Sunday, August 28, 2016

Beat This Hand

Capable of More,

"Since the next twenty years may well be the last phase of the more traditional and familiar political alignments with which we have grown comfortable, the response needs to be shaped now. During the rest of this century, humanity will also have to be increasingly preoccupied with survival as such on account of a confluence of environmental challenges. Those challenges can only be addressed responsibly and effectively in a setting of increased international accommodation. And that accommodation has to be based on a strategic vision that recognizes the urgent need for a new geopolitical framework."  (Brzezinski's summary in the last paragraph is excellent, and the rest of the piece models the world as an abstract game, which irritates me. It's also less than fully truthful, since he must pretend the lies we receive daily are true. Consider the source. By elites; for elites.)

Eleni sends more contextual commentary:

4 Mega banks make arrangements to do international transactions with "Utility-Settlement-Coin" (son-of-bitcoin) technology, not requiring $US. [No $9 billion fines for US law violation, as French bank got for transaction routed through $US channels that US didn't like.]

Central Banks now "own" $25 trillion in Financial Assets. (These words seem meaningless to me, but I think it means that all these promises of governments to pay people back some day can be shredded in the big reset.)

Colorado has a lot of Green Party supporters (still under 6% though) compared to most of the US, and welcomes Jill Stein MD and Ajamu Baraka to Ft. Collins.

Here are the weak points of the Green Party platform, which we should consider. (Yeesh, American army under UN control!) Still better than the establishment meat-puppets-of-doom... It's all an opinion poll, anyway. We don't actually get to decide anything bigger than a back-yard.

Rolling Stone has a shopping list of "why you shouldn't vote for (Libertarian candidate) Gary Johnson": Kinda' ho-hum list and ho-hum candidate. "Offsetting penalties"? Less evil than Punch and Judy. Some will rightly make this their protest vote.

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