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Crime And Punishment

 Losing Innocence,

  Martin Jay, ICJ Ruling Should Be Seen for What It Is: Symbolic. But What Happens Next Is Critical   [We sent another modest donation to UNRWA]
All eyes now will be on Joe Biden to see what card he will play next after he has cut UNRWA aid – a despicable move which will haunt him until his dying days
​  For many, the ruling of the ICJ in the Hague was surreal as it swiftly delivered a judgement against Israel for its genocide in Gaza. Yet even though the interpretation from around the world was that the conclusion of the court was unequivocal, the only real way of judging the validity of both the court and its judgement is with its impact.​..
​..The Americans were quick to point out on the day of the ruling that the court did not rule that Israel carried out a genocide. And so, by definition, it didn’t.​..
..Israel clearly prepared the dossier and tortured its Palestinian prisoners to fabricate a story about UNRWA workers being complicit with the October 7th attacks in a confession signed in blood. Shamefully, this “evidence” which wouldn’t stand up in any court in the U.S. or UK, was all it took for Biden to go ahead with the plan, which leading commentators like George Galloway in the UK have already called an act of genocide in itself...

​  Secretary-General of Amnesty International Agnès Callamard warned that the "inhumane" decision would exacerbate the plight of two million refugees, noting that the organization serves as their sole lifeline.
​  In a statement published on Tuesday, Amnesty International urged donor countries to reconsider their decision to halt funds for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which took effect after "Israel" fabricated allegations about staffers collaborating with the resistance.

​  How New York urban bicyclist Cat McGuire helped guide the Chicago driver of a Palestinian video-billboard truck to the high visibility spots in the Big Apple for a week.
Riding Shotgun for Palestine,​  How I helped IF AMERICANS KNEW have a successful billboard truck campaign

​  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 117: Israel besieges Nasser Hospital for tenth consecutive day
Palestinians buried 100 bodies held by Israel in a mass grave in Rafah. Netanyahu says a truce and exchange deal won’t happen on his watch, while Israeli forces started flooding Gaza tunnels.

​  Executed in their sleep: How Israeli forces assassinated three Palestinians in a raid on a West Bank hospital
​  Basel, 19, was receiving treatment for a critical injury he sustained last October when an Israeli drone strike rendered him paraplegic, bound to a wheelchair. Accompanying him in the hospital were his older brother, Mohammed, 24, and their friend, Mohammed Jalamneh, 28. According to witnesses, in the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 30, the three young men were asleep in Basel’s hospital room when an undercover unit of Israeli special forces entered their room on the third floor of the hospital and executed them at point-blank range, with silenced firearms.
​  A dozen Israeli special forces disguised as Palestinian hospital workers and civilians – including soldiers dressed as veiled Palestinian women, one carrying a baby carrier and hospital workers, and another disguised as a patient in a wheelchair – infiltrated the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, assaulting the on-duty nurse.

​  Iran Vows To Hit Back If US Strikes Target Its Soil; US Destroyer Comes Under Attack In Red Sea
​  Iran has signaled it is prepared to counterattack in response to any US strike on its soil or assets abroad... ​"Tehran will itself hit back at American assets in the Middle East, drawing the two sides into a direct conflict,"​ ...
​..Late Tuesday the Houthis directly targeted a US destroyer which has long been engaged in action there protecting commercial shipping:
​  An anti-ship cruise missile launched this week from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen was targeting the Navy destroyer that shot it down, making it the second militant attack on a U.S. warship patrolling in the Red Sea in recent days.
​  At about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, USS Gravely shot down one missile over the Red Sea, U.S. CENTCOM said in a statement Wednesday.
The USS Gravely did not suffer damage nor were there any casualties, while the Houthis took responsibility and vowed more attacks.

‘Take Back Our Border’ convoy continues onward to Texas
Convoy, otherwise known as 'God's Army,' is protesting border policies
Group says it wants to send message to lawmakers, Biden administration
Protest comes as standoff between Texas and federal government intensifies
..The convoy settled in Jacksonville, Florida, Monday night, welcomed by dozens of people waving American flags and a band singing the national anthem. About 18 trucks arrived in Florida, but they left with as many as 40, and they hope to continue to expand.
  After their meet-up in Denham Springs, Louisiana, the convoy will head to Dripping Springs, Texas, near Austin. Following a rally there, the group will divide, with some heading to Yuma, Arizona, and others to Quemado, Texas...
..Additionally, they seek to show support for Texas leadership, which they view as standing up to the federal government on border enforcement.

​Jim Kunstler, The Next Big Thing
​  So, now I will tell you where all this is actually going: “Joe Biden” will seize an excuse to declare a national emergency and subject the US to some manner of martial law.
The excuse could be an outbreak of violence in the quarrel between the states and the feds over the border. Or it could be a widening of the war in the Middle East, a direct confrontation with Iran that would draw in Russia and Turkey and kickoff World War Three, a war we would have an excellent shot at losing, considering our DEI-ravaged, over-vaxxed army, our obsolete naval carrier groups that can be sunk by hypersonic missiles, and our depleted reserves of armaments already fobbed off by Ukraine and, lately, given to Israel in the Gaza campaign to destroy Hamas. If such a war didn’t set off a world-ending exchange of nukes, it would at least collapse the economies of Europe and America and, with that, many governments, including possibly ours. And what role might all those recently-arrived illegal aliens play in such a fiasco? Any way you cut it, we’d be in for chaos and hardship.
​  Or, if we somehow avert major war, “Joe Biden” can try the national emergency ploy when the much-heralded (by the WHO) “Disease X” trots onstage. (And we must ask whether that will just be a delayed side-effect of the mRNA vaccine deaths?) Ultimately, the purpose of any national emergency at this moment in history, whatever prompts it, will be to suspend the 2024 elections

​  Removing their means to be European Farmers with cheap factory-meat imports, being brought into effect early, supranational-EU-wide... Thanks Wigs.
Perfect timing? Mercosur-EU free trade deal to begin, undercutting farmers
Mercosur was put on hold a handful of years back, and now comes into force right before the European elections with no public input,
"The Macronists have already voted for the Mercosur treaty and yet they are trying to make us believe that they are against it. How crazy is this?"

​  Europe Erupts In Widespread Farmer Protests As Revolt Against 'Green' Policies Intensifies​  [Farmers do whatever is necessary, whenever it's necessary. Kill them!]​  Farmers in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Romania, and other countries across Europe are protesting radical leftist governments by obstructing major transport networks with tractors. This widespread populist movement is sweeping Europe at a time when over-regulation, taxes, and the climate change agenda threaten the livelihoods of not just farmers but working-class people and comes several months before the European election cycle kicks off in June.
​  Some countries hit hardest by protests have been Germany, Italy, Belgium, and France. Protests are expected to spread to Spain and Portugal...
​.."I'm so proud of you," Serge Bousquet-Cassagne, head of Lot-et-Garonne department's farmer's association, told protesters in the south of Paris.
Bousquet-Cassagne said:​  "You are fighting this battle because if we don't fight we die."

  ​The most popular Pakistani PM ever was ousted by a parliamentary no-confidence vote after a word from the Americans. Then he held the memo up in front of a crowd.
​  Ex-Pakistani PM Imran Khan sentenced to ten years in prison
Prosecutors have argued that the politician mishandled a classified cable sent to Islamabad by the country’s ambassador to the US
​  The charges relate to the so-called cipher, a classified cable sent to Islamabad by the Pakistani ambassador to Washington in 2022, shortly after the start of the Ukraine conflict. The document allegedly suggested that the US wanted to remove Khan over his neutrality regarding the hostilities.
​  The ex-Pakistani PM called the cipher case on Tuesday “false,” adding that it “is being completed in violation of constitutional requirements and legal regulations.” “This is not a trial but a fixed match outcome of which was predetermined,” he added.

​  US facing ‘death spiral’ of swelling debt – Nassim Taleb
​  “So long as you have Congress keep extending the debt limit and doing deals because they’re afraid of the consequences of doing the right thing, that’s the political structure of the political system, eventually you’re going to have a debt spiral,” Taleb said. “And a debt spiral is like a death spiral.”​  Earlier this week, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that the absolute level of US public debt looks like “a scary number.”...
..He called such vulnerability a feature of globalization, as problems in one region can ricochet around the world.​ When asked how the US “debt spiral” could play out, Taleb said, “we need something to come in from the outside, or maybe some kind of miracle,” adding that this makes him “kind of gloomy about the entire political system in the Western world.”

  ​Meryl Nass MD, "WHO pandemic treaty: “Torrent of fake news” has put negotiations at risk, says WHO chief"from the BMJ. Tedros is only speaking about the Treaty and not the IHRs​ (international health regulations). This is meant to make people think they are not at risk from the IHRs, which are even more dangerous than the Treaty.

​  Steve Kirsch,  No doubt about it: the COVID vaccines CAUSE dementia
There is NFW that you can have a 1,000X increase in event reports if the COVID vaccine isn't causing this. The CDC simply "forgot" to warn people about it.

​  We already know who gets to say something is such a low risk that it's not worth bothering with informed consent. I lost my Family Medicine Board Certification for giving actual informed-consent about COVID vaccine products in 2021.     FDA Makes It Official: Informed Consent Not Required for ‘Minimal Risk’ Studies
​  A ruling issued last week by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — to implement a provision of the 21st Century Cures Act, signed into law in December 2016 — makes it legal for clinical researchers to conduct research on human subjects without obtaining informed consent when the research poses “no more than minimal risk.”

​  Sasha Latypova provides more information regarding consents.  Print-friendly and brief format with annotated references.
​  Memo Re EUA Countermeasures to send to your doctor, pharmacist, employer, school, sheriff, county commissioner and state lawmakers
Purpose: Clarify the legal status of EUA Medical Countermeasures (MCMs)

​  Landmark Covid vaccine injury win​ (Australia)
  In a decision handed down on 15 January 2024, the Tribunal determined that Daniel Shepherd’s employment was "a significant contributing cause" to his injury, which has since rendered him incapable of performing his role at work.
​  Shepherd got a Covid booster in February 2022 as a requirement for his ongoing employment with the DCP. The DCP admitted that Shepherd’s pericarditis had been caused by the booster, but denied responsibility for the injury, arguing that it did not arise from Shepherd’s employment, but from a lawful State Government Public Health Order (PHO), issued under the Emergency Management Act 2004 (EMA).
​  However, the Tribunal rejected the DCP’s argument, deciding that because the injury arose as a result of both the state-directed vaccination mandate and his employment, Mr Shepherd was entitled to workers compensation.

​  SARS2 Fingerprint Found In 2018 Proposal​ , Synthetic assembly method posited in 2022 paper found in DEFUSE draft.
​  The documents reveal for the first time that a virologist working with the Wuhan lab planned to engineer new spike proteins – in contrast with the collaboration’s public work to insert whole spike proteins into viral backbones. Language in the proposal indicates this work may have involved unpublished viruses, generating unpublished engineered spike proteins.
​  This American virologist, University of North Carolina Prof. Ralph Baric, was set to engineer twenty or more “chimeric” SARS-related viral spike proteins per year of the proposal, and two to five full-length engineered SARS-related viruses. Documents previously reported by U.S. Right to Know show that some of the experimentation could secretly occur in Wuhan at a lower biosafety level than specified in the grant, apparently to save costs.

​  Man Who Destroyed Satanic Shrine In Iowa Capitol Charged With 'Hate Crime'
Michael Cassidy, a Christian veteran who decapitated a Satanic shrine on display in the Iowa State Capitol building, has been charged with a ‘hate crime’.

​Living in Opposite-World (improved to regular-cold status, but still without pictures)

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