then Bombed Lone Border Crossing
​  On Tuesday morning Israel bombed the Rafah crossing in the Gaza Strip, which is the only border crossing that Palestinians are able to use to flee to Egypt.
Hamas has claimed that the crossing has now been rendered impassable. "The Israel Defense Forces said Tuesday afternoon that it hit an underground tunnel for smuggling weapons and equipment in the Rafah area, on the Egypt-Gaza border, but did not confirm or deny hitting the crossing itself," the Times of Israel is reporting.

​  There is so much which is broken in government, and there are so many crimes and failures. The financial system is in an exponential phase of monetary expansion, and the end is in sight, which is systemic collapse/default. That has to be managed in a World War. There is not some other system to manage it. Meanwhile, political circus...
​  White House hopes to merge Ukraine and Israel aid ​ , The measure could push Republicans to support new assistance for Kiev

​Paul Craig Roberts, Can the World Afford the Insane Foreign Policy of America’s Satanic Neoconservatives?
  We are on the verge of nuclear annihilation.  Every agreement made during the 20th century to reduce the risk of nuclear war has been abandoned by Washington...
​..In the US the constant propaganda against Russia (and now China) has convinced many Americans that they face the danger of  nuclear attack.  This is not a situation in which a false alarm is likely to be recognized.  The risk of not believing the alarm is much higher in the environment created by the American neoconservatives, who have controlled US foreign policy in the 21st century.
​  In US foreign policy and military ranks there are some, especially among the military/security-funded think tanks, who believe, automatically it seems with no evidence required, that the US, being the greatest and most powerful country ever, would win a nuclear war.  This belief exists despite the total absence of any US preparation for surviving a nuclear war, assuming such a war is survivable.  The most likely outcome would be nuclear winter, a situation in which dust from the massive explosions block the sunlight and the entire world starves to death.
​  Ask yourself, just how insane, how Satanic do neoconservatives have to be to think that their totally unrealistic pursuit of US global hegemony is worth such a risk?  
​  The minute the Soviet Union collapsed politically when hardline communists arrested President Gorbachev, the neoconservatives penned the Wolfowitz  Doctrine, which states that the principle goal of US foreign policy is to prevent the rise of any power that could constrain American hegemony.  It is this absurdly unrealistic neoconservative doctrine, not Russian or Chinese behavior, that has resurrected the threat of nuclear Armageddon.  
​  The threat is very real.  Those who dismiss it are utter and total fools.  They are psychopaths.  They are insane.  They risk the life of the planet. It is the neoconservatives who are the worst danger to life the world has ever faced.  Why does Congress put up with them? Why does the Senate confirm them in office?  Why is the American media their propagandist?  Why do the UK, European, and Japanese governments tolerate such enormous risks imposed by a handful of insane psychopaths?

​  Will There Be a 2024 Presidential Election?​ 
(​I don't think the current power structure can​ allow Americans to vote for Kennedy or Trump, even with vote-rigging.)

​  Russia has good diplomatic relations with Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel. Russia does not want nuclear war to break out. 
The US practices brinkmanship and bombast. And does not want those parties cooperating with each other.
Moscow blasts US approach to Israel-Palestine violence

​Military Summary for yesterday (Gaza): WW3 | Carpet Bombing Of Gaza. Escalation With Hezbollah. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.10.9

Military Summary today Gaza): Buildings In Gaza Are Folding Like Houses Of Cards Under Israeli Fire. Military Summary 2023.10.10

  Craig Murray, Now We Have Your Attention
​  There have been decades of photos of dead Palestinian women and children, and kids being beaten, humiliated and imprisoned by Israeli soldiers. The historic killing rate in this “conflict” has been fairly consistent at about 40:1.
​  None of this ever caused more than a raised eyebrow and a mild tut-tut from the western “liberal” Establishment. I can’t recall camera crews ever pursuing any zionist politicians down the street demanding that they use the word “condemn” of the latest Israeli atrocity.
​  The paroxysm of hatred in the political and media class, unleashed by a single day of the boot being on the other foot is instructive. It is particularly instructive in their near complete unanimity – what percentage of the discussion on broadcast TV or radio have you heard this last 48 hours given over to Palestinian or pro-Palestinian voices?

​  Fareed Zakaria on CNN interviews a former official of the Palestinian Authority, who explains living under military occupation his entire life, as a window to the experience of Palestinians, living on their ancestral lands as prisoners, slaves, "animals" to the overlords, and without any rights. This is as articulate and well measured as you will hear.

  This Greek language military site explains how Iran helped Hamas develop a domestic artillery-rocket manufacturing industry, so that most of the rockets launched into Israeli cities recently have been locally produced.

  John Helmer has important historical context and brings it to bear. There is a precedent.

  Gilbert Doctorow, Russians pound Avdeevka with heavy bombs. Can the awaited Russian offensive be approaching?​  ["FAB" fuel-air bombs are "bigger" per pound.]
  The bombing of Avdeevka today, like the reported destruction of a major Ukrainian command post by 1.5 ton bombs a couple of days ago, would suggest the “softening up” phase before a major ground offensive.
​  In any case, with or without a ground offensive, the Russians’ move to aerial bombing with 1.5 ton and possibly soon with 5 ton guided bombs signifies a change which Kiev, London and Washington seem not to have anticipated. It is a campaign that can easily be continued during the rainy season and roadless conditions of late autumn in Ukraine which Western commentators had assumed would force the sides to slow the war effort, giving Washington the opportunity to restock Ukraine with weapons, advisers and so on in preparation of renewed military activity in the spring.  The West can now put paid to that scenario, it would seem.

​Military Summary has details. Russia takes the initiative: The Russians Breakthrough North Of Avdiivka | Wagner Is Back. Military Summary 2023.10.10

Finland says 'outside activity' likely damaged gas pipeline, telecoms cable
​  The Balticconnector gas pipeline was shut early on Sunday on concerns that gas was leaking from a hole in the 77-km (48-mile) pipeline. Finnish operator Gasgrid said it could take months or more to repair.
​  "It is likely that damage to both the gas pipeline and the communication cable is the result of outside activity. The cause of the damage is not yet clear, the investigation continues in cooperation between Finland and Estonia," Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said in a statement on Tuesday...
​..Finland last year leased a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) to receive liquefied natural gas (LNG), replacing supplies from Russia which were cut in the wake of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.​..
​  Much of Finland's LNG imports come from the United States, LSEG data shows.
Situated at Inkoo, the Exemplar FSRU vessel has supplied gas to Estonia via the Balticconnector.
​  "(It's) not a big deal for Estonia and Latvia because a lot of their gas is stored in Latvian storage, but Finns will not be able to get their gas from Latvian storage," said a source with direct knowledge of Baltic gas supplies.
​  Finland has a second LNG import terminal in Hamina, and "the continuity of gas supply is secured in the coming winter season," national operator Gasgrid said in a statement.

Collecting Supplies (pictured evaluating regrowth of deer-stripped garden, since rains came and they have other food again)

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