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Hope After All


  Paul Craig Roberts has today's words of cheer:. There is Hope After All
  As long as the media and official narratives keep people in The Matrix, nothing can be done.  Movies such as V for Vendetta and The Matrix have made this clear.
  But today I bring you good news.  After a conversation with a friend today, I can tell you that it is in the collapse of the system where hope resides. As every aspect of the system is corrupt, collapse is the corrective.  The ruling elites have miscalculated.  By bringing about the collapse, the elites are collapsing their own power. Collapse brings reset, not the World Economic Forum’s, but the peoples’ reset.

Charles Hugh Smith has timeless wisdom for human preppers: Self-Reliance, Taoism and the Warring States
Because the best protection isn't a 30-room bunker; it's having 30 people who care about you.

Lloyd Austin has reportedly been released from the hospital. I don't find anything which could be a recent photograph, though, still old stock images.

 Thanks Kelly. "Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see."   How to Escape the Matrix
Tips for recognizing false or probably false representations of what is going on.
​  Congress NEVER subpoenas Professor Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill. To understand the truth of the matter, one need only read the 2015 paper titled A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence by Veneet Menachery, Zhengli-Li Shi, Ralph Baric, et al. This study plainly states that the authors conducted Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses in order to make them infectious to primary human airway epithelial cells and succeeded in their endeavor.
​  Likewise, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the World Economic Forum often tell the world about their schemes. For almost fifteen years, Bill Gates repeatedly stated his ambition to vaccinate all of humanity as frequently as possible. In 2010 he declared, “We must make this the decade of vaccines.”

  After 100 days, Netanyahu vows to continue Gaza killing
  In a speech on 13 January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin said not even the International Court of Justice in The Hague would stop Israel from continuing its war on Gaza, which has killed some 23,900 Palestinians, including 10,000 children, so far.
“No one will stop us — not The Hague, not the Axis of Evil, and no one else. It is possible and necessary to continue until victory, and we will do it.

Political Survival Now Netanyahu's 'Real Objective' as Gaza War Enters Day 101

​  Alastair Crooke , Thanks F.S. Gut Feelings Make for Strategic Errors – U.S. Lured Into Battlescape in Gaza, Yemen and Now Iraq
​  China and Russia have been remarkably quiet, watching carefully the global tectonic plates shifting around in response to the ‘two wars’ (Ukraine and Israel’s ‘multiwar’). Really it is not surprising; both states can sit back to simply watch Biden and his team persist with their strategic mistakes in Ukraine and in Israel’s multiple wars...
​..In 2010, when Netanyahu infuriated Obama with a major settlement expansion while Biden was in Israel; Peter Beinart reported that whilst Biden and team wanted to handle the dispute privately, the Obama camp took an entirely different route: Secretary Clinton gave Netanyahu 24 hours to respond, warning: “If you do not comply – it might have unprecedented consequences on the bilateral relations – of the kind never seen before.”
​  “Biden was soon in touch with a stunned Netanayhu … Biden completely undercut the Secretary of State [Clinton] and gave [Netanyahu] a strong indication that whatever was being planned in Washington was hotheadedness – and [that] he could defuse it when he got back”.
​  When Clinton saw the transcript, she “realized she’d been thrown under the bus” by Biden
, one official said. Beinart concluded:​ “that during a critical period early in the Obama administration, when the White House contemplated exerting real pressure on Netanyahu to keep the possibility of a Palestinian state alive, Biden did more than any other cabinet-level official to shield Netanyahu from that pressure”.
​  Clearly such accounts put Biden to being viscerally to the Right of some in Netanyahu’s War Cabinet “We’re not going to do a damn thing other than protect Israel,” Biden said at a fundraiser this December; “Not a single thing”.​...
​..What of the Washington Post report on Sunday that Biden has tasked his staff with preventing all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah?
That report – clearly purposefully leaked – was likely intended rather, to inoculate the U.S. from blame for complicity
, should war in the North break out.​..
..The key to understanding the complexity for launching military action in Lebanon lies with the need to view it from a wider perspective: From the perspective of the neo-cons, confronting Hizbullah invokes the pros and cons of a broader U.S. ‘war’ with Iran. Such a conflict would involve different and more explosive geopolitical and strategic aspects since both China and Russia are in strategic partnership with Iran...
..Perhaps the most daunting and ominous thing about an Israeli-Hezbollah military confrontation is its apparent inevitability, Pinkas concludes:​ “The sense that it is a foregone conclusion. In the absence of a mutually agreed upon and durable political agreement, and given Hezbollah’s raison d’être and Iran’s regional motivations, such a war may be just a matter of time”.

​  Israel and the U.S. Are Already Feeling the Weight of Houthi Justice
​  For better or worse, the Houthis are the only political and military force doing anything practical to demand that Israel pay for its acts. And despite the attack on their territory, we can already say with certainty, that the Ansar Allah movement and the pro-Palestinian resistance, in general, will be strengthened by this event. Were it not for a rebel movement, made up of poor people living in great hardship, no other country in the region would do anything to bring some moral justice, however little, to this whole process. As they say, whoever has a lot, has the most to lose. Only the poor give what they need and this is a good example of that.​..
..Since the goods that Israel receives by sea and from Asia can come from the Red Sea without having to go through the Suez Canal, the port of Eilat is absolutely strategic for the country’s economic stability. And without economic stability, wars can’t be won.​..
..With effort, the U.S. managed to get its team together. We couldn’t have expected anything other than what happened on January 12th, namely the attack on Yemen and in particular on the Houthi forces...
..But the truth is that the Houthi had already won. We all remember the messages from Blinken or Biden during their frequent visits to the Zionist state: we can’t let the conflict spread to the Middle East, they said. Well, although this attack avoids the worst, which is to ensure that Israel doesn’t get involved on several fronts, so that it can carry out its plan for Gaza with impunity and calmly, the fact is that, at the moment, a new front of conflict has just been opened, which adds to the other fires that the U.S. already has in hand, and it is not yet clear how it will end.​..
..For the time being, the Houthi have already given us something, demanding a higher price from Israel for their actions, unmasking the nature of American support for Zionism and showing the world, once again, that Western nations arrogate to themselves the right to attack wherever and whenever they want, without any backing in international law, without the mantle of the UN, without even having been provoked. Since it was Israel that was provoked.

​It looks like "The Resistance" are settling for bleeding the US Navy of expensive missiles against cheap drones for the moment. Attrition.
Shell Becomes Latest To Suspend Red Sea Shipments After Two Fresh Houthi Attacks On Tankers
Shell Becomes Latest To Suspend Red Sea Shipments After Two Fresh Houthi Attacks On Tankers

How Israeli forces trapped and killed ravers at the Nova Festival
New evidence points to Israeli security forces, not Hamas, for causing the most fatalities at the music festival - civilian deaths that were then utilized to justify Tel Aviv's Gaza genocide.

Professor Anthony Hall , The Canadian Government Joins the Génocidaires Standing Against the Justice-Minded South Africans
Trudeau's Lies and Crimes and Failures Run Far Deeper Than Racism.

  The "collapse" of our inflexible economic format, which Paul Craig Roberts mentions, can be understood as a process of decay which has long been underway.
I have read this description of the engineering cutbacks at Boeing 21 years ago leading the company down the road to perdition. Boeing used to be an engineer-managed company, which fully comprehended the complexities of aircraft design and production. A lot of engineering has been outsourced since then, and corners cut.

Monopoly status is good for profits and bad for products. Thanks Dan.  It's Time to Nationalize and Then Break Up Boeing , Matt Stoller
If America wants to make civilian airplanes here, the government must step in, take over Boeing, and then design a competitive industry.

Boeing Slides After Wells Fargo Believes FAA 737 Max Audit "Won't Be Clean"
Considering it's an aircraft that was "designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys."

Josh Mittledorf starts with a book review, then fills in what the book left out, clearly and succinctly. Good comments do more filling out.
The Wuhan Cover-up Cover-upreview of RFK Jr's new book

Steve Kirsch , New Medicare data makes it clear that the COVID vaccines have killed millions of people worldwide

US Seeks Funds for New Bioweapons Projects From Clinton, Soros, Rockefeller Foundations

  A study published Wednesday in Environmental Health Perspectives identified 921 chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer and found that 90% are ubiquitous in consumer products, food and drinks, pesticides, medications and workplaces.
  More than 900 chemicals commonly found in consumer products and the environment have been linked to breast cancer risk in a new study.
The study, published Wednesday in Environmental Health Perspectives, identified 921 chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer and found that 90% are ubiquitous in consumer products, food and drinks, pesticides, medications and workplaces.
  The list includes chemicals like parabens and phthalates, which are commonly found in makeup, skin and hair care products; and numerous pesticide ingredients, including malathion, atrazine and triclopyr, which are used on food and in household pest control products in the U.S.
  Breast cancer among young women has increased in recent years.

Watch: ‘Mothers Have to Resist’: Scientist Warns Against RSV Shots for Newborns
French scientist and author Hélène Banoun, Ph.D., joined “The Defender In-Depth” this week to discuss what the data show about the safety signals associated with monoclonal antibodies administered to newborns for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

Maddow Melts Down Over "Rise Of Fascism"; Joy Reid Says Trump Iowa Caucus Landslide Proves White Christians Are Racists

​MLK Honored By Murderers, My blog post from 1/18/21

Grandfathered Again (pictured with Atlas Day Eller on his birthday, shared with Martin)

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