Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Playing Dumb

Plausibly Incompetent,

Why Trump's Sloth and Incompetence just might Prevent a Catastrophic War with China (Sensationalist and snide title belies analysis of the values of strategic ambivalence in preventing commitment to aggressive policy by Chinese and American empires, for now. Parallels with the step down of the UK as global hegemon are well drawn.)

Candidate Trump: "I love Wikileaks"; President Trump: "Arrest Assange", by Ron Paul

(It's always heads-I-win-tails-you-lose) The Saker looks at 7 reasons that it was right to vote for Trump. Thanks Eleni (I voted Green)
"Trump betrayed his campaign promises, but those who voted for him could not simply assume that he would do that, especially not when there was no reason at all to believe that Hillary would betray hers: does anybody seriously believe that after being elected on a promise of war she would have turned into a dove of peace?"

Paul Craig Roberts: 9/11 Destroyed America
This was precisely the way the news anchors described what I was seeing. “It looks exactly like a controlled demolition,” the news anchors reported. And indeed it did. As a Georgia Tech student I had witnessed a controlled demolition, and that is what I saw on television, just as that was what the news anchors saw... Later that day Larry Silverstein who owned, or held the lease on, the World Trade Center, explained on TV that the free fall collapse in the late afternoon of the third WTC skyscraper, Building 7, into its own footprint was a conscious decision to “pull” the building. Pull is the term used by controlled demolition to describe a building wired with explosives to be destroyed. Building 7 had not been hit by an airliner, and suffered only minor and very limited office fires.

Turkish airstrikes kill some forces of the Iraqi Kurds, who are aligned with Turkey, and sell them oil, unlike all the other Kurds, who are actively suppressed and bombed by Turkey all the time. Iraqi Kurds are really unhappy with Turkey.This benefits ISIS.

US preparations to invade Syria along route of desired pipeline for Qatar and Saudi interests: 
"Deir Ezzor is a strategically-located city along the Euphrates that the Pentagon needs in order to tighten its grip on the eastern quadrant of the country. Once Deir Ezzor is taken, the US can launch its CIA-backed jihadist militias back into Syria at will putting more pressure on Damascus and eventually forcing regime change. That is the plan at least, whether it works or not is anyone’s guess. The deployment of troops on the Jordanian border suggests that Washington’s proxy-army, the mainly-Kurdish militia or SDF, is either unwilling to conduct operations as far south as Deir Ezzor or doesn’t have the military strength to beat ISIS on its own."

Pepe Escobar gives the most cooked-down analysis of the French election, over which "markets" were so exuberant.
"Sociologist Benjamin Lemoine is one of the few who’s publicly debating what’s really behind it — the interest of financiers to preserve the value of the debt they hold and their aversion to any negotiation. Because they control the narrative, they are able to equate “political risk” —  be it Marine or Mélenchon — with the risk to their own privileged positions. The real issue at stake in France — and across most of the West — revolves around the conflicting interests of financial masters and citizens attached to public service and social justice. The coming clash between Emmanuel Clinton and Marine LeTrump won’t even begin to scratch the surface."

What is the Macron political agenda? He introduced hard right policies as finance minister of a "Socialist" administration, but that's all behind us now. He's a fresh start.
Here is a line item breakdown of his stated policies (after the comment)
"Macron is more Obama than Obama. More Blair than Blair. A creation, groomed and glossed for this “spontaneous” bid for power by the banking class he unashamedly represents."

US openly prepares for aggressive war upon North Korea and calls all 100 Senators to the White House for a private briefing in a secure area to get them on board with something. The President makes opening remarks and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dunsford talks about something, maybe war...

Never an Even Break

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