Thursday, April 20, 2017

Squeaking Empire

Crying Wolf,

The Nerve Gas Attack that Did Not Occur April 4, in Khan Shekhoun, Syria.
This is not just the initial refutation by MIT Professor Postol, this is the complete analysis of locations, sun angles for time of day, wind patterns, where a nerve agent could possibly have been blown that morning, in what concentration, and where those "bodies" and "rescuers" could possibly have been located, in relation to that. 
This whole scam was really not up to Hollywood movie continuity-standards. 
Maybe the crappiness of the false-flag staging, with all the politicians (except Tulsi) and NATO countries pretending it is real, is the main message. 
"The American Empire will do whatever we want, with whatever cover story we want, and everybody in the Empire will treat it as gospel-truth."

Secretary of Defense Mattis says that the war in Yemen needs to be settled as quickly as possible through a UN brokered negotiation process. (His nickname in the USMC was "Monk", not "Mad Dog". He is considered to be in the upper echelon of current western military intellectuals. The Saudis are running low on cash.)

David Stockman gives the uncomfortable modern history of the Korean Peninsula. Excellent! Thanks Eleni.
Washington is apparently protecting East Asia from the Red Suzerains of Beijing, who the Donald is now imploring to help reel in the Fat Boy of Pyongyang!  Yes, the pursuit of empire weaves a wretched plot, as it has on the Korean littoral for 67 years running.

The U.S. gave Israel about $234 billion in foreign aid since the passage of the International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act of 1976, despite a ban on support for secret nuclear weapons programs.​ Now there's a lawsuit. (Somebody is going to get badly hurt, I suspect. Accidents happen... 
This news has been maneuvered around by Israel's policy of "Nuclear Ambiguity", where everybody knows they have a bigger nuclear arsenal than England or France, and submarine launched ballistic missiles, but the US government doesn't say that openly, because it is politically captured and needs to send the new Nazis hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons. Thanks Eleni.)

Charles Hugh Smith looks at: "Our Intellectual Bankruptcy, The Religion of Economics, Unearned Basic Income, and Medicare for All". (You are running out of gas. Lets put a $4000 supercharger on your motor! Where's your credit card?) [Unearned Basic Income is another form of miserable slavery for TV watchers. Personally, I favor single payer health care, and it will need to make more sense and be less bureaucratic and pay less for drugs. Look at this graph from the article.]

Martin Armstrong discusses global financial reset, and that a "strong" US dollar will push emerging market debtors into default, as it did in the Asian Economic Crisis: (I don't like this site of Greg Hunter's. He's irritating, but Armstrong is worth our attention.)
If and when a global collapse comes, it will come from China or Europe. Armstrong says, “Yes, because you don’t collapse the core economy.  It’s always the peripheral coming in.  It was the same thing in the Great Depression.  It wasn’t the fact that the U.S. defaulted.  The problem was the first bank that went down was in Austria, and it happened to be owned in part by the Rothschilds.  When people hear a bank owned by the Rothschilds went down, people started to sell off all other banks.  Then all the countries defaulted.” Armstrong says there is going to be a major “monetary reform” in the not so distant future, and the U.S. will end up with a dollar for domestic use and a dollar used for international trade, sort of like a “domestic dollar” and an “international trade dollar.” Armstrong says, “Yes. All it is doing is replacing the dollar as the reserve currency.  That would satisfy China and Russia, and it would simply be maintained by an international board.  I strongly advise against the IMF.  It’s way, way too corrupt.”

Federal Government might shut-down next week. Odds are about 1:3 these days. Lots of questions-of-honor to fight about, lots...

We know that the Greek Debt Crisis was engineered with the help of (well paid up front) Goldman Sachs, which obscured Greek debt and made it blossom in the dark, and that all of the further unsupportable loans just go to propping up EU TBTF banks in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, but it looks like the IMF actually needs it's cut of the action to keep from defaulting on it's bills, too. Weird circus! Thanks Eleni.

French Presidential Election first round is this Sunday, with 4 top candidates all within margin of error, of each other. The two corporatist candidates are (scandalized) Fillon, Anointed-corporate-lizard-with-sweet-tongue, Macron, "Far Right" French Nationalist, Marine LePen, and now "Far Left" Communistical-nice-guy, Jean-Luc Melenchon. 
The corporate-lizard-nightmare-scenario is that neither Fillon or Macron makes the first cut and the runoff is between the two deplorables, LePen and Melenchon. (Facebook deleted something like 30,000 pro LePen accounts, but even that neutron-bomb may not be enough. Power-Lizards must have Macron in second round, at any cost!)

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