Sunday, August 14, 2016

Reality Double Check


Why does the current US Presidential Election seem so crazy and harsh? 
I think this is the last hand to play before the global financial reset, which has been fake-managed since 2008.
Here is substantiation for that opinion:
It has long been acknowledged that CO2 emissions from fossil fuels track real economic activity as perfectly as anything. When economic statistics vary from fuel use, it is the fuel use which is believed.
The latest cover-up is "economic decoupling" from CO2, and it is a really good idea, and a place we may some day reach, but it is not the current reality.
It is hard to find unobfuscated data on this. Here is global CO2 emissions data with hand-waving about "decoupling".  CO2 emissions are flat from 2013 through 2015.
"In the more than 40 years in which the IEA has been providing information on CO2emissions, there have been only four periods in which emissions stood still or fell compared to the previous year. Three of those – the early 1980s, 1992 and 2009 – were associated with global economic weakness. But the recent stall in emissions comes amid economic expansion: according to the International Monetary Fund, global GDP grew by 3.4% in 2014 and 3.1% in 2015."
In 1972 a team of Harvard academics in the field of Systems-Analysis used the best economic model they could derive, tested, retested, compared to history, and ran it going forward. The curves for the "business as usual" global economic picture are seen below. Notice that food-per-capita, services-per-capita and industrial-output-per-capita all have a simultaneous peak, then sudden drop-off, right about now, or last year, or next year. This was just a model, not a prediction, but it has been a chillingly accurate model so far. There was not really a global awakening to the threat facing all of us. Much has been learned about human psychology in this process. Deng Xiaoping read this book, and was profoundly influenced by it. China got the one-child-policy and massive industrialization, while still possible. (I personally think global elites mostly paid close attention, see that the inflection-point is upon us, and are all desperate to hatch their schemes upon us, but they don't all have the same scheme. This is getting obviously off-script. It's about to get catastrophic. 
Actually, and to disagree with MAD-President George W. Bush, the American way of life IS NEGOTIABLE, like the Greek way of life, and the Syrian, Libyan and Palestinian ways of life.
In Iceland, the real vanguard of democracy in our world, the Pirate Party, formed 3 years ago, is about to take the reins of government.

Assuming our global elites all know this, and want to control all of us effectively, we can look at the leak that EU President Juncker (the drunkard) wants to dictate all of social welfare and labor policies for every EU country from his lofty perch. This was known by Eurocrats before the Brexit vote, alluded to by pro-Brexiters (those nut-cases), but not divulged to the massive herds of Britans and various Europeans, because they spook easily. Thanks Eleni (in heavily-overgrazed Greece)

German President, Joachim Gauck clarifies something we may all have wondered about, "The elites are not the problem. The people are the problem." (OK, so can we flesh that out a little more fully, your excillency?)

Trump calls for Election Observers "to stop Crooked Hillary Rigging the Vote". Yeah, it's how elections are done, and it's what already happened in many Democratic Primary elections, and it's how the Bush-machine rolls (Clinton's "secret" allies).
This asshat keeps saying all this true "conspiracy theory" stuff that has every self-respecting liberal retching and puking. He's not playing by the rules. 
(I do not support Trump's appeal to the baser instincts of our species, but I do support him pointing to "the man behind the curtain" pulling those levers. What is about to happen will be very harsh. The richest people in the world, excluding the 0.1% of course , have to take the deepest cuts to wealth and resources. That means us.)

Bayer makes Bee-Contraceptives. (One way of looking at the neonicotinid pesticides that are devastating bee populations wherever they are used.) Thanks Tom.
The Royal Society for Biological Sciences releases study data confirming this effect.

Hey, what if you drove around and hired beggars to pick up trash as day-labor, fed 'em a meal and gave 'em a bunk for the night? 
Yeah, it works really well. Radical! Cheaper than bureaucracy, too.

Low-Carbon-(bare) Footprint

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