Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dirtbag Leftist Jumble

Internally Conflicted,

Brace Belden is a 27 year old Jewish San Franciscan, whose mother killed herself when he was 6. He was a troubled teen, in 5 schools, a punk band and drugs. He is a member of the dirtbag-left, who has read Hemmingway's writings from the Spanish Revolution. He has just returned from being a YPG "terrorist" in self-determining Rojava, a bad-smelling grunt on the ground against ISIS, saved by a land mine that just went "click". He tweeted and got a following of 33,000. It's different from cyber-bullying rightwing-internet-nurds. What now? (You can scroll down about 40% of the way to get from San Francisco to the war zone.)

Murray Bookchin is Ocalon's mentor, and Ocalon is Rojava's egalitarian prophet.

Libertarian Municipalism is Bookchin's populist/localist form of self-governance. It addresses the human group size limits of self-governance as well as anything can. (We just have these limits. We can work with about 150 other people before it is too much and things fracture further.)

Russia/Turkey rapprochement. Turkey aligning with Russia potentially recreates Byzantium, if it happens. Thanks, Eleni

Erdogan says Turks in Europe should defy grandkids of Nazis and vote for him to be Hitler, er Ataturk, sorry... (What's his Plan-B?)

Trump parrots line that Assad-gassed-his-people, and Putin says that's (again) not true. (I think Trump may have knuckled-under to the deep-state. Look for other signs.)

Pentagon considers broadening war in Yemen to support House of Saud monarchy against starving peasants who threaten American interests and so on.

Paul Craig Roberts and "the real Russiagate": "Former MI6 freelancer Christopher Steele “was hired as an opposition researcher last June to dig up derogatory information on Donald Trump.” Unvetted and unverified information by so-called informants somehow found its way into U.S. intelligence agency reports. These reports were then leaked to Democrat-friendly media. This is where the crime lies. Obama regime and DNC were using these agencies for domestic political use, KGB style."

Not-Susan-Rice, Steve Bannon is off NSC: 
Bannon said in a statement: “Susan Rice operationalized the NSC during the last administration. I was put on to ensure that it was de-operationalized. General McMaster has returned the NSC to its proper function.” 

WSJ: "Susan Rice was not alone in unmasking Trump Team", so it was a criminal-conspiracy...

Start farming without ruining your life, chapter 1 (Don't start with Bison.)

Doing Something Constructive

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