Thursday, August 18, 2016

Your Own Choices

Relatively Autonomous,

Russian Strategic Bombers are now using Iranian airfields to carry out (very effective) bombing strikes against ISIS and friends in Syria. 
(America is working to unify the rest of the nations of the world, but in a very awkward way. WW-3 anybody?) Thanks, Tom and Eleni.

China officially takes Syrian side, along with Russia and Iran. Eurasian Union is getting more real, isn't it? 

America's "Humanitarian War Against the World" is ready to go nuclear, pre-emptively, at any moment. Thanks Eleni.
"War criminals occupy positions of authority. The citizenry is galvanized into supporting the rulers, who are “committed to their safety and well-being”. Through media disinformation, war is given a humanitarian mandate."

There is not so much inflation for things (from China) that you don't need, like big-screen TVs, but stuff you really do need will choke you to death. Thanks Gary.

Ford Motor Company will debut a completely autonomous automobile for driverless taxi service in 2021, sort of like a "horseless carriage", but a driverless-taxi.
(I expect this to completely eliminate personally owned/operated vehicles, as quickly as the Model-T eliminated carriages. It's "green technology", as we will all soon be informed. Fewer vehicles; less parking...)

Green Growth, or sleight of hand? Can the growth economy actually "decouple" from fossil fuel use? (It all depends on what you call "growth". It gets really Orwellian a little way down this rabbit hole.)

The world just had the hottest month ever on any kind of record available to science. 
Perhaps 1.5 degrees C is the tipping point for climate catastrophe. 
It is not possible to be certain before the fact, is it? 
What are the plans of global elites, who really are smart enough to believe in climate science, but keep themselves well hidden to avoid danger from the herd? (I think the plans to just destroy economies and kill populations with wars in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, and so on, and financial war on the no-man's-land of Greece are readily apparent. The big question facing us is whether nuclear winter is the green technology planned to confront global warming. I wish it were a joke. Really.)

We just got a whole lot of rain here in Austin, and maybe more. (My rain gauge flooded at 5.25 inches Monday, and collected 2 more since then.) 
This Weather Underground story looks at the 20-30 inches of rain that people in Louisiana just got.

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